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JDeboo's Most Recent Whereabouts

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.satanism,alt.politics.satanism
From: (SOD of the CoE)
Subject: JDeboo's Most Recent Whereabouts
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 03:37:09 GMT

50020609 VII Hail Satan!

while constructing this letter, I noticed that Jeffrey Deboo's
work was one of the first bits of posting I did in zazas elist.
for this reason I am also posting this to zazas and anonymizing
my correspondent. enjoy. :>

> Hi, thanks so much for the check-in, I really appreciate it.

sure, your familiarity with and interest in Satanic writings
is not easily come by. in part my service to Satan is a service
to you and to people like you.

re: Jeffrey Deboo's contact information: 
> Do you have a current address for him now?

tell ya what, I've got a free morning and will do something I've
not tried yet: search the internet for Jeffrey Deboo and post the
results to zazas elist (and you). :>

at Google (searched www on "Jeffrey Deboo address") I found his 
Berkeley address at Factsheet Five 

(FF is a valuable information source) listed a source for 
Sci-Fi magazines:

	Abunai: Fantasy & Science Fiction Zine Issue 2 December, 1995 
	Some decent SF stories from Mr. Deboo and Marie Buckner (as 
	with the previous issue). They've branched out into more 
	genres and much improved writing.

	$4.00 Each , Subs: $16.00 for 4 issues to Jeffrey Deboo, 
	1442-A Walnut Street #64, Berkeley, CA 94709 (38 Pages/S/JP) 
	No trades/reviews zines/submissions OK/no ads/Age Statement. 

I didn't remember that he had Sci-Fi writing interests. of course 
I found him listed as editor of "Dark Reflections" without an address:

	Nazism, Racism & Satanism
	An Answer 
	Extracted from The Burning Ground, 
	Volume 1, Issue 4, 1994
        by Walter Grimwald 

	I first read Jeffrey Deboo's "Nazism, Racism and Satanism" 
	in The Black Flame (Vol.3/Num.1 & 2), forum of the CHURCH 
	OF SATAN. Since then, it has been reprinted in other Satanic 
	forums more often than any other article which I can recall. 
	Deboo is editing his own magazine - Dark Reflections - which 
	he advertises as "Satanism without Fascist/racist/authoritarian 

which the Shub ( ) lists as his
same Berkeley address:

	Dark Reflections 1442A Walnut st #64 Berkeley CA 94704. 
	"Intellectual Satanism" From: Eclectic Mage n6 $16 x 4, 
	$4 x 1. IndeX: Satanism, Church of Satan, Jeffrey Deboo.

and Factsheet Five also has him
indicates that he may be contacted through a "Paul Brown":

	The Sacred Oak Vol 1 Issue 3 October '95 
	An angry Satanist zine that doesn't hide how it feels. 
	The writing is intense and extensive, exploring the 
	subject in depth.

	In this new, lower-priced issue, Jeffrey Deboo discussed 
	the difference between instinct and willfull self-awareness, 
	and then explained the relationship that Satan plays in
	rebellion. In another essay he explained why anti-Semitism 
	has no rational basis in the Satanic philosophy. 

	$3 Each to Paul Brown, P.O. Box 1048, Waterford, CT 06385 
	(43 Pages/D/RSF) No trades/reviews zines/submissions OK/no ads/ 

someone reviewed a 'zine Deboo is/was editing called JD Medley Zine and
gave the last OR address I remember: 

 [at I include
  the entirety because it is so interesting concerning the man and his
  consistency about lack of technology.]
	Rod Lott
	P.O. Box 23621
	Oklahoma City, OK 73123-2621

	JD Medley Zine
	#2. First off, let me tell you that normally when I review a 
	zine, I jump to a quick conclusion, and spend my time reading 
	the rest of the zine trying to prove that conclusion wrong. So, 
	I want to start by saying that it's been a while since I've seen
	a zine with a title this lame. I mean, the author's initials, 
	followed by a category description is about the worst thing I 
	could imagine calling a zine. It was a bad omen, as was the $3 
	price tag for a bunch of typed (not desktop published) pages
	that were photocopied. So I started out saying, "Oh, no. Not 
	again." But once I got through the boring letters, the 
	unnecessary introduction and generic zine plugs, I got to the 
	first piece. In it, Jeffrey Deboo (the editor) discusses a 
	recent court decision that ruled against people who put up web 
	sites encouraging people to murder abortion doctors. He takes 
	an interesting approach to it, and while I disagree with him 
	very strongly, he makes his point clearly and articulately. 
	There's no flash, no hyperbole, no great graphics, hell, 
	there's no art in this whole zine except for the cover and 
	some ads. But what it does have is ideas presented in an
	intelligent, serious way. I love that. After that comes a 
	daring, fascinating and well-researched piece on global 
	warming which is both the centerpiece of this issue and 
	clearly the best thing in it. In fact, this one piece alone 
	is worth the price (inflated though it may be) of admission. 
	Other pieces include commentary about pop culture stuff like 
	movies and TV and a story that was said to be SciFi, but I
	could not get through it. While Jeff's taste in movies and 
	TV is a little too nerdy and mainstream for me, he does offer 
	some insight and valid criticism, so that's cool. Overall, a 
	good effort though a few different fonts and perhaps a graphic 
	or two might do something about the monotonous aesthetic of 
	page after page of typed stuff, but Jeff rightly focuses on 
	the words and does a damn fine job. [$3 / M / 28 pages]
	Jeffrey Deboo
	4326 SW Woodstock Blvd. #524
	Portland, OR 97206

which is the last address I had, and is a DIFFERENT address 
than one provided for his Medley Zine at Xerox Debt #7:

