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ChaoSatan Interview

To: alt.antichristnet,alt.christnet.satanism,alt.satanism,alt.satannet
From: "the Daemon Egan" 
Subject: ChaoSatan (Holland) Interview
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 23:42:57 -0400

1) Introduce yourself a little bit,and who you represent

I am the Daemon Egan, High Priest of the First Church of Satan
based in Salem, Massachusetts (aka "Witch City")

2) A lot of people like to link or mix National Socialism with
satanic doctrine. Do you think this is wise, and what is the
difference between those beliefs, and what are the comparisions?

The Satanist upholds the standard of the strong. The third largest
political party in the United States to which I belong is the Libertarian
Party. Their platform advocates a sensible, natural, non-coercive
form of social darwinism. The party seeks to abolish taxes and
socially funded programs which aid the non-productive members of
our society. "Water is permitted to seek its own level."

In my country, members of the Nazi Party represent a small minority.
They are most certainly NOT the "brightest" or the "best" and are
usually poor, white and underclass - Nietzschean Overmen? I don't
think so! Many lack leadership qualities - the natural ability to "lead
by example."

The Nazis are largely christian, racist, homophobic and anti-semitic.
Those who claim to be "Satanists" are very confused, for they equate
strength with violence. In reality, they are vile, crippled, weak
individuals - they shall continue serving the true Masters - those who
dream, design and plan!

3) Do you see SATAN as a concrete being, a force or a reflection
of one's innerself?

All this and much more! The All Is One!!

4) The cosmos is created by someone/thing. But out of nothing there
came something, right? Is this nothing also something? A being, or is
there a being so strong, that it created itself, and then the rest?

Most likely, the true answer to this eternal question is far too complex
for our puny mortal minds to grasp or understand. Our scientists and
theorists have merely scratched the surface - there are more questions
than answers and the human brain continues to evolve.

One day we shall acquire a "direct conscious apprehension" of the
Universe and how it came to exist. New words will be added to our
lexicon to define that which is beyond words! I would like you to
imagine for a moment a child born into this world naturally "knowing"
that which others take for granted!

5) What do you think of the theory that the beginning of the cosmos
is also the end, which means is it going to start over again, like a

Yes, a circle. I envision the cosmos as a giant wheel. The Universe
has no beginning and it has no end - it's "creation" occured beyond
linear time.

6) There are material satanists, focused more on earthly things, and
spiritual satanists, already with their mind and soul on the other side.
In what category would you see yourself put in, or do you see
yourself as another kind of satanist?

I walk a fine line between the world of magic and reality.

7) How do you think your order can contribute to Satan and the cause?

By encouraging diversity and discouraging "stratification."

8) Tell the readers about the order's doctrine, views, rules etc.

a.) Encouraging exploration -- We encourage the exploration of
creativity, magic, personal development, and freedom from illusions
and dogmatic mental or emotional boxes. In accord with these aims,
this group respects the sanctity of the member's individual and
intellectual property, creative processes, style, and accomplishments.

b.) Discouraging group dogmatism, snobby posturing, and snide
one-upmanship -- We discourage judgmental, dogmatic, and
manipulative pressures.

c.) Understanding, tolerance, and realism -- We tolerate, understand,
or aim to understand individual expressions of anger, sex, and
breaking taboos, but we can agree to disagree. We are realistic
about the desire for vengeance against people who have harmed
oneself, one's belongings, or people or animal friends one cares

d.) Eradicating sick group dynamics -- We refuse to tolerate
destructive, psychologically damaging, abusive, controlling,
power-seeking, or manipulative games against any people in
this group in any way shape or form.

9) If one wants to join, what can he or she expect, and what do you
expect from him/her?

Besides the laminated business card and fancy certificate, they are
entered on our database and put in touch with local representatives -
that alone is worth the inexpensive registration fee!! Plus we have the
website, email list, message board and some reps will soon be
offering printed material (newsletters, 'zines, etc...)

We expect our clergy to be friendly towards newcomers - to be aware
that they show the world our public face. General members, witches
and warlocks, are encouraged to excel and be proud of what they do!
If a member makes his living as an accountant or garbage collector,
I say "Do it with style and passion!!" This is TRUE elitism - a positive
attitude is what separates the FCoS from satanic poseurs!

10) Have you got any reading material/publications which can be
obtained? Can you be reached on the internet?  Come explore our world!

