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Invocation of Satan

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Subject: Invocation of Satan (Method)
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 09:37:55 GMT

50011118 VI! om Hail Satan!

                      SAVE THE PLANET, KILL YOURSELF

A) evocation and invocation

the two are often mixed up by the illiterate, but generally
one may associate the conjuration to visible appearance
*outside* oneself with EVOcation and the calling *inside*
oneself of a being (i.e. POSSESSION or CHANNELLING) with

B) invoking Satan

there are so many different notions of what and/or who Satan
is that it is difficult to respond to your inquiry without
preremptorily speculating on your role with respect to Hir

B1) Christian Summoner

from a firmly Christian (or Muslim or sometimes even New Age
syncretic that has been severely influenced by Religions of
the Book) background, it would be folly to invoke Satan even
if one was attempting contact. evocation would probably be
better because your god can protect you from this being
you're summoning. the method can vary, but generally one may
follow Solomonic and later Golden Dawn-like procedures,
constructing a magical shield (circle or sphere of defense)
and wield weapons of power imbued in your majestic
god-mantle without mercy to your Adversary. from this
position negotiation (or whatever you may have in mind) is

B2) Anti-Christian Summoner

from an anti-Christian perspective (a minority amongst
Satanists from what I can tell), invoking Satan might be
rather dangerous, since Satan is still the Arch-Enemy of the
Cosmic God. consider the character of what you are trying to
do and take some precautions. consider evocation and
protection in a manner not unlike the Solomonic magicians
might used as suggested above to summon dangerous beings
(some compare this to handling extremely toxic substances
like Plutonium).

B3) Neopagan Summoner

the Neopagan must discern exactly what hir relationship to
Satan might be and whether there is some kind of precaution
she may take in the summoning. generally Neopagans revere
revivals of pre-Christian, European gods, so Satan might be
seen as just one of the rebellious "pagan" deities (liberal
Neopagan), an 'outsider' who arose within Middle-Eastern as
compared to European religious societies (a more moderate
Neopagan; though go figure why some demonic being would be
more worrisome than some God of Death like Mot or a Goddess
of Death like Hela), or some kind of adversary whose motives
are for some reason at variance with the summoner (i.e. if
the being is stuck in a Christian nightmare, etc.).

B4) Satanist Summoner

presumably the Satanist is not the same as the
anti-Christian on account of hir orientation to Satan, even
if that being is considered to be fictional, mythical, an
artifice, or merely symbolic of important principles such as
independence and rebellion against unjust authorities (in
the last case, Satan might refer to something inside oneself
which one brings to the fore of consciousness during the

once this relationship is understood, then the form of the
summoning will be easier to arrange and decide. summoning an
entropic force (The Dark One) might include something more
destructive, for example, than invoking the 'Bringer of
Light' (as some Luciferians would wish to see and revere
Satan). the method will be attuned to the kind of being
Satan is.

B5) Demonolatric Summoner

those who actively worship demons and even Satan in
particular might find it imperative to take very specific
actions in search of the invocation, depending upon the
character of Satan. if Satan encourages debauch,
irresponsibility, licentiousness, and libertinism, for
example, then a ritual including these things might be
important in 'presencing' the spirit or essence of Satan
inside oneself. if Satan is a Champion of the Undefended and
Innocent against Oppression, then it may be valuable to
surround oneself with images and objects which convey this
principle, and perhaps engage drama and fantasy to encourage
this kind of an atmosphere (an embattlement, for example, or
a Battle Conference).

generally, invocation is accomplished through the verbal
'intoning' or chanting of the being's mantra,
summoning-spell, or true name. for example, many Christians
believe that Satan is called by names as varied as
'Mastema', 'Shaitan', 'Lord of the Earth', and 'Beelzeboul',
though others (such as Weir and his hierarchy-obsessed
kindred) have taxonomized the infernal realm into a
bureaucracy comparable to the intricacies of Chinese or
North American underworlds.

the easiest and most straight-forward way to invoke Satan is
to discover Satan's name (*is* 'Satan' a name or an office?
does it refer to a consistent being, one who takes shape and
form dependent upon the invoker or upon how one approaches
Hir? etc.) and then begin to call it, perhaps within a
ceremony in the dark woods or whatever circumstance seems
most appropos. look inward and consider when and whether the
encounter with or possession by Satan is complete, and
perhaps plan for ways to end the invocation and what you
intend to achieve.


blessed beast!
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