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Demonic Relationships/Pacts

From: (nocTifer)
Subject: (Z) Re: Demonic Relationships/Pacts
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 1998 17:31:31 -0700 (PDT)

981002 IIIom

#> I would be happy to discuss in detail the elements of a
#> Satanic pact from a Satanist perspective and offer my own
#> criteria in some greater depth if you or others desire it
#> (I'll reply to substantive inquiries through Zazas-L).
Papaz Vince:
# I think I'm not too far from truth saying we all are 
# waiting for you to do so.  My brain is hungry for your 
# knowledge.

adding to what I'd said that you did not quote: 
#> out for your own interests, have a fallback
#> plan, and deal only with entities whom you can perceive are
#> trustworthy enough to establish the type of connection you
#> wish to forge.

assess carefully not only your own motivations for making such
a pact (since you are possibly admitting of your own lack of
power in creating it), but also the character of the entity
with whom you establish it.  take time to study them through
research, interaction, divinatory and intuitive evaluations,
should these be fruitful for you.

if the pact is with Satan, carefully discern what this Satan
is like, whether SHe is likely to renig on the pact, what power,
if any, SHe may have to enforce or abide the agreement.  default
to avoiding it unless it distinctly offers a valuable advantage,
just like in contracts with human agents.

#> ...the best forms
#> of pact would include a signature in blood with a daemonic
#> or wrathful entity, with or without the signature of the
#> entity in question, in which BOTH parties benefit in some
#> obvious manner.

examples of benefits can come from historical precursors, be
discovered or creatively imagined.  no content is required,
though that which favors the daemon or Devil is more likely
to be heeded by the spirit.  some historical gains are fame,
fortune, sex, power, and wealth.  your cosmological perspective
may dictate the limitations of what you have to offer in
exchange (for materialists the notion of a 'soul' may or may
not hold any relevance -- I understand such a word to relate 
to the entirety of my being, both subjective and objective).

writing in one's own blood is not necessary -- red pen or the
blood of another being may be preferred (e.g. a pomegranate).
signing in one's own blood is traditional but not required
absolutely.  many pacts are said to have been verbal, some
finalized merely with an intention.

#> ...two-way benefit in its form and its open-ended
#> application.

think like a lawyer.  take care not to let any loopholes
slip in that constrain an over-abundance of effort or cost
in exchange for what you desire, but realize that agreement
by the spirit must be inspired by what one is indicating
one is giving or going to give up, and future payment by
the entity in question will depend on previous arrangements
or how likely they feel they are to collect. for this
reason, mutual support or incremental exchanges can be the
most profitable for both concerned and cement a lasting
trust between you.

blessed beast!
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