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How do you view Satan/ Satanism?

To: alt.satanism
From: (darkasi)
Subject: Re: (Questionnaire) How do you view Satan/ Satanism?
Date: 2 Feb 1999 08:15:43 GMT wrote:

> How do you conceptualize Satan?
> Anyone envision Satan as being either purely or
> primarily female (or of both genders)?

I feel Satan is primarily female. The mystic
darkness of the flesh. Intuitive & instinctive,
as unperceivable (still so vividly experienced) as
it is uncontrollable (still being the very me). It
is the very earth which I am. Or more like it's
beautifully wild nature. The growth which comes
from corrosion. The living which feed on the dead.
The deep dark burning river of life, which pulses
strong in each of my cells, just like it did
millions of years ago. It's a huge wheel which
turns & turns & turns, chopping forms of life into
one endless stream of flesh & blood. It's the
world as it is. As purely feminine as it is
materialistic. A world in which everything is
perfectly real & logical. No contradictions between
emotions & thoughts. No difference between body &
mind. No excuses, no self-deceit. Mechanical
machinery with burning hearts. A world in which
gods never existed outside human nervous system,
and in which anarchy & chaos never died. Hour for
hour & generation after genereation we shit, eat,
fuck & sleep. Daily territorial pissing. Planning &
warfare. Breeding & cannibalism. Like ant colonnies
our societies march onwards at the fields of the
beasts which we never left. Death never became a
passage to the Other Side. Thirst & hunger didn't
die. I need, I want, I will. I will bite & I will
nurture & care. I perceive, I analyze, I act. My
kin shall triumph on our territory on this very
hour. Like the blood rushing in my veins I can feel
how my lovely dark goddess smiles at my direction -
for this very hour. Under the warmness of her smile
I now splendor, but tomorrow I & my kin will be gone.
A good life will end in a good death. Corrosion
breeds growth & the living feed on the dead. The
world as it is. Dark & materialistic.
For me Satan is the love & indulgence for this great
recycling process. The attraction to & exercise of
this unperceivable & uncontrollable wilderness 
within. It's an intuitive attitude & a state of mind,
not a god, a symbol or a force. In this reality, of
the world as it is, stability is sickness. There is
no room for spirituality which is not materialistic.
No real gods or devils. No labels & categories. It's
the field of the beasts, in which self-deceit will
end in death. Some think dear Satan is a real god to
worship. Their anti-Satanic mentality will not be
left unnoticed by my love. They are fuel to the fire
of my womb. The living feed on the dead & I have
come to swim in the dark river of life like a
serpent of distant lands.

> Also, Wiccans (I know, it's slightly off topic)
> supposedly treat both sexes equally. Their God
> and Goddess are on equal terms--or so they say.
> However, I have noticed that Wiccans tend to
> place the female above the male (at least
> in my personal observations).
> Do you think that Satanism does this, but in
> reverse?

I don't place one sex above the other, even if I
tend to feel that Satan is feminine.

I would find it absurd if a religion of love-for-
life would place male over female.

It's interesting how otherwise strongly anti-
Christian (<> not-Christian) individuals are often
unable to reverse the hatred & disgust Christianity
feels towards womanhood. Could this mean that this
anti-womanhood is a part of the whole culture - not
just a part of Christianity?

> Satanism seems to embody stereotypically masculine
> qualities such as strength and aggression...

I guess you mean offensive aggression. 

Many Satanists seem to bark a lot. Like dogs, they
may also bite at times. When there comes an
aggression between a dog & a wolf, the dog tends to
bark & bite a lot (especially bark), while the wolf
tends to simply kill (I have to agree - that is one 
bite). The functions of these two forms of
aggression differ greatly. Here the dog-aggression
is basicly defensive, while the wolf-aggression
is offensive. The barking, which many Satanists
would seem to practice, is , in reality, an attempt
to avoid a conflict. A worthy question is why they
feel threatened (they bark). Surely not because they
feel they are strong. Surely they are far from the
point of "dominating their territory", and such
claims should be seen as an apparent delusion.
Something which is close to stupidity.

Might is right, naturally, but it doesn't mean that
childish games (young animals trying to find their
place in the group's hierarchy) of "having power
over" & trying to prove their "coolness," would have
anything to do with strength. If not with the lack
of it. When using the common meanings of the words
"strength" & "weakness", it could be said that
weakness is might. For usually strength is to be
"tough", to "have guts" to be willing to take lot
of physical damage, to take the path of lots of
resistance etc. which all are a remarkable
weaknesses what comes to the survival of the
individual (however such strong individuals may be
quite usefull for the society). Weakness is thought
to be sensitivity, taking the path of least
resistance and not using everything one can get etc.
Such qualities of weakness are very useful from the
viewpoint of the individual's survival, but they
are evils for societies with strong authorities &
institutions. Such as warrior orders & cults of
death. I think there is little difference between
typical consumer hysteria & warrior order mentality.
Both have similar motives & functions. Also, in
both sets the individual has quite much strength
(warrior physical, consumer economical) but almost
no might at all. Like in this case (warrior fights
for hirself, consumer buys what s/he needs), might
often requires care for the self. What this has to
do with aggression is the question of what kind
of manifestation does the care for the self have -
when you are interested in yourself, do you really
waste your time in endless blah blah about persons
you dislike? Are you "no" or "yes"? Naturally in
hostile environment (culture) a strong "no" may
be needed to be able to be "yes".

> ...and to denigrate stereotypical female
> characteristics such> as love and nurturance.

Satanism is the religion of love and nurturance,
as it is the religion of love for life & self.

Many traditions claim to adore love & nurturance,
but once one takes things as what they are, instead
of what they are said to be, one may gather a very
different image of these traditions.

> [talk about gods]

I haven't begun to use Satan because of it's meaning
somewhere else long time ago, but because of it's
meaning here & now. The [my] idea of Satan in itself
denies the existence of all gods (including the idea
of Satan as a god). Mentality of Satan is purely
materialistic - there is no room for spiritualistic
spirituality. Gods quickly become a non-subject. The
river flows into opposite direction.

I don't mean that I would not see any value for
the study of history of Satan, but it should be
quite clear which is more essential for a religion
which holds that might is right - study or
expression, theory or practice. Not that expression
could not manifest as devoted study.

> 1. Do you conceptualize Satan as being masculine,
> feminine, hermaphroditic, or other?


> 2. Do you see Satanism as being more male-centric
> or female-centric, or neither?


> 3. Is the practice of Satanism by you primarily:
> a. an exercise of agression and dominance towards others
> b. hedonistic
> c. misanthropic
> d. other

B - hedonistic.

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