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                           THE ALT.SATANISM FAQ
last major revision; July 20, 1994

     This file is for all new readers of alt.satanism.

     Many groups of a `controversial' nature have noticed that new
     readers often come up with the same questions, misstatements or
     misconceptions and post them to the net.  The purpose of this
     file is to prevent continual restatement of previously debated--
     often several times debated--topics.

     This isn't to say that these things are not subject to further
     debate.  It is to say that these things *have* been considered by
     the readers here.  If you have something significant to add to
     the debate on a particular topic then please do post.

     Contributors to date are:
          Semhaza (The Antichrist)
          Shaitaneth Baphomet (The Adversary)
          Graeme Wilson
          Peggy Nadramia
          Frater (I) Nigris (666)
          Lupo the Butcher


     Frequently Asked "Questions" of Alt.Satanism:

     1.   What is Satanism?
     2.   What is _The Satanic Bible_?
     3.   Satanic Organizations?
      3.1  The Church of Satan  
      3.2  The Order of the Left Hand Path
      3.3  The Order of Nine Angles
      3.4  The Fraternity of Baelder
     4.   Satan is a Christian God!
          You aren't Satanists, just nasty atheists!
     5.   Aren't Satanists ritualistic baby murderers?
     6.   Do Satanists have orgies?  If so, where do I sign up?
     7.   What is Xian?  COS?  TOS?  TSB?  OT?  NT?
          Do you say "Xian" rather than "Christian" in order to insult
     8.   Have you considered the message of _The Bible_?
     9.   For the Christians among us:  should you feel inclined to preach.
          You are all going to hell.
          Jesus saves!
          [As regards Christian evangelism, see the alt.atheism FAQ (found
	  in news.answers)]
     10.  Satanic Music?
     11.  What is a Black Mass?
     12.  How can I get more information about Satanism?
     13.  Where can I get suplies?


1.   What is Satanism?
     At first glance this may look like a simple question to answer:  "Go
     look it up in the dictionary." would seem to be straightforward
     enough.  In fact, I'll do it for you:

          Satanism, n.  1.  the worship of Satan or the powers of
          evil.  2.  a travesty of Christian rites in which Satan
          is worshipped.  3.  diabolical or satanic disposition,
          behavior, or action.

     [from _Webster's Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English
     Language_, (c) 1989]

     Unfortunately it's not that easy.  There is no one set of beliefs that
     comprise Satanism.  Because there is no set of doctrines or scriptures
     agreed upon by a majority of Satanists, would-be practitioners must
     define their beliefs for themselves, based upon a minimum of shared
     information.  The issue is further confused by the fact that,
     historically, most records of real or imagined Satanism have been made
     by Satanists' traditional enemies, Christians.  However a few
     generalizations can be made:  the average Satanist disagrees with much
     of Christianity, believes in no absolute moral code, and places
     emphasis on the individual and personal rights.  If you think this
     sounds like Libertarianism, you're right; many Satanists consider
     themselves Libertarians or feel close to the party on social issues.
     The one unifying theme among the Satanisms is the last of the three 
     definitions; one can say with some certainty that all Satanisms and
     Satanists have diabolical or satanic dispositions in that they are
     "like Satan." They possess the virtues of antinomianism, self-reliance,
     rebellion and adversarialism.

     There are several divisions one could make as to the belief systems of
     various "Satanic" groups. This (arbitrary) division was included to point
     out various currents or influences in modern day satanism rather than 
     an attempt at categorization. 
          1.  The Dabblers:  adopt Satanic trappings for a brief
          period of time, usually for entertainment rather than
          serious purposes. Many modern youths fall into this category.

          2. Churches of Satan: are patterned after the teachings of
          Anton LaVey. These groups believe in individualism, gratification
          of the ego, self-reliance and the ideal of the Nietzchean Superman.
          These groups use Magick as a tool for earthly power. They see
          Satan as the driving force behind achievment in mankind. 

