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 (you figure out which is which)

First you must decide whether or not you would REALLY want to destroy 
your target.  It is the responsibility of the magician to be certain of 
his intent, and yes, I believe you must seek her annihilation if you want a 
full-blown curse to succeed.  If not, then perhaps your magic should be 
more self-directed and of a healing nature.

Gather some minor possession of the subject, preferably hair, fingernail 
clippings, etc.  Since she was an ex-lover, use the power of 
psychosexuality to your advantage and take a pair of her underwear.  This 
will serve to connect you emotionally with the target of the curse, and 
aid in your visualization.

Using some flamable material (colored tissue-paper will do the trick), 
fashion a simple doll, using the hair (or other material) as stuffing.  
You don't need to create a work of art here...just something that you can 
identify as the target.  While creating your effigy, recite a mantra you 
have made based upon the target's name.  (Info on creating mantras can be 
found in Carroll's book _Liber Null_).

Pick a remote area on a moonless night, bring a candle (black), needles, 
chalk, a sharp knife and some flamable liquid (lighter fluid works).

Light the candle.

Chalk a "destructive" power symbol on the ground.  Some people use the 
Satanic baphomet, some use the counter-clockwise swastika...use whatever 
you like, the more personal, the better (I prefer a skull and crossbones).

Place the effigy in the center of the symbol.

Invoke Abaddon the Destroyer.  You must write your own invocation here, 
but be certain to make a good case for calling this Lord of Wrath into 
being.  Be formal about it, and be certain to mention his all his titles 
and deeds (The monsters of the pit can be extraordinarily vain!)  Inform 
him of all of your target's crimes, and your malevolent desires.  The 
more impressive you make your invocation, the more likely it is that 
Abaddon will take heed.   Do not expect him to appear in physical form, 
but if you are confident in your invocation, rest assured *he is there*!

Now invoke every bit of rage and hatred that you can summon.  
Everything.  I mean it, focus all your being on this tiny range of 
emotion, and direct it onto the effigy.  The effigy (and hence, your 
target) is responsible for all of it.

With loathing and distain, plunge the first of the needles into the 
effigy's abdomen.  This is for fear.  Concentrate on the terror you want 
the target to feel.  Take as much time as you feel you need to express 
this desire.

Repeat, this time put the needle in the head.  This is for confusion.  
Invoke an image of blurred hysteria and insanity.  Concentrate.

Stick the final needle into the effigy's heart. Twist it a few times if 
it makes you feel good.  This is for the anguish that has been caused to 
you.  May it return to your target a hundred-fold.  Concentrate on anguish.

Using your knife, slice the effigy open from head to groin, being certain 
that the cut connects the pins you have placed in the effigy.  This is 
the action that will send the target on her way to complete 
annihilation.  Be passionate about it.

Place the effigy in the center of the chalk symbol.  Put the 
lighter-fluid on it (be sure you are careful that there is nothing else 
flamable about, like grass, etc).  Call on Abaddon to work your will, and 
release this curse onto the world.  Set fire to the effigy.  As it burns 
away, imagine all your anger and hatred dissipating with the smoke.  Let 
it all drift away with the smoke and flames. You have set your desires 
into action, now you must release those 
desires.  (Imagine a magic curse to be like throwing a baseball; it only 
works when you let the ball travel away from you.  The more you hold 
back, the less successful the throw.)  Forget about her, and get on with 
your life.  Rest assured that the curse will take root in time.

"Mr. Scratch" 
Find twelve stones of similar size and place them in a circle and put fire 
wood in it. Start a campfire. Take twelve more stones and place them 
around you in a circle. Sit down and take a knife and trace a triangle 
with it. Stare at the triangle until dusk and then stab the center. After 
that, stare at the dusk sky, then into the fire. Say; "Great dragon, I 
waken you from your sleep!" Wait for the rush. Then get inspired from the 
feelings. (Ren)

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