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Anton LaVey's view of

To: alt.magick
From: (Michael Freedman)
Subject: Re: Anton LaVey's view of
Date: 14 Nov 94 16:55:51 GMT

 -=> Quoting Balanone to All <=-
 D> Having just read Anto LaVey view of what satan is I was
 D> woundering what other  people thought of it.

Here is a summary of that part of the world view of the western order 
of ceremonial magicians to which I belong that includes our view of 
the Force or Being which is sometimes called Satan.

There are two flows which together comprise that which is:
The evolutionary or constructive flow;
The involutionary or destructive flow.

At the organic level, 
anabolism, the process of building the organism;
and katabolism, the process of breaking down the organism,
together comprising metabolism.

The traditions of the Order include the following Statement. 
I should point out that in this tradition, a Statement
is not some creed or article of faith or even a proposition to be debated,
but is more like a riddle or koan to be meditated upon.
Whether you formally agree or disagree with a Statement is of little import, 
Statements are designed to stimulate your awareness.

This statement is couched in terms that make a comment on the 
Fundamentalist view of Satan, as an Enemy,, and presents a view that is more
in accord with the ancient view of Satan as Adversary than the later dualist
view which popular Judaism and Christianity borrowed from Zoroastrianism.

Here is the Statement concerning Satan:

"Satan is the servant of the One Most High,
but his work is not our work.
Satan's work is to destroy;
Humanity's work is to build
and to build so well and on such a sure foundation
that it cannot be destroyed.
The Work of the Lords of Other Worlds is none of our business;
we do nothing about such things unless they are under our noses stinking."

There have been many pages of commentary written about statements such as 
this. Its implications for our attitude towards evil are considerable.
The statement on Satan makes the following assumptions

1. Destruction is not evil; it is part of the process of existence.
2. Humans' work is constructive  rather than destructive.
    The principle is: If you must chop down a tree to build a house, 
    plant two trees to replace it."
3. Evil enters into the picture when, and only when, human beings
   human beings *consciously and deliberately* involve themselves in 
   destructive behaviour.

In this scenario, Satan is a personification, an anthropomorphism.
Another name for him is very appropriately Lucifer, the Light Bearer.

"When the One Limitless Light blew itself apart to become the Many;
this was the archetypal, primordial act of destruction.
Thus he who bears the names Lucifer Sundalfon 
[which means The Lightbearer with a Brother] is termed the Elder Brother.
The younger brother is Yahuel Metatron, 
[The one who Is, the Mighty one, whirling and dancing Before the Throne].
The work of Yahuel Metatron, who at another level is the Mighty Archangel
of Spirit, is to gather together the Infinite Chaos of separated sparks 
of Light into ever more comprehensive and harmonious patterns 
of Light and Life and Love, until the many are again the One, 
and knows itself to be the One."

Lest anyone think that the phrase "Light and Life and Love" is some pious,
bland, "new age" expression: In Hebrew, its measure is 300, which is Fire.
Light refers to pure energy, Life to energy manifesting organically,
Love to energy manifesting itself consciously. We must use a material
metaphor, for we communicate within the material sphere.

Does this throw some light on the nature of Satan, Dagon?

Be blessed as you walk in the Way of the Great Work of lifting all
living beings to full awareness of Light and Life and Love.
Michael the freed man.

... Three Watchwords for the New Age: Community, Compassion, Co-operation.
___ Blue Wave/QWK v2.12

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