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Church of Satan Info Post

>> THE FLAMING SWORD, membership bulletin of the Black Order, c/o Realist 
>> Publications, PO Box 38-262, Petone, Wellington, New Zealand.

Note the address of Realist Publications is now 
P.O. Box 1627 
Paraparaumu Beach, 
New Zealand.

>The Heretic no. 12 is now out, and The Flaming Sword no. 6.


From: (Peggy  Nadramia)
Newsgroups: alt.satanism
Subject: Church of Satan Info Post

Revised: June 17, 1995

This is a periodic posting. You may contact any of the organizations, 
publications or merchants below by sending them a self-addressed, stamped 
envelope (or 4 International Response Coupons outside the US) for more 
information. Or you may e-mail me at for more ordering 

The Church of Satan, P O Box 210666, San Francisco, CA 94121.
(For an introductory article on Satanism written by Magister Peter H. 
Gilmore of the Church of Satan, you may e-mail me at the address shown.)


THE BLACK FLAME, P O Box 499, New York, NY 10101-0499.
The International Forum of the Church of Satan; contains news, opinion 
and extensive reviews. Appears twice yearly; also available on some 
newsstands and via Tower Records/Books/Magazines.

FROM THE PIT, P O Box 1413, Decatur, AL 35602-1413.
Quarterly publication edited by Rev. Michael Rose of the COS; articles, 
essays, reviews.

Publications/Organizations whose leadership are members of the Church of 

_The Occult Book of Knowledge_ by Magister C. James Case -- "a 
sententious board of acerbic apothegrams, perfidious precepts and 
otherwise Satanic sayings..." available from C. J. Case, #321, 341 West 
Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101.

WOLF AGE c/o The Order of the Evil Eye, P O Box 272929, Tampa, FL 33688.
An exuberant anti-Christian stance with emphasis on Heavy Metal music 

THE BLACK PUNKIN' c/o The Infernal Garrison, P O Box 32017, Ottawa, 
Ontario, Canada K2B 1A1.
The Infernal Garrison has consolidated their three Canadian branches into 
one post (address above). Church of Satan Priest and Infernal Garrison 
leader Doug Richards has opened a new branch in the USA: The Infernal 
Garrison, P O Box 106, New Baden, IL 62265-1903.

_The Gates of Hell_ by George Sprague, "a manual of meditation on the 
Dark Tradition of the Qabala," available from G. Sprague, P.O. Box 
852943, Mesquite, TX 75185-2943.

THE RAVEN c/o Grotto ODM, P O Box 163, Stamford, CT 06497-0163.
The emphasis here is on humor and satire, with a lively interest in 
sophisticated good living.

DIABOLICA c/o The Illuminati of Satan, P O Box 53, Allen Park, MI 48101-0053.
Into their third issue now -- thought-provoking articles and interviews 
in an attractive format with original artwork.

60151. A new publication by Lydia Gage exploring issues related to 
being a Satanist and a parent of Satanic children. Neat, professional 
appearance -- promises to be fascinating.

DIABOLICAL CREATIONS, c/o IZM Enterprises, P O Box 353, Maple Park, IL 
60151. "A 'zine of horror, madness and the occult." Chock-full, 
digest-sized magazine of Satanic thought, poetry, fiction, art and 
reviews. These busy Satanists also run the Order of the Black Unicorn and 
produce other publications, cassettes and a new audio release on 
old-fashioned vinyl.

GROTTO OF THE WOLF, a site for obtaining Satanic text files, maintained 
by Ken Rhoades of the Church of Satan. For more info, contact

DIABOLICA, The Satanic BBS -- created in September of 1993 by Nevarre 
Demonian, this board is located in southern California and may be reached 
at (909) 784-9345 (8N1, 9600 or better -- e-mail the sysop for low-speed 
line, if any). Demonian maintains 7.3 Megs of Satanic text, and much, 
much more. Currently has 480 users in 50+ 
states and 5 countries, and growing every day. For more info, contact

MANSON: Commemoration, a CD of remastered original recordings of Charles 
Manson speaking, singing and playing, and _SIEGE: The Collected Writings 
of James Mason_, plus diverse recording projects by Blood Axis and other 
entities, from Storm, P O Box 3527, Portland, OR 97208-3527.

"The Cult of Othin," an Essay in the Ancient Religion of the North by 
H.M. Chadwick (1899), now available from Looking Glass Press, P.O. Box 
8105, S-104 20, Stockholm, Sweden.

PROMETHEAN CIRCLE: A Publication Dedicated to Satanism and the Path of 
the Strong, P O Box 79006, 17202 Himittos, Athens, Greece.

LIFEFORCE, The International Vampire Forum c/o the Temple of the Vampire, 
PO Box 3582, Lacey WA 98503. Their journal/newsletter.

Deborah Ryder of Ryder Publications.

THE SCAPEGOAT, PO Box 36121, Los Angeles, CA 90036-0121. A strong 
entry into the field of Satanic publications.

THE NAMMTAR JOURNAL, The Official Letter of the Church of Tiamat, Suite
#51, 60 Newton Road, Danbury, CT 06810. Newly emerged Satanic 

Sources for Satanic publications and ritual supplies:

Hell's Kitchen Productions, Inc., P O Box 499, New York, NY 10101-0499.
(Baphomet medallions, books, magazines, posters.)

Prints of Darkness, c/o Papa Legba's, 3178 Gravois Ave., St. Louis, MO 63116.
(Baphomet tee shirts, sweatshirts, banners; marble trapezoid candle 
holders; exclusive _Black Flame_ Incense, hand-crafted for Satanic ritual 

The Abyss, RR 1 Box 213 (BF), Chester MA 01011-9735. Phone: (413) 
623-2155. Soon to premiere a left-hand-path-ONLY catalog.