11) If your order would rule the world, what would you change? How
would society look like?

We would defend the rights of our citizens. Drugs, prostitution, sodomy,
suicide and cannibalism would be legal. Murder, theft and robbery would
be illegal. Capital punishment by lethal injection would be administered.
Vital organs should be removed from those who kill and quickly shipped
to local hospitals for surgical transplant. I would call it our "take a
life, save a life" policy.

12) Do you think satanists should stay underground, or do you think
they should expose themselves like the christians do?

The witch trials ended long ago - Satanism should be public, not private.

13) Who do you see as allies, and who as enemies?

Those who embrace life are my friends.
Those who worship death are my enemies.

14) Do you think Satan and the forces of nature are working together
to rid the world of human scum?

Natural selection occurs whether we want it to or not.

15) What do you consider good and what evil? To satanists
satanism is good, and christianity evil, so is there a point of
calling something good or evil ?

Those who believe in "good and evil" are frightened by shadows.

16) Do you think the cosmos is being in balance on purpose? I
mean, light never seems to win, and darkness neither.

What you see is not dark/light or evil/good. The cosmos operates
on the principle of cause and effect. Yes, there is balance and
intelligence in the Universe.

17) I think every satanist can learn from another. A highly skilled
satanist/occultist can still learn from his adepts.  What do you think?

I agree. The process of teaching is the process of learning.

18) Do you agree to be a skilled occultist/satanist one must have
faith, patience, and know one's innerself?

And perseverance... yes!

19) Do you believe in ''the other side''? If not, why? If so, what do you
think you will encounter?

On the other side, you will find exactly what you expect because,
"thoughts are things."

20) I think being in this human fleshbounded body one can not develop
to what you really are. Your skills are being stopped by this body, or
something, so I see this as a learning process to get to the other side
prepared. What is your opinion about this?

It's not just preparation - it's a gradual process of conscious evolution
to more highly advanced life forms, more intelligent than our own!

21) What is the highest level you can achieve in your Order?

We purposely established a system that was not hierarchal. But we
are forming an infrastructure within our priesthood to avoid chaos.

22) What rituals are you into?

I use and teach the "word method" which is a very important foundation
and gateway to higher forms of magic.

23) What do you consider as the ultimate sacrifice?

Bearing a child, then loving, feeding, clothing and educating it.

24) Do you think the dinosaurs were extinct, so that humans could live
here? The theory goes, that if humans would live during the dinosaur
era, they would be the ones dying.

Yes. There is no coincidence - just fate and magic.

25) Books can be good for one's development, but is there not the
danger of copying too much? That one is not thyself, but merely a
copy of the author? Humans can be influenced so easily.

I agree - the "magic" of another is a deliberate insult to one's Self.

26) Do you think materialism and technology are stagnating today's
satanist? Where there not better times for us developing, like
medieval times, etc?

Things are no better and no worse. There are simply trade-offs
between magic and technology that one must accept!

27) SATAN represents?

In the Vedic (Tantric) tradition, the SAT (Being, The One) is
manifested from the TAN (Boundless Darkness, The All)
Therefore, we have Satan. Hail Satan! The All Is One!!

28) What other organizations are you affiliated to, and do you like to
cooperate, or rather stay in solitude?

No other affiliations. I feel as though I am enjoying the best of both -
group and solitary magic.

29) Satanists are individualists, so the best way to have an
organization is to unite individualists, or is mass control the solution?

Mass control eventually crushes individual expression and creativity.
The advances in WWII Germany after the depression were quite
impressive, but there were many casualties as well - political
scapegoats were flouted to polarize the masses.

30) Satan has so many names, is he the same as for instance
lucifer, belial etc, or do you consider them as different deities?
Men are supposed to be stronger then women, physically, is this
also true spiritually?

Again, there are trade-offs: women tend to be spiritually stronger.
And all the gods are of the god and all the goddesses are of the
goddess. The god and goddess are of the All and...
The All Is One. Hail Satan!

31) Anything left to say, thank you for your time, and good luck with
the path you are on now, HAIL!

May Our Dark Lord Shed His Infernal Blessings Upon You!

the Daemon Egan  (
High Priest, FCoS
The First Church of Satan
"Friendly Satanists... real people!!"
Read Satan's Bible Online! (under construction)

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