          3. Gnostics: can be divided into two major categories 
          3a. Promethian Gnostics: Believe in a literal "Satan", but believe 
          that the creator of the world (Jehovah) is the evil deity. Satan is
          seen as the "bringer of light"; a beneficient god. This is an old
          "heresy" seen in groups such as the Yezidis.
          3b.  Dark Gnostics:  Worship the dark force in nature. These groups
          follow the whims of a capricious god, which most westerners would
          see as being "evil." There are a few historical christian heresies
          which would fall into this category. Kali worshippers could also
          be categorized here.

          4.  Secondary Satanists:  follow a faith outside the Christian
          mainstream. Most would not consider themselves as being "Satanic"
          and strictly speaking should not be defined as satanists (as per se
          with some of the Gnostic groups), but the ignorant often categorize
          them as Satanists. Voodoun and Santiera could be grouped here, as
          could medeaval wicca (if it actually existed). Certain forms of
          Tantric Buddism could also be placed in this category.
          5. Hellfire Clubs: Were a phenomenon of the 18th century. The
          first of these was founded by the Duke of Wharton in the early
          1700's. Most infamous was sir Francis Dashwood's Medmenham club
          (Often incorrectly called the hellfire club). Dashwood was a
          close freind of Benjamin Franklin, who may have been a member of
          this group. Franklin's description of the Medmeham club's
          secret chambers is one of the few we have, so his membership seems
          likely. In any case, Dashwood and Franklin co-authored the "Franklin
          Prayer Book" (often called the Book of Common Prayer) which is 
          commonly used in America. Another famous member of the Medmanham club
          was the Earl of Sandwich, inventor of (guess what) the Sandwich.
          Hellfire clubs were exclusive groups dedicated to much political
          intrigue, partying, and some occasional occult activities.

	  6. Romantic/Promethean Satanists
	  Literary/historical "Satanists" -William Blake, Charles Baudelaire,
          Maupertin, Lautremont and Gabriele D'Annunzio.
          7. Left-Hand Path Pagans
          There are several European groups, most of them consisting of small
          "covens" of several people, that are or could be considered
          Satanists. Two of the larger of these groups are Balder and the
          Order of Nine Angles (ONA). These groups allegedly have longer
          traditions, and "more authentic" origins (whatever that might mean).
          ONA is especially fond of calling itself the "traditional Satanists."
          These groups tend to have more "extreme" views than the others 
          mentioned, and have little, if any authoritarian structure. Some
          allege these groups do not exist, but they answer my mail.          

2.   What is _The Satanic Bible_?

     _The Satanic Bible_ is a book describing the philosophy of Anton
     LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan.  This organization holds the
     view that there is no higher god than oneself, and that one should
     worship accordingly.  Life is the Great Indulgence and Death is the
     Great Abstinence, as there is no afterlife.  The basic ideas of _The
     Satanic Bible_ are laid out in the Nine Satanic Statements:

          1.  Satan represents indulgence, instead of abstinence!

          2.  Satan represents vital existence, instead of
          spiritual pipe dreams!

          3.  Satan represents undefiled wisdom, instead of
          hypocritical self-deceit!

          4.  Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it,
          instead of love wasted on ingrates!

          5.  Satan represents vengeance, instead of turning the
          other cheek!

          6.  Satan represents responsibility to the responsible,
          instead of concern for psychic vampires!

          7.  Satan represents man as just another animal,
          sometimes better than, more often worse than those that
          walk on all fours, who, because of his "divine
          spiritual and intellectual development," has become the
          most vicious animal of all!

