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Christianity and Satanism

From: (nocTifer)
Subject: Christianity and Satanism (was Questions...)
Date: 15 Oct 1999 02:49:24 -0700

4999 1015 IV om Hail Beelzeboul!

# ...I found what seems like a reasonably accurate description 
# of Satanism at , 

it has a decent introduction. their text and more appears in:

# ...fairly accurate show of the core ideal of Satanism?

Satanism is a network, it has no "core"; that's why it is served
by chaos, confusion, and deception in times of struggle.

# ..."The Satanist needs no elaborate, detailed list of rules 
# of behavior". My experience with religion has primarily been 
with Christians, or people who classify themselves as Christians....
# These "Christians" are very exclusive in their behavior towards 
# those who they don't regularly associate with, and they seem to 
# have an elaborate, detailed list of rules for their behavior, 
# which many who I have seen, "spin" to their particular need at 
# the time. 

yes, the contract can be used to impress the Herd to obey.

# They don't follow their own set(s) of rules, which are 
# conflicting. After *many* attempts by me to get an 
# understandable explanation of these things....

fear grips their behavior, so it reeks of hypocrisy; it can
happen to "Satanists" also. the Christian religion is basically
built around a 'contract with God (sometimes known as Jesus
or Christ or whatever)'; this, like the Mosaic Law built around
cultural customs in the Book of Deuteronomy and elsewhere, is
described in the Gospels and Pauline letters in rather ambiguous
and yet direct terms as a hiving religious organization. this is 
not always understood by adherents.

basically, once the Herd of the church is accepted, then you
get to set up a new rule system; ideally any system may prevail,
but typically few do more than carry on democratic traditions
and conservative politics.

# I'm told to "read the bible", I have no intention of doing so 
# if I can't even get an explanation which I can understand. 

don't bother with that antiquated batch of historical fiction.
I can explain it well enough, but I don't recommend Christianity
except to the willing.

# looks to me like some people who call themselves Satanists, 
# also behave exclusively. 

of course; the Corporate Elite.

# Is the Church of Satan a social organization, 

yes, it can be.

# or an educational institution? 

not usually protrayed as such. usually a club or religious org.

# Do differing varieties of Satanists get along with each other?

sometimes yes, sometimes no.

# ...some religions [need].. to believe-worship [in] a supernatural 
# being or entity. 

quite right, let them I say.

# ...I absolutely don't understand how a ritual could be 
# valuable or useful, unless it was in celebration only, 
# I.E. Mardi Gras, or as in educational experience useful in 
# current society life. 

if it serves to liberate the aspirant from social repression.

# I have always enjoyed Mardi Gras, even being anti-religion in 
# general. Do the Satanist rituals fall into these categories?

you can have any kind of rituals you like. that's the nature
of Satanism. if the org-Satanists get huffy with you about
the "right" way to do something, look into it more deeply and
you'll find alternatives.

# 1. There seem to be many references to the "dark side", 
# "darkness", which I don't understand.... Why all the "dark" 
# references? 

LaVey called them 'momentos moires' or something similar.
compsure through observing one's mortality. it can be
ordeal-based, or extravagance.

# Or, are the references connected to ritual only?

dark iconography is valuable in ritual for some Satanists.

quoting Boysatan's Site:
# "while I personally feel the majority of people are either unwilling 
#  or incapable of taking personal responsibility and handling total 
#  personal freedom". 
# I strongly agree with that.... Is it a goal of a true Satanist 
# to become willing and able to use their total personal freedom 
# responsibly? 

there ain't no fucking fictional "true Satanists". this is the mark
of religion that it separates into the 'true' and the 'false' and
adorns itself with assessment powers.

blessed beast! (nocTifer)

 "sa avidya ya vimuktaye" -- "that which liberates is ignorance"

tyagi tzu
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