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Did LaVey invent Satanism?

To: alt.satanism
From: bupahs 
Subject: Did LaVey invent Satanism?
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 18:47:17 -0800

I am so tired of hearing that LaVey 'invented' Satanism. As I
have always said, LaVey published HIS version of Satanism, his
version of Satanism is not the totality of Satanism. I am going
to post some information that I hope will show everyone that
LaVey and the CoS practice a VERSION of Satanism, it is far from
the oldest and far from the only.

I must say that I did, and still do, respect LaVey for his
opinion and views on Satanism but Satanism goes back a lot
farther than the 1966 formation of the Church of Satan and then
writing of the Satanic Bible.

1. Satanism - The CoS would have you believe that there was no
religion or single philosophy called Satanism prior to Anton
LaVey and his Satanic Bible. Well folks this simply is a bold
faced lie, a little research into the matter proves their
assertions very wrong:

1a. Satanism defined and dated, Source Merriam-Webster,
Pronunciation: 'sA-t&n-"i-z&m
Function: noun
Usage: often capitalized
~Date: 1565 <--- not 1966
1 : innate wickedness : DIABOLISM
2 : obsession with or affinity for evil; specifically : the
travesty of Christian rites
- sa·tan·ist /-ist/ noun, often capitalized

Looks like LaVey is not the father of the term Satanism, or even
Satanist, apparently all LaVey did was twist the definition
around for his own use (nothing really wrong with that, it
served his purpose).

Now could there be a religion or philosophy that is older than
LaVey and his church? Could it be that the CoS are pretenders to
the throne as they accuse everyone else of being.. lets see:

1b. A Satanic religion that actually USES the word Satanism to
define their belief (or lack of) structure. Oh no, looks like we
may have a problem with the CoS's constant tossing out of "There
was no single religion that used the term Satanism prior to
Anton LaVey and the Church of Satan" rhetoric.

Luciferians (a real heresy that proclaimed to be Satanists in
1630 AD, splinter groups are still very active today with little
change of dogma or structure) they believed the actual creation
of this world was credited to Lucifer.

Luciferian Quotes :
1. "we hold the same values that Lucifer did when he rebelled
against the tyranny of collectivism and we proudly stand under
the name that represents self-assertion and liberty; Satanism"<--
 Satanism?? Does that say Satanism?, a religious philosophy that
used the word Satanism? wow, what wonders one finds within the
confines of a small rural town libary.

2. "Luciferians realize the power of their own individuality and
won’t allow fear and superstition to overrule reason. The
Luciferian says: "I think, therefore I AM God" Reason stands
above faith, worship, or submission" <-- humm, sounds a lot like
a certian Satanic Bible author does it not? I wonder if LaVey
ever read the Luciferian Philosophy and Theology book.

3. "Lucifer is the embodiment of reason, of intelligence, of
critical thought. He stands against the dogma of God and all
other tyrannical dogmas. He stands for the exploration of new
ideas and new perspectives in the pursuit of truth". <-- again a
very simular statement made by a certian Satanic Bible auther, I
think I see a trend here.

Humm, seems like the Luciferian concept is strangely familiar to
LaVeys, in fact with only a few slight variations
LaVeys 'philosophy' IS Luciferian. Just so you know I am not a
Luciferian, I am just showing that a practiced religion called
itself Satanism long before LaVey came trolling along.

I will let everyone digest this, and I may post more information
at a later time, but as I think I pretty much just slapped the
cup from the Church of Satan's hand, so this will do for now.

The CoS wants to pretend they invented Satanism, wants everyone
to bow before then, they want "Bragging Rights" when all they
really have is a VERSION of Satanism. They need to get their
heads out of the sand and realize this. One only has to wonder,
why hasn't the Luciferians bothered to stand against the CoS and
LaVey for stealing so boldly their philosophies and structure,
could it be that the Luciferians have better things to do than
claim bragging rights to a philosophy that more than likely
predates even them?, could it be that the Luciferians, unlike
the CoS, would rather live vital lives. hummm

I am a Free Thought Satanist that uses whatever philosophy,
dogma, idea or practice I deem fit. I UNDERSTAND and ACCEPT that
there are many variations of Satanism, I welcome the diversity.

Magister Keith, FCoS
March 27 2000

On another note, I took the liberty of contacting the United
States Copyright and Trademark offices, it took them 2 1/2 weeks
to respond but they assure me, there is no record of the Church
of Satan, Anton LaVey, Blanche Barton or any other agent holding
any form of Copyright or Trademark to the Baphomet Pentagram.
But all one really had to do was do a search on the USCT web
site to find out this information (which of course I did and it
turned up nothing). Another cup gets smacked from the hand of
the CoS.

Magister Keith, FCoS
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