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FGetting: Beelzebub

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Subject: FGetting: Beelzebub
Date: 12 Jan 1998 12:58:56 -0800

[from Azoth ]

I hope the following from Fred Getting's book on Demonology 
will help you.


Beelzebub- One of the names given to the prince of all demons in his
guise as Lord of the Flies.  The Greek demonologist Psellus says that
the Hebrew Beelzebul (God of Heaven) was converted (as a playful
corruption) into Beelzebub (God of the Dunghill), and the imaqe of this
demons as a monstrous fly is derived from this notion of the dunghill,
where flies proliferate.  According to some the name should be spelled
"Baalzebub", but since this means "Lord of the High House" and might
wrongly taken to be Solomon (in reference to his temple), the Jews
therefore changed the name to "Lord of the Flies"

These entmologies may be correct, but the notion of the Lord of the
Flies is also classical, for it is recorded that in the temple of Actium
sacrifices were made to Zeus under the name of Apomyios (meaning averter
of flies). Pliny records these sacrifices were made to flies in Rome and
Syrian temples: the later god was called Achor, and in some sources this
god or demon is even called the God of the Flies. Some scholars say that
Beelzebub was the equivalent of the Baal worshipped in Palestine and
adjacent countries, and in the later times a representative of the
fallen gods.  In Matthew, 12, 24 he is mentioned as "prince of the
devils" and this appelation has stuck; for example Milton has him "next
in crime" to Satan. (Paradice Lost, Book 1)

The most striking image of Beelezbub is that of a huge fly given by
Collin de Plancy, in which the wings are emblazoned with the death's
head.  In the personal and historically unsound demonology of Barrett
Beelzebub becomes the prince of false gods.  In the Michaelis Hierarchy
Beelezbub is listed as the leader of sixteen demons, a fallen prince of
Seraphim, and next unto Lucifer'; being the tempter through pride, his
spiritual adversary is fittingly enough St. Fancis.


Templi Omnium Hominum Pacis Abbas

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