          8.  Satan represents all of the so-called sins, as they
          all lead to physical, mental, or emotional

          9.  Satan has been the best friend the church has ever
          had, as he has kept it in business all these years!

(getting it)
     _The Satanic Bible_ can be found (in America) in most chain bookstores
     in the New Age, Philosophy, or Religion sections.
     Many non-U.S. readers have written that _The Satanic Bible_ is not
     available in their country for various reasons. I suggest dealing with
     The Abyss bookstore (Address & phone# listed at the end of the FAQ) or
     writing/phoning the publisher directly. (Special thanx to the Italian
     fellow who came up with these addresses & phonenumbers)

  Avon Books
  1350 Ave. of the Americas, 2nd Fl.
  New York, NY10019
  TEL.: 212-261-6800
  TOLL FREE: 800-238-0658

  Ordering info:
  Dist by: Hearst Corp., International Circulation Div
  New York, NY 10019
  TEL.: 212-649-4474
  TOLL FREE: 800-223-0288

  Orders to:
  P.O. Box 767
  Dresden, TN 38225
  TOLL FREE: 800-223-0690

(about it)
  Members of a certain group have noticed that much of the Satanic Bible is
  plagiarized from various sources; the above-quoted "Nine Satanic Statements"
  are condensed from a passage in Ayn Rands _Atlas Shrugged_; the "Book of 
  Satan" is plagiarized from Ragnar Redbeards _Might is Right_, and the
  "Enochian Keys" are taken from Crowleys work. Considering these 'borrowed'
  passages, one might wonder about the other prose, which is often similar
  (in tone if not execution) to the writings of Ambrose Bierce or Mark Twain.
3.   Satanic Organizations?

  Some may be interested in joining some kind of organization of like minded
  individuals. Most Satanists will agree that organizations are best when 
  least intrusive on the individual, and would recommend caution in joining
  or associating with any group, including (and perhaps especially) those 
  mentioned in the FAQ. Some useful "common sense" cautions for the potential
  neophyte Satanist; Don't let anyone tell you what to believe, or what to do. 
  Advice or recommendations are one thing; orders or commands quite another.
  Remember that you are a free being, not a pawn in someones power fantasy.
  Trust your feelings; if you feel you may be the victim of a working of Lesser
  Black Magick, you probably are (in some sense).
  It is important to realize that all organizations, Satanic and otherwise,
  are _dangerous_; by their very nature they have more available physical, 
  economic  and psychological resources than the individual who would interact 
  with them, hence one should exercise caution in ones dealings with
  any organization or one could find oneself with less freedom, a destroyed
  reputation, legal troubles, or worse.
  With this in mind; several of the more important Satanic organizations:

 3.1 The Church of Satan 

     The Church of Satan can be contacted at:

          Church of Satan
          P.O. Box 210082
          San Francisco, CA 94121

     $100 will get you a lifetime membership.  

     Some people question whether the term "Satanism" is appropriate for
     the Church's beliefs, due to its atheistic stance.  Since the Church
     has been in existence for over 20 years its definition is probably
     here to stay, although it isn't the only definition.

     The ideas and philosophy of the Church of Satan may be best discerned 
     by reading _The Satanic Bible_ by Anton Szandor LaVey (Avon Books, New 
     York, NY).

     In modern parlance, the Church of Satan may be called a user-driven
     organization. Members are involved and advanced exactly as their own
     desires, abilities and accomplishments dictate. There are no set  
     activities, meetings or contacts. The new member comes to the
     organization, ideally, with his own goals and plans for achieving
     them; he presents them to us and is directed in the way that would be
     most mutually beneficial. We're not looking for people who join and
     want us to "put on a show," taking them by the hand, introducing them
     to their new friends, telling them what time to show up for the
     weekly get-together and what to wear. Satanists are not put in
     contact automatically, or by geographical proximity; this has been
     tried and found a failure. True elitists are by their nature very
     individualistic and neighboring members won't necessarily have
     anything in common; "just being Satanists together" isn't enough.
     When we observe members making advances on their own in their chosen
     fields of endeavor, we will put them in contact with other members
     running on the same track; We've watched this happen many times and am
     pleased and proud to say the results are magical. There are also
     members who are satisfied simply to join and be counted among the
     adherents to a philosophy that best embodies their own true nature.

     An excellent introduction to the philosophies of the Church of Satan 
     is available at in  pub/satanism/General/what_is
  is the CoS online representative.

