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Apple and Not-So-Original Sin

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From: (SOD of CoE)
Subject: Apple and Not-So-Original Sin (Goodwill-Tarnishing by CoS, Apple Claims)
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 02:15:51 GMT

50010620 IV! om Hail Satan!

perhaps the Church of Satan will start publishing books by
Crowley using Apple Computers as their sponsors, dedicated
to the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, with an insignia
of a hand flipping the bird. would that be serving a 
liberated and open-minded (Satanic) press? when does legal
prosecution (e.g. in pursuit of one's ownership, reputation, 
and goodwill) become 'Satanic'?

blessed beast!

		service to Satan everywhere


	    "does Gilmore believe that the Biblical 
  	  apple is an apple in the conventional sense? 
	     or does he just 'think differently'?"

				--	nocTifer

[from ]
   Macworld Daily News
   Tuesday - June 12, 2001
   Apple gives satanists hell
   By Macworld staff
   Apple's legal team is in dispute with The Church of Satan.
   The church's webmaster is an avid Mac fan and had created
   parodies of Apple's Think Different advertising campaign,
   featuring cult leader Anton Szandor LaVey. The site also featured
   Apple's familiar Made with Macintosh Web badges and Apple logos,
   claims MacEvangelist.
   The images were maintained on the cult's site for two years.
   Apple, fearing the negative connotations of having its brand
   identity connected to the Church of Satan, forced it to cease
   using them.

   Not devil may care

   Apple's legal firm, Arent Fox, insisted the images be removed, on
   the grounds of trademark infringement. Its statement read: "Apple
   believes that your use of the Made With Macintosh and Think
   Different badges in this manner is likely to tarnish the goodwill
   associated with the Apple trademark."
   The Church contends that its Web site was built on a Mac, and
   that the cult's webmaster was proud of this. It also believes
   that Apple's 'Think Different' slogan is close to its own
   beliefs, arguing that the company's decision to force the Church
   to remove the images is tantamount to a suppression of belief.
   Cult webmaster Peter Gilmore said: "View with fresh perspective
   the company which introduced its Macintosh using a lengthy
   commercial dramatizing an athletic young woman smashing the grey
   visage of an Orwellian dictator on a video screen. She burst
   through the ragged, shuffling hordes, a vision of Satanic
   splendor, and refused to submit to conformity.
   "If we were making this again today, the face on the screen could
   be that of Steve Jobs, and Apples lawyers might be huddling
   amongst the masses, only moving away from the crowd to stick out
   a foot in an attempt to trip the heroine on her dash towards the
   promotion of independent thought."

   Evil logo

   Gilmore added spookily: "It is also amusing to us that this
   company uses as a corporate logo an apple with a bite taken from
   it, which certainly appears to be a reference to that other
   famous apple. We have not forgotten that forbidden fruit, which
   would impart knowledge of Good and Evil, offered to Eve in that
   mythical garden by none other than the serpent, an avatar of
   Satan himself. Is it not then strange that they seem to fear the
   admiration of the Church of Satan? As Anton LaVey himself would
   have said, 'They want to dance, but their feet wont let them' ."

hail satan

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