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Christianity & Satanism

To: alt.witchcraft
From: Mark Gerard Miller 
Subject: Re: Christianity & Satanism
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 14:39:14 GMT

In article <>, wrote:
> I read somewhere in my studies (want to let you know right off that
> asking, not telling) that one would have to be a Christian to be a
> Satanist, since Satan is a Christian concept?
> Interested in anyone's (everyone's) viewpoint on this subject.
> Thanks

Satan predates Christianity by many years. According to The Women's
Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, by Barbara G. Walker: "Like all so-
called devils, Satan began as a god. Early Egyptians called him the
Great Serpent Sata, Son of the Earth, immortal because he was
regenerated every day in the Goddess's womb. A man could become
immortal, like Sata, by repeating prayers to identify himself with the
god ...

"Sata seems to have been an underground aspect of the sun, Horus-Ra,
corresponding to Apollo's underground serpent-form Python, whom the
Jews called Apollyon, Spirit of the Pit. He was a phallic consort of
the archaic Goddess Sati, or Setet, whose name was the same as that of
a virgin aspect of Kali, and who once ruled Upper Egypt which was known
as the Land of Sati. The god was also called Set -- the biblical Seth,
who may not have been immortal but did manage to live 912 years.
(Genesis 5:8)."

Walker's encyclopedia entry on Satan is very interesting, and ties him
back to the very ancient Persian "Ahriman, the lightning-serpent cast
from heaven to the underworld by the god of light."

Another entity whom Walker traces back to the Egyptians is Jesus, via
his correspondences with Osiris. "Of all savior-gods worshipped at the
beginning of the Christian era, Osiris may have contributed more
details to the evolving Christ figure than any other. ... He was the
Resurrection and the Life, the Good Shepherd, Eternity and
Everlastingness, the god who 'made men and women to be born again.' ...

"Osiris's coming was announced by Three Wise Men ... Angelic voices
hailed the coming of the Universal Lord on this occasion, which marked
the rising of the Nile flood. ...

"Certainly Osiris was a prototypical Messiah, as well as a devoured
Host. His flesh was eaten in the form of communion cakes of wheat,
the 'plant of Truth.' Osiris was Truth, and those who ate him became
Truth also, each of them another Osiris, a Son of God, a 'Light-god, a
dweller in the Light-god.' Egyptians came to believe that no god except
Osiris could bestow eternal life on mortals. He alone was the Savior,
Un-nefer, 'the Good One.' Under this title he was even canonized as a
Christian saint. ...

"The cult of Osiris contributed a number of ideas and prhases to the
Bible. The 23rd Pslam copied an Egyptian text appealing to Osiris the
Good Shepherd to lead the deceased to the 'green pastures' and 'still
waters' of nefer-nefer land, to restore the soul to the body, and to
give protection in the valley of the shadow of death (the Tuat). The
Lord's Prayer was prefigured in an Egyptian hymn to Osiris-Amen,
beginning "O Amen, O Amen, who art in heaven.' Amen was also invoked at
the end of every prayer."

In this same article, Walker draws many more parallels between the two
gods and Egyptian religion, Christianity, Tibetan religion, Hinduism,
Babylonia, Judaism, etc.

Walker even draws a parallel between the serpent and Osiris: "As Lord
of Death, Osiris was sometimes identified with the Great Serpent of the
underworld, and sometimes painted in the same serpentine form, bent
around so his toes touched his head."

I guess we'll have to wait for The Good One to return to tell us what
is the truth about divine and infernal matters. Meanwhile, I'll be
worshipping God and acknowledging Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

Mark Gerard

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