 3.2  The Order of the Left Hand Path

        The Ordo Sinistra Vivendi (OSV), formerly the Order of the Left 
Hand Path (OLHP) is a non-sectarian, non-dogmatic forum of philosophers 
and occultists. It was started in New Zealand a number of years ago by 
Faustus Scorpius. The purpose of the OSV, as per the Order's constitution, 
is as follows:

     1. The OSV is an elitist Satanic Order existing to:
        (a) Develop and actualize the full potential and inner qualities
            of each indiviual initiate;
        (b) Herald the dawn of human Self-godhood, within the context of
            a Faustian Civilization.

        OSV publish a quarterly magazine called _The Heretic_ (a 
combination of two former magazines, _The Watcher_ and _The Realist_).
They also publish a wide variety of literature, including the _Liber 
Diabolus_ (which contains the Order's main rituals, _The Covenant of
Samyaza_ - a reworking of _The Book of Enoch_, and various philosophical
essays by Faustus Scorpius).
        The OSV operate 3 degrees (via correspondence), Neophyte, Adept,
and Priest/ess. The Neophyte and Adept courses are fairly simple and are
mainly to assist in determining what sort of person is seeking affiliation.
Entry into the priesthood by an Adept is at the invitation of the Magister
only, in order to keep membership standards high.
        A great deal of emphasis is placed on the Nietzschean concept of
'Self-Overcoming' as the basis of individual self-realization.
        Contact points are being set up in all the main centres in New
Zealand: Wellington (The Capital of NZ), Auckland, Christchurch and Dunedin.
        The OSV welcomes all sincere seekers after wisdom undefiled and
students of those hidden depths of the human psyche and cosmos which may
properly be called 'occult'. 

For all enquiries write to:

                              P.O. Box 38-262
                              New Zealand

Or send netmail to:
           Fidonet: Graeme Wilson @ 3:770/510

[Note: The OSV has archived material at

 3.3 The Order of Nine Angles 

        The Order of Nine Angles (ONA), based in England, are probably the
most controversial Satanic group that is around at present. Their aims and
intents, and indeed their teachings, seem to me misunderstood and perhaps
feared by many people, including some other Satanic groups.
        The ONA claim the title of 'traditional Satanists' and claim to
have been around for well over one hundred years. The system they follow is
known as the Septenary tradition, 'the seven-fold Way'.
        'Physis' is divided into seven stages, which represent the varying
degrees of insight attained; the stages representing Initiation, Second
Degree Initiation, External Adept, Internal Adept, Master/Mistress (or High
Priest/Priestess), Magus, and Immortal. Much of the work is very practical.
        A great and refreshing aspect to ONA is 'The Star Game' which has
three main functions:
        (1) Development of higher levels of consciousness.
        (2) A new form of magickal working for the 21st Century and beyond.
        (3) Development of certain 'magickal' skills, aiding mindfullness,
            concentration and visualization.

Some ONA literature:

        The Black Book of Satan (Volumes 1 - 3)
        Naos - A Practical Guide to Modern Magick
        Hostia (Volumes 1 -3)
        Hysteron Proteron - Inner teachings of the ONA
        The Sinister Tarot - 21 full color representations of the
                                        major Arcana
        The Satanic Letters of Stephen Brown (Volumes 1 - 2)
        The Deofel Quartet:
                Volume i. Falcifer, Lord of Darkness
                Volume ii. Temple of Satan
                Volume iii. The Giving
                Volume iv. The Greyling Owl
        The Self-Immolation Rite (Audio Cassette) - Pathworking
        Fenrir - Journal of Satanism & The Sinister

Whatever rumours are told about the ONA one should check them out for
themselves. Whether you agree with them or not, they certainly live up to
the name 'Satanists'.

Anyone interested in the above should contact:

                                Rigel Press
                                PO Box 235

(Note: the ftp site has two files written by the ONA;
pub/religion/satanism/General/introduction and ~/t21sp)

3.4 The Fraternity of Baelder

The Fraternity of Baelder section is under construction pending new 
4.   Satan is a Christian God!
     You aren't Satanists, just nasty atheists!

