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# If we would call any evil Spirit to the circle, it first behoveth us to
# consider and to know his nature, to which of the planets it agreeth, and what
# offices are dis-tributed to him from the planet. This being known, let there be
# sought out a place fit and proper for his invoca-tion, according to the nature
# of the planet and the quality of the offices of the same Spirit, as near as the
# same may be done. For example, if his power be over the sea, rivers, or floods,
# then let a place be chosen on the shore, and so of the rest. In like manner,
# let there be chosen a convenient time, both for the quality of the air- -which
# should be serene, clear, quiet, and fitting for the Spirits to assume
# bodies-and for the quality and nature of the planet, and so too of the Spirit,
# to wit, on his day, noting the time wherein he ruleth, whether it be fortunate
# or unfortunate, day or night, as the stars and spirits do require. These things
# being considered, let there be a circle framed at the place elected, as well
# for the de-fence of the invocant as for the confirmation of the Spirit. In the
# circle itself there are to be written the Divine general names, and those
# things which do yield defence unto us; the Divine names which do rule the said
# planet, with the offices of the Spirit himself; the names, finally, of the
# goocl Spirits which bear rule, and are able to bind and constrain that Spirit
# which we in-tend to call. If we would further fortify our circle, we may add
# characters and pentacles agreeing to the work. So also, and within or without
# the circle, we may frame an angular figure,' inscribed with such numbers as are
# congruent among themselves to our work. Moreover, the operator is to be
# provided with lights, perfumes? unguents, and medicines compounded according to
# the nature of the planet and Spirit, which do partly agree with the Spirit by
# reason of their natural and celestial v!rtue, and partly are exhibited to the
# Spirit for religious and superstitious worship. The operator must also be
# furnished with holy and consecrated things, necessary as well for the defence
# of the invocant and his fellows as to serve for bonds which shall bind and
# constrain the Spirits. Such are holy papers, lamens, pictures, penta-des,
# swords, sceptres, garments of convenient matter ard colour, and things of the
# like sort. When all these are provided, the master and his fellows being in the
# circle, and all those things which he useth, let him begin to pray with a loud
# voice and a convenient gesture and countenance. Let hini make an oration unto
# God, and afterwards cii treat the good Spirits. If he will read any prayers,
# psalms, or gospels for l?is defence, they should take the first place.
# Thereafter, let him begin to in-vocate the Spirit which he desireth, with a
# gentle and lov-ing enchantment to all the coasts of the world, com-memorating
# his own authority and power. Let him then rest a little, looking about him to
# see if any Spirit do appear, which if he delay, let him repeat his invocation
# as before, until he hath done it three times. If the Spirit be still
# pertinacious and will not appear, let him begin to conjure him with Divine
# power, but in such a way that all the conjurations and commemorations do agree
# with the nature and offices of the Spirit himself. Reiterate the same three
# times from stronger to stronger, using objurgations, contumelies, cursings,
# punishments, suspensions from his office and power, and the like. 
# After all the courses are finished, again cease a little, and if any Spirit
# shall appear, let the invocant turn tc-wards him, receive him courteously, and
# earnestly en-treating him, let him require his name. Then proceeding further,
# let him ask whatsoever he will. But if in any-thing the Spirit shall show
# himself obstinate or lying, let him be bound by convenient conjurations, and if
# you still doubt of any lie, make outside the circle, with the con-secrated
# sword, the figure of a triangle or pentacle, and compel the Spirit to enter it.
# If you would have any promise confirmed upon oath, stretch the sword out of the
# circle, and swear the Spirit by laying his hand upon the sword. Then having
# obtained of the Spirit that which you desire, or being otherwise contented,
# license him to depart with courteous words, giving command unto him that he do
# no hurt. If he will not depart, compel him by powerful conjurations, and, if
# need re-quire, expel him by exorcism and by making contrary fumigations. When
# he is departed, go not out of the circle, but stay, making prayer for your
# defence and con-servation, and giving thanks unto God and the good angels. All
# these things being orderly performed, you may depart. 
# But if your hopes are frustrated, and no Spirit will appear, yet for this do
# not despair, but, leaving the circle, return again at other times, doing as
# before. And if you shall judge that you have erred in anything, then you shall
# amend by adding qr diminishing, for the con-stancy of reiteration doth often
# increase your authority and power, and striketh terror into the Spirits,
# humbling them to obedience. 
# Hence some make a gate in the circle, where-by they go in and out, which they
# open and shut as they please, and fortify it with holy names and pentacles.
# This also we are to take notice of, that when no Spirits will appear, but the
# Master, being wearied, hath de-termined to cease and give over, let him not
# therefore depart without licensing the Spirits, for they that do neglect this
# are very greatly in danger, except they are fortified with some sublime
# defence. Oftentimes also the Spirits do come, although they be not visible (for
# to cause terror to him that calls them), either in the thing which he useth or
# in the operation itself. But this kind of licensing is not given simply, but by
# a kind of dispen-sation with suspension, until they shall render themselves
# obedient. 
# When we intend to execute any effect by evil Spirits where an apparition is not
# needful, this is to be done by making the required instrument or subject of the
# ex-periment itself, whether it be an image, a ring, or a writing, any candle,
# character, or sacrifice, or anything of the like sort. The name of the Spirit
# is to be written thereon, with his character, according to the exigency of the
# experiment, either writing with blood or using some perfume agreeable to the
# Spirit, making also fre-quent prayers to God and the good angels before we
# in-vocate the evil Spirit, and conjuring him by the Divine power. 
# Over and above the formal diabolism of this process, there are instructions for
# composing a book of evil spirits, to be prepared ceremoniously, according to
# their name and order. By means of a "holy oath," the ready obedience of the
# Spirit whose name is written therein is supposed to be insured. The book itself
# must be formed of most pure and clean paper which has never been used
# previously-a stipulation which may have been of moment in the days of the
# palimpsest, but is, of course, unnecessary in our own. The image of the Spirit
# must be drawn on the left side, and his character on the right, preceded by the
# oath containing the name of the Spirit, with his dignity, place, office, and
# power. The operation must be performed on the day and in the hour of the planet
# to which the Spirit is attributed. When the book has been composed, it must be
# well bound and emblazoned, being furnished also with markers and seals, for to
# open it at random after its consecration might en-danger the operator. It
# should be kept reverently and free from profanation, for otherwise it will lose
# its virtue. Its consecration is a matter of some difficulty, as every Spirit
# whose name appears therein must be called before the circle, the bonds read
# over in his presence, and each in succession must be compelled to impose his
# hand where his respective image and char-acter are drawn, and to 'confirm and
# consecrate the same with a special and common oath." In a word, the document
# must be regularly and legally delivered as the act and deed of each. During
# this ceremony the book must be laid within a triangle described outside the
# circle. 
# Black Myst
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