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CHLow: Dark/Light Neopaganism

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.pagan,talk.religion.misc,alt.religion.christian,alt.satanism
From: Clifford Low 
Subject: Re: CHLow: Dark/Light Neopaganism (Was Re: Dark roygbiv Light)
Date: 30 Dec 1995 15:39:39 GMT

In article  Mark Green, writes:
>> Er no.  They're Gods, which makes it all justified.  You see, they're 
>> _reallly_ just clearing away that which has to be cleared to provide for 
>> new growth, so you see, it's all _really_ positive, and not harmful at 
>> all, except to those that are mamed and die horribly, but that's probably 
>> due more to bad Karma on their part than anything else, so they probably 
>> deserve it, but it's all about growth and rebirth, really, and has 
>> nothing at all to do with evil or darkness.  That's just nonsense for 
>> Christians and simpletons....  *Retch.*
>This is arrant nonsense.  Seems to me that the place where many pagans
>part ways with self-styled satanists is that satanists seem to like the
>idea of destruction for no particular purpose.  Just for fun, or thrills. 

That sounds very nice, but you have no idea what you are talking about.
Besides, the fact that destruction is meaningless is half of the
equasion. It's what motivates humanity to generate structure in it's

Nevertheless, destruction for the purpose of fun is necessary,
acceptable, and a spirituality in itself. If you don't recognize that,
you don't see the big picture.

>Creation and destruction are processes of the universe--this much is
>clear.  When something is destroyed, something else arises in its place. 
>That may or may not be positive.  The loss of what is destroyed may or may
>not be positive.  But the underlying theme of the above paragraph would
>seem to be that "unless you're just digging destruction for it's own sake,
>you're not digging destruction."  A rather pointless philosophy, seems to
>me.  Is satanism, then, about means, rather than ends?
>> : I am pro scary destruction. 
>I rest my case.

The immediately above quote was me, the previous one you commented upon
was not. You are going to have to draw correlations a little more

>> On the contrary.  Teddy bear Gods _are_ a way of dealing with life.  It's 
>> called, among other things, "denial".
>This is a lens issue.  If you consider a view of life that doesn't see the
>universe as a hostile place where destructive acts are worthwhile for
>their own sake to be "denial", I pity you.

Well, my take on Teddy Bear gods is that they tend to make their
worshippers somewhat impotent. If Pan is just Fabio in a goatee- not the
god of rape, madness and chaos (like he originally was) all you'll get is
cotton candy good feelings and a hearty laugh from me. 

God of _this_ reality are mean and petty as well as inspiring. The Greeks
knew this- their gods were aspects of realistic experience. You have the
chiefmost of the gods, Zeus, a rapist and compulsive womanizer; not to
mention a pedophile abductor. Remember Ganymede? Zeus represented the
experience of power, at it's most wonderful and it's most abusive. Diana
was pure and wonderful, but also a total bitch. Remember Acteon? The
goddess of love had an affair with the god of war, cheating on her
honorable but ugly and undramatic husband. Remember Hephaestas? Remember

Gods which are pure pure pure are are descendants of Christianity; and
you can go have them if you want, but identify yourself as a revisionist
Christian and not a pagan like me. 


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