     Most (probably all) religions have gods or demons that represent the
     principle of adversity:  that which is forbidden by society.  Satan is
     one among these, originally conceived by the Hebrews long before the
     birth of Jesus.  The name first appears (in _The Bible_, at any rate)
     in the book of Job.  Satan was a fallen angel, not a god, in the
     monotheistic religions of Christianity and Islam.

     "Satan" is understood by most Satanists in a context different than
     that of Christian theology.  Satan is a powerful archetype, to the
     Euro-American Usenet majority at least, bringing to mind such things
     as sexuality, power, individualism and control over one's destiny. 
     The Satanist can choose what s/he likes from the varied portrayals of
     Satan, and may add principles of adversity from other cultures as

5.   Aren't Satanists ritualistic baby murderers?

     Some misleading reports exist about Satanists:  they are organized
     into nationwide cults; they commit ritual murders on a grand scale;
     they raise their children with psychological disorders; they kidnap
     people for blood sacrifice; they organize day-care centers and abuse
     the children placed in their care.  A whole class of books exists
     detailing the exploits of these Satanic groups.

     The problem with all these works is that they are fictional rather
     than truthful accounts.  Much is claimed based on scanty evidence that
     would be better explained by another scenario.  Claims of involvement
     with Satanism are made by patients under hypnosis (hypnotized subjects
     are notorious for their suggestibility and tendency to produce
     fictions).  Other "former Satanists" distort the truth in search of
     attention and money.  These sensationalists never go to the police
     regarding the criminal activities they allegedly took part in, which
     calls the veracity of their claims and the sincerity of their remorse
     into question.

     Evidence does not exist to support what is said to occur.  If the
     number of murders said to be committed by Satanists was accurate, some
     bodies should have been found by now.  While means have been suggested
     by which bodies could be concealed, it stretches the imagination to
     believe that every body has been successfully hidden thus.  Evidence
     in other areas is similarly lacking.

     Individuals investigating suspected Satanic crimes misinterpret what
     they find to fit their expectations.  The _Necronomicon_, published by
     Avon Books, is used as an authoritative guide to Satanic practices. 
     Yet few Satanists take the book seriously in any way, and none follow
     it to the letter.  This and other things lead some non-Satanists to
     see what simply is not there.

     The observant reader may note that there have been a few crimes linked
     to Satanism.  In all cases the criminal(s) worked alone with no
     connections to other groups.  Some cases have been publicized by the
     media as being related to Satanism when in fact they involve another
     religion, as in the Matamoros case, which involved some elements of
     Palo Mayombe (an African religion), and some rituals taken from popular
     motion pictures.

     The lesson to be learned is that although a book may appear in the
     "Non-fiction" section of a bookstore, that doesn't make it so.

     There is a copy of an FBI report on "occult crime" archived
     at pub/religion/satanism/Crime/satanic_crime 
     which shows what the FBI thinks of the claims of fundamentalists.
     There is also a good file on the subject at the same site 

     The most definative book to date on the topic of rumors of Satanic
     cults involved in ritual murder/abuse is
     _Satanic Panic; the Creation of a Contemporary Legend_ by Jeffry
     S. Victor. Open Court Press, 1992

6.   Do Satanists have orgies?  If so, where do I sign up?

     Hmmm...I trust that some do, but I have been unable to locate any as
     of yet. 

7.   What is Xian?  COS?  TOS?  TSB?
     Do you say "Xian" rather than "Christian" in order to insult

     Some users in this and other newsgroups find themselves discussing
     Christianity frequently.  In order to cut down on keystrokes they type
     "Xian" and "Xianity" rather than the longer versions.  A few users may
     intend it partly as a slur, but most do it only for convenience.  The
     abbreviation itself is far from insulting; it is accepted and used by
     many Christians including (I am told) the Pope.