	JDMZ apparently stands for ³Jeffrey Deboo¹s Medley Zine,² 
	unless he¹s got some kind of secret coded message also 
	bearing those four letters. Issue #10 screams on the cover, 
	³It¹s RANT Time!² And so the highlight is a ten-page 
	diatribe that begins, ³I¹m getting very tired of writing 
	about politics.² But write he does -- politics lately is 
	fodder for ranting, so why not? Plus, film commentary, a 
	dash of fiction, and a global warming watch. I like it when 
	someone knows what they want to say, then goes right out 
	and says it. So go ahead and send that $3.00 (plus age 
	statement, which I can¹t quite understand being necessary) 
	to Jeff at P.O. Box 930, Gresham, OR 97030-0214. 


so perhaps now we have something more to go on. 

in fact, with a new search ('"Jeffrey Deboo" OR') turns up
additional references to Gresham:

	JDMZ #10

	Issue ten of JDMZ begins with an ³Introit² including the apt 
	observance that, ³The political situation in this country has 
	reached a point at which total cynicism and disgust are the 
	only possible legitimate responses.² This statement is echoed, 
	with examples, by the first lengthy article simply entitled 
	³Rant² which also goes off on the insidious nature of 
	genetically modified foods and their sponsors (bringing up 
	several points of which I was unaware), the Internet and the 
	MPAA rating system. Deboo looks at AI, the latest work of 
	child exploitation by Steven Spielberg, and comes to the 
	conclusion that it is a ³failure more impressive than most 
	successes²; as usual a ³Global Warming Watch² and several 
	publication reviews are included; and the first half of the 
	multi-dimensional sci-fi story ³The World of Lust and Horror² 
	is debuted. For some reason I found the contents of this 
	issue to be more direct and capable of holding my attention 
	than past issues, perhaps due to the fact that the emphasis 
	here is consolidated on three main topics (politics/world 
	affairs, film, fiction) rather than a greater number of 
	smaller less-connected pieces.

	$3.00 from Jeffrey Deboo P.O. Box 930, Gresham, OR, 97030-0214

     Paniscus Review

Ken Gage had a peculiar essay involving Deboo at:
called "The Deboo Report";

the Paniscus Review appears to do regular reviews of his JDMZ(ine).
here's another one from

	JDMZ #12

	This last issue of JDMZ (hereafter to be called Galatea Lives) 
	begins with an exasperated "Introit" about the general state 
	of things before moving forward to the ever-fatalistic
	"Global Warming Watch" and the review of recent publications 
	of interest. As the JDMZ #11 concentrated on last year's 
	terrorist attacks this issue features several favorable reader
	responses as well as some wide-ranging "Thoughts on the War" 
	that have coalesced in the aftermath. "Why Do They Hate Us?" 
	looks at Islam from an historical and cultural perspective in 
	an attempt to make sense of the Muslim mindset (albeit with a 
	bit of a pat on the back for the author's own "specialized 
	knowledge"); "American Taliban" examines our own home-grown 
	religious fanatics, the Christian Right; there's a fond 
	"Film Comment" on Amelie; and a 2-page prose piece, "Anna," 
	the point of which eluded me. As always, strong opinions 
	backed by research and intelligent insight. 

	$3.00 from Jeffrey Deboo P.O. Box 930, Gresham, OR, 97030-0214

and you can find reviews of JDMZ #s 6, 9, and 10 reviewed at:

#'s 11 and 12 at:

wherein (#6) I found the following address:

	Jeffrey Deboo P.O. Box 230877, Tigard, OR, 97281-0877

and #s 8-12 seem to have the Gresham, OR P.O. Box.

I found a peculiar listing in German at

which included what appears to be his name:

	Jemenitisches Wörterbuch10. Arabisch-Deutsch-Englisch. 
	Von Jeffrey Deboo 1989. XV, 292 Seiten (ISBN 3-447-02933-1), 
	br, EUR 64,- [D] / sFr 109,- Berücksichtigt - unter Einschluß 
	einiger südjemenitischer Worte - nur die Dialekte des 
	Nordjemen. Gemeinjemenitische Wörter sind gekennzeichnet. 

In English this translates at as:

	Yemeni Woerterbuch10. Arab German/English. Of Jeffrey Deboo
	1989. XV, 292 pages (ISBN 3-447-02933-1), br, EUR 64, - 
	[ D ] / sFr 109, - - under inclusion of some southYemeni 
	words - only the dialects north Yemen considers. 
	Common-Yemeni words are characterized.

which is listed at but with no additional information
about the book other than that it was authored by Jeffrey Deboo
and pertains to the following topics:

from Amazon:

	Look for similar books by subject:

	Search for books by subject:
		Arabic language

is our Jeffrey Deboo an editor of translation dictionaries?
hopefully this will assist you in contacting Mr. Deboo. :>

blessed beast! Satanic Outreach Director
Church of Euthanasia:
Ninth Scholar's Library (Satanism Archive):

Hail Satan!   Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas! 

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