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Subject: Baphomet
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 09:53:31 GMT

50010821 VI! Hail Satan! Hail Baphomet!

#># Is it possible Baphomet is the collective anima for those drawn to 
#># the Sinister Path?
#> 'Baphomet is' begins the dogma. 
# I agree. Just throwing out an idea.

in which case I'll respond in full, throwing out more ideas. :>

'collective anima' implies a Jungian worldview where we may have 'collective'
anythings (many Jung fans don't know he was a Nazi who faked critical elements
of his work to support his probably fallacious expressions -- particularly
the data surrounding his 'Solar Phallic Man' and the lack of attention to
evidence incompatible with his thesis).

a 'collective anima' connotes a polar gender-association, regardless of the
gender of the human whose psyche we are considering. is (the?) Baphomet
decidely masculine/male or feminine/female? from the term's use as a call 
against Islam ("Baphometism/Mahometism/Muhammudism") in association with
the Knights Templar, it would seem decidely male (if but a head). as an
icon of alchemy and transgressive mysticism, it appears by Levi's hand to 
have gained at least some breast. as a neo-Gnostic sigil of Sulphur and 
Luciferian liberation (in Pike's "Morals and Dogma"), we may presume it
has more masculine than feminine characteristics. as the pseudonym for the
occultist and writer in a Rosicrucian ascension scheme with anti-Christian
overtones (Crowley), its symbolic monstrosity appears to doubly imply
masculine qualities (bearded man, rooster). its selection as a geometric
figure combining the symbolic and literal elements of goat (male) and
'Leviathan' (sea monster), its masculinity is difficult to neglect. and
as a Satanic goddess, She appears to have finally cast off her manly

'the Sinister Path' presumes a coherence and integrity which may not
actually exist beyond an aggregate qualitative similarity in the
material of focussed attention or imaginative vision (disintegrative,
corrosive, threatening, defensive, violent, etc.). not only this, but
different people react to and have results from exposure to this
material in sometimes quite different ways. one way to describe it is
from a hierarchical 'advancement' scheme (popular amongst those who 
wish to identify as 'Sinister' (/Left-Hand-Path/Satanist/etc.). LHP 
material is for the Adept, the advanced on the Path, the expert, etc.
another perspective on it accounts for variable approaches. the Path
of the Sinister corrodes those unready for its power and bolsters
those who are ready. the obvious third perspective seems conventional
to those outside affiliation with the LHP: it rots the brain, causes
insanity, corrodes the ethics, etc., of all who sustain contact with
it and is dangerous to the suggestible.

who are those drawn to the LHP? are they describable as a group, as
having similar characteristics, maturity, etc.? perhaps it would be
easier to speculate on the characteristics of those who truly
*benefit* from this Sinister exposure. identifying those who do and
those who do not benefit appears dependent upon one's position with
respect to the material. 

speaking personally, Baphomet does absolutely symbolize what I have
understood as the Satanic and quasi-personifiable. to me, the figure
of Baphomet is a composite of all polar knowledge categories, from
gender (SHe is dual-gendered) to species (being a combination of
many forms of living and imaginary beings in direct relation to dragons).

ultimately those who can accept and work with Baphomet are those most
adeptly suited to meeting any challenge set before them, having a
compassionate composure before forces and entities which seem bent
on the complete destruction of the adept (compare those who engage
ritual with Lovecraftian overtones and themes).

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