     A few other abbreviations occur frequently in this newsgroup.  They
     are normally defined in a conversation, but here they are for your

          CoS = Church of Satan
          CS  = Church of Satan
          ToS = Temple of Set
          TS  = Temple of Set
          TSB = _The Satanic Bible_
          OT  = Old Testament
          NT  = New Testament
          OLHP = Order of the Left Hand Path
          OSV = Ordo Sinistra Vivendi
          ONA = Order of the Nine Angles

8.   Have you considered the message of _The Bible_?

     Yes.  Most Satanists, along with most other members of Western
     cultures, are familiar with the teachings of Christianity and many
     have read _The Bible_ or part of it.  They simply consider _The Bible_
     to be false and disregard it much like Christians would disregard
     books which represent the foundation of another religion.  Attempting
     to discuss Christianity will, in most cases, only get you flamed and
     not inform the Satanist of "something they didn't know".  If you are
     still tempted to post about _The Bible_ because you feel that we may
     have missed an important point, I suggest you seek out and read the
     alt.atheism FAQ (found in news.answers) before proceeding.  Many of 
     its points are applicable to alt.satanism.

9.   For the Christians among us:  should you feel inclined to preach.
     You are all going to hell.
     Jesus saves!

     Quite often, members of fundamentalist Christian groups see fit to
     post various evangelical messages in alt.satanism.  The reason for
     this is not clear.  It has been suggested by various members of this
     net, who I shall lump under the convenient category of "Satanist,"
     that the reason for this posturing is that many (perhaps most)
     Born-Again Christian types are closet masochists.  It has also been
     suggested that Christians need to save a certain number of souls to
     get a good seat in paradise, similar in spirit to selling candy-bars
     or magazines to fund various extra-curricular activities in school. 
     Presumably Satanist souls, being sold to the devil already, are worth
     more points.
          While these theories have some merit, considering the teachings
     of their (allegedly) chosen religion, an attempt should be made to be
     open-minded enough to see their side of things.
          Many Christians, when asked why they do this, respond something
     to the effect that it is charity, something they do out of the
     goodness of their hearts, out of concern for people etc. etc.  Well,
     if the Christian is really concerned with people, why not preach to
     those who have not heard the message?  Most "Satanists" are well
     acquainted with the messages of Christianity.  They have been preached
     to ad infinitum, and are fed up with it.  That is part of the reason
     they are Satanists instead of plain old agnostics.  Many Satanists are
     angered by such posts, and justifiably so.

     Now consider this:
          You will never convert a Satanist over USENET.  You either
               1) are too infuriating;
               2) look like a fool.

          There is NO logical reason to convert to Christianity.  The only
     appeals are to the emotions, and as stated before they either look
     foolish or infuriating.  Things like, "But Jesus LOVES you; he died
     for your sins!" or "Your soul is in danger!" are appeals to guilt and
     fear respectively; not reason.  As most Satanists have chosen this
     path out of reason, these appeals will never work.  As for those
     Satanists who are so for emotional reasons, their minds are as closed
     as that of the Born-again Christian.  Perhaps, if indeed preaching is
     done for humanitarian, and not egotistical or masochistic reasons,
     your energies are better spent educating those who know little of your
     faith: those born atheistic, communists, buddhists etc.  If, as
     suspected, your purposes are more egotistical (look reverend; I
     converted a Satanist!) forget it.  There are no "lost souls," waiting
     to be found in this community.
          For the masochistically inclined, we suggest self-flagellation. 
     It costs less disk space, is probably more satisfying, and is
     certainly less offensive to the general public.

     ISHTAR!!!!!!!!!  XILKA XILKA!  BESA BESA!  go away already...

