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Azazel, Scapegoat, Jewish Rites

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From: (nocTifer)
Subject: (Z) Azazel, Scapegoat, Jewish Rites (fwd)
Date: 26 Apr 1998 16:54:16 -0400

49980426 aa2 Hail Satan!

I found the text below quite interesting as it simultaneously
focusses on Azazel (earlier Semitic fertility god), Jung and
his psychological theories, and the Baphometic graphic which
may be found in tarot.  your comments are welcome.  please
cc any Usenet response to the author and I as we don't usually
read newsgroups.

blessed beast!
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~From: yodman 
~Subject: question on ancient Jewish ritual and relation to 
	 the Devil and Death

I read a book some time ago called *The Scapegoat Complex* by Sylvia
Brinton Perera.  This book is a Jungian analysis which uses material
from an ancient Jewish ritual sacrifice.  I know next to nothing about
this and have had to take her word on it though I would love to hear
some more knowledgable reflection.

According to her two goats are used in the ritual.  One is sent out into
the desert (collective unconscious) to carry the faults of the people to
Azazel which is described as a sort of Satanic figure which derived from
an earlier Semitic goat fertility god.  The other goat is slaughtered.
If I remember correctly there is specific instruction to dimember the
goat and spread the blood about.  Printon doesn't mention this but it
resonates from the same imagery I've seen in the Marseilles Death (and
some other Deaths including G.'. D.'.).

This reminds me of the placement of the Devil Trump on the path between
Tiphareth and Hod and the placement of Death on the path between
Tiphareth and Netzach.  In this respect the Devil could be seen as
archaic, undifferentiated (shadow) material and Death as the
transformed, differentiated material.  This has led to a new respect for
the Death images of a field with dismembered bodies (not to mention the
Adonis/Osiris/Dionysus connection).  I also thought it interesting the
some associate the sign of Capricorn with the Devil trump/path and some
versions of Cap. picture it as half goat and half fish which not only
underscores the undifferentiated aspect but includes the symbol for the
Hebrew letter some associate with Death, the fish.

So I'm wondering if any of the religiously studied on the list could
elaborate or refute Printon's understanding of the ritual.


Orig-To: nocTifer 
~From: yodman 
~Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998 04:00:14 -0500

I've been given the Chapter in Leviticus as a reference.  Of course I 
already had this information and I'm really looking for the unspoken 
"mythology" behind the practice.  At least half of the Hebrew biblical 
texts came from a goat-herding culture that had a pantheistic religion.  
Apparently a fertility god developed into an Angel named Azazel that 
had many of the characterictics we associate now with the image of 
Satan, goat-like characteristics:  horns, hairiness, cloven-hooves, 
goatee, etc..  I want to know how accurate the author is in 
portraying the ritual.


When you read the sacrifices in the Torah they are definitely spreading
a lot of blood around!
     I guess the next step would be to ask a Rabbi.


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 but I know that I'm going away tomorrow at dawn, ...."

"Le Aventure di Pinocchio"
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