And More:

Amarillo Records, P O Box 24433, San Francisco, CA 94121.

    [1] _The Satanic Mass_, a CD reissue of the original
    recording made in 1968 at the Church of Satan; features
    Anton LaVey reading from _the Satanic Bible_; also includes
    a bonus track: _Hymn of the Satanic Empire_.

    [2] "Strange Music," a 10" vinyl disk featuring Anton LaVey
    playing several lost and forbidden tunes.

    [3] A single, "Honolulu Baby" b/w "Answer Me," by the same

    [4] "Satan Takes a Holiday," a CD featuring lengthy performances 
    by Anton LaVey at the keyboards, plus vocals by Blanche Barton and 
    Nick Bougas. Seventy-one minutes.

     Liner notes:
    "Even the Devil needs a little revitalizing recreation now and again.
Anton LaVey here applies his kaleidoscopic vision to conjure forth occult
musical treasures, sending them out into the ethers, to haunt and delight
us. With his background in classical, burlesque, circus and roadhouse
styles of playing, LaVey uses modern synthesizer technology for illegal
purposes -- to evoke feelings. Every number LaVey plays -- from Sousa
march to child's lullaby -- is carefully chosen as a potent brew of major
and minor chords, lyricism and prosody, then supercharged to its most
lusty interpretation. All of the instruments on this recording are played
by LaVey on his keyboards, performed without benefit of computer
sequencing. Satan has little use for digitalized downloading or pixelated
processing. The murky, deathless halls of Tartarus resound with songs of
suicide, strained gaiety, and unreserved romance. Dim the lights, settle
back and let His Infernal Majesty take you on a holiday tour of His world..."

Includes LaVey's own theme from _Satanis_, the documentary.

Order Amarillo #594.

Feral House, P O Box 3466, Portland, OR 97208.
Publisher of _The Secret Life of a Satanist: The Authorized Biography of 
Anton LaVey_, by Blanche Barton, and _The Satanic Witch_ and _The Devil's 
Notebook_, both by LaVey, as well as many other books which will interest 
and astound you -- write for their new catalog. Feral House is now 
retailing the following films by Nick Bougas, on video at a reduced 
price: "Speak of the Devil," a full-length video documentary about Anton 
LaVey and the present-day Church of Satan; "Death Scenes," with 
appearance and narration by Anton LaVey, and "Death Scenes II," featuring 
musical soundtrack by Peter H. Gilmore. Also, Feral House is now on the World

Wide Web with sample chapters from their books, latest offerings, 
updates, message board, newsletter and ordering service. Their address is:

The Newe Englande Orange Powder Companie, Inc. Presents the Artwork of 
Timothy Patrick Butler, ("the foremost Satanic artist and illustrator in 
America today..." says Bob Larson, radio evangelist). Their latest 
release is _The History of Formerly Salty Areas_ by Timothy Patrick 
Butler, a professionally-printed book of Tim's demonic drawings 
accompanied by strange quotations. NEOPCO also offers serigraphs 
depicting demonic monsters, a tee shirt with same, and Satanic greeting 
cards, also created by Butler. Contact them at P O Box 642712, San 
Francisco, CA 94164-2712.

The Asylum of Satan, P O Box 40361, Central Station, Portland, OR 
97240-0361. The "Gallery of Aesthetic Terrorism and Occultural Design," 
presents the Art of Evil, work by Diabolos Rex. Full-color, limited 
edition prints. Rex's work can also be seen in a recent issue of _High 
Society_ and on the covers of albums by Acheron.

Check out Larry Wessel's TAUROBOLIUM, the Tijuana Bullfight Documentary: 
"Real people enjoying all the thrills, spills and chills of good, clean 
sports. The stars, the spectators, and the hard workers behind the 
scenes. All this, plus a great musical score. Too bad Larry Wessel wasn't 
around with his camera in Rome filming the Circus Maximus."
                    -- Anton Szandor LaVey, Church of Satan

Wesselmania's latest film-on-video is CARNY-TALK, a series of 
anecdotes told by artist Robert Williams, including "The Great Fecal 
Matter," "Hospital Still Borns" and "The Blow Job."

Contact Wesselmania at PO Box 1611, Manhattan Beach, CA 90267-1611

ANSWER ME! is the beautifully-produced magazine of hatred, anger, wit, 
forbidden ideas and pictures, and contains some of the best writing 
you'll find anywhere these days. Currently they're offering Issue #4, The 
Rape Issue; you can obtain Issues #1 through #3 in book form from the 
same address: P O Box 31009, Portland, OR 97231.

Aes-Nihil Productions Catalog, 7210 Jordan Ave., #B-1, Canoga Park, CA 
91303. This is the best existing source for any material on Jim Jones, 
Manson, etc. Also an extensive listing of material on Satanism and the 
Church of Satan; offers some back issues of _The Cloven Hoof_.

This listing is far from complete; stay tuned for updated postings, 
changes and addendum.


From: (Peggy  Nadramia)
Newsgroups: alt.satanism
Subject: Satanic Parenting, A Publication

_Satanic Parenting_ is a new publication from IZM Enterprises, PO Box 
353, Maple Park, IL 60151. It covers issues involving the Satanic 
lifestyle and the raising of Satanic children. Articles in the premiere 
issue include "Why Wait? Satanic Thought Now!" and "Why I Hate Barney."

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