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Type	Name		Name to call    	Branch/Profession
Angel	Abbadon 			        'Avenging Angel'

Demon	Apnp		        		ArchDemon		
Demon	Mephistopheles				ArchDemon		
Demon	Nask		        		ArchDemon		
Demon	Tat					ArchDemon		
Demon						ArchDemon		
Demon	ABCDEF=85.				
Demon	Adxs			
Demon	Afgb		Agb			
Demon	Akatar					
Demon	Alaynin 				'Destroyer of Things'
Demon	Andar				
Demon	Anubis					Head Ferry'er & Judge	
Demon	Aoc					Spy	
Demon	Apophis						
Demon	Aries					War & Strife	
Demon	Asar					
Demon	Asar			
Demon	Atamas					Sleep Master		
Demon	Ayara						
Demon	Ayqf				
Demon	Ayrotan				
Demon	Azabua						
Demon	Azathoth	Azagthoth					
Demon	Azazel					'Knowledge Reader'	
Demon	Bahl		Bile			Hell Protector	
Demon	Beelzebub				Prince of Demons	
Demon	Beezlebub				Incubus	
Demon	Belial					Incubus			
Demon	Bia			
Demon	Bjoh					Judge of Fathers	
Demon	Card					'Secret'	
Demon	Chronzon				
Demon	Creb Fad				Head Assassin			
Demon	Creb Moc				Teacher Assassin	
Demon	Creb Rahak				Teacher Assassin	
Demon	Creb Xat				Head Assassin			
Demon	Daga				
Demon	Fash					Destiny\Fate	
Demon	Fermefefe						
Demon	Geb - Shal				Assassin			
Demon	Gilgamesh	Huwawa					
Demon	Glowbx						
Demon	Gortegag				Assassin			
Demon	Half						
Demon	Homod					Head Assassin			
Demon	Hyskel					'Egja'			
Demon	Iak Sakkak				Watcher of the Gates
Demon	Ibego						
Demon	Joja						
Demon	Kalb Lasce					
Demon	Kingu					Once Leader of Devils	
Demon	Lakaj ('To kill')			Cthulu's Messenger	
Demon	Lusx		Lucex					
Demon	Malak				
Demon	Marduk					Lord of White Magicians
Demon	Mars				
Demon	Master Enki				'Mnk'			
Demon	Maupt				
Demon	Morata					
Demon	Nard					Ra's #1 Security	
Demon	Natasha					1st Demon Wife			
Demon	Naya				
Demon	Nergal					'Portal Master'/Gate Keeper
Demon	Novar					Death 
Demon	Novar					Death 
Demon	Okelon					'Secrets'
Demon	Ovex					Army Trainer			
Demon	Panmor						
Demon	Pickullus				Messenger	
Demon	Qac				
Demon	Qad				
Demon	Qah					Assistant to Xax	
Demon	Qapb					'Secret'	
Demon	Qstr					Surveys		
Demon	Quab		Q			Prankster	
Demon	Quixt						
Demon	Ragnarok				Oracle Tree	
Demon	Rara					'Rard'
Demon	Rard					'Secret'
Demon	Rdjab					
Demon	Roq				
Demon	Ryaesyn					
Demon	Sahax		Old One 		'Forbidden Leader'
Demon	Sereca					'Secret'
Demon	Sese					War & Strife	
Demon	Seth		Set			'Ruler Of Hell'
Demon	Smoyax				
Demon	Solxs				
Demon	Surgat				
Demon	TA					Apprehender			
Demon	Teras		Obetarap		Fighter			
Demon	Tiamat					Gate Keeper #1	
Demon	Uaq					'Secret'
Demon	Uayc 					Searcher	
Demon	Vae					'Portal Keeper'
Demon	Vara				
Demon	Veard					War & Strife	
Demon	Velak					'Tase'
Demon	Wadac					'Board Keeper'
Demon	Ware					'Secret'
Demon	Xamm				
Demon	Xastur						
Demon	Xatc						
Demon	Xava						
Demon	Xerf		X			Succubus			
Demon	Yax					Assassin	
Demon	Yog-Sothoth				'Trial Judge of Forbidden'
						    /Demon head of Devils
Demon	Zaqd				
Demon	Zaxas 		Yax						
Demon	Zayax				
Devil	Cthulu		Cuthulu, Kutulu		Varies	
Devil	Estella						
Devil	Laos		Yog-S 			Messenger		
Devil	Master Qasa				Assassin 	
Devil	Namtar					Sorcerer			
Devil	Reftu					Informant		
Devil	Shub-Niggurath	Ishnigarrab					
Devil	XY		XY			

FAng	Asmodeous				Arch Fallen/Overseer	
FAng	Azriel					Arch Fallen/'Black Angel'
FAng	Cyrmon		Hades			Arch Fallen
						     /'Personnel Manager'
FAng	Lucifer					Arch Fallen/Ruler of Hell
FAng	Satan		Satan			Arch Fallen/Tempter	
FAng	Shemhazai				Arch Fallen/Fallen Angel
FAng	Astaroth				Treasure	
FAng	Chronzon					


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