10.  Satanic Music

This section under construction   

11.  What is a Black Mass?

 Ba> Permit me to provide some education concerning the Satanic use of the
 Ba> Black Mass.
 Ba> 1) Anyone can perform any ritual at any time. The Catholic Church
 Ba> requires the celebrant of any mass to be a Priest of that Church.
 Ba> Satanism doesn't recognize any of the rules or expectations of the
 Ba> Catholics (or any group of Christians), and so they don't care who
 Ba> might happen to be the celebrant.
 Ba> 2) When looked at as black theatre in today's strongly Christianized
 Ba> society, the black mass is a fun ritual. I participated in one years
 Ba> ago, as a Halloween presentation, before an audience. The three of us
 Ba> doing most of the "work" in the ritual had read up on it a little, but
 Ba> only one of us had any Catholic background (I have no Christian
 Ba> background at all, having been raised Jewish, and the third one had
 Ba> been raised Mormon; none of us had reached any level of clergy or even
 Ba> near-clergy in any traditional religion). The living altar was not a
 Ba> Satanist, and sought her part only for the experience and showmanship
 Ba> (she was the hostess of the party at which the play was offered). None
 Ba> of the rest of the audience was Satanic, and a goodly number were
 Ba> Christians of one sort or another. The presentation bothered three of
 Ba> the audience strongly enough that they walked out.  The others may have
 Ba> been bothered a little (good theatre does try to reach into people),
 Ba> but they generally enjoyed the presentation, and had no problem talking
 Ba> with us about it afterwards.
 Ba> 3) The personal black mass happens to be a very strong ritual used by
 Ba> many to leave their Catholic backgrounds behind. The individual
 Ba> involved must be the primary celebrant, doing whatever is necessary
 Ba> to break free of the chains and shackles of the religion being left
 Ba> behind.
 Ba> 4) There is no devil worship in any Satanic black mass. Except for
 Ba> some examples of the theatre I mention in item 2 above, every modern
 Ba> Satanic black mass that I've read about (including the detailed texts
 Ba> of several) or heard about centers on freeing the individual from the
 Ba> shackles of Christianity, and on denying any value to the so-called
 Ba> Jesus Christ, to the point of ridicule and derision. None of them have
 Ba> any significant reference to Satan, devil, or demon at all, under any
 Ba> name.

12.  How can I get more information about Satanism?

[Lupo's note; in addition to the sites mentioned above /pub/caw/Info/mage-guide2 has the mages guide to the Internet,
which is an excellent resource pub/weirdness directory has the latest version
of "High Weirdness by E-Mail" -also an excellent resource]
Recommended Reading:

(technical stuff/true satanism)
     _The Satanic Bible_, by Anton Szander LaVey, Avon Books, 1969. 
          Presents the Satanic views and doctrines of the Church of Satan,
          along with an introduction to its rituals.

     _The Compleat Witch_ (the new edition is called _The Satanic Witch_), 
       by Anton LaVey, Lancer Books, 1971.
     _The Satanic Rituals_, by Anton LaVey, University Books, 1972.
          More books discussing LaVey's brand of Satanism.

     _The Black Arts_, by Richard Cavendish, Perigee Books (Putnam), 1967.
          An objective introduction to magic, demonology, and classical
          views of Satanism.

     _The Necronomicon_ [by the Mad Arab], Avon Books, 1977.
          Purported ritual book of great efficacy.  Generally regarded as
          fiction interspersed with translations of Mesopotamian texts. 
          Mileage may vary, depending on how seriously you take babble.
          This is included mainly because of its availablity and 
          popularity; I actually strongly recommend that you do _not_
          buy this.

     _The Necronomicon_ edited by George Hay 1978.
          This is a more "Lovecraftian" Necronomicon which closely follows
          what Lovecraft said was contained in the famous book of the Mad
          Arab. It is, of course, fiction, but much more fun than the Avon
          book in that it does not take itself so seriously. Scoob publishing
          is supposed to have a R'lyeh text in the works as a sequel to this.

(Satanic history)
     _The Secret Life of a Satanist_ by Blanche Barton, Mondo Press.
          The authorized biography of Anton LaVey, and a basic guide to
          Satanic philosophy. This book has been largely discredited as a
          serious biography by an article in the 9/5/91 issue of _Rolling 
     _The Church of Satan_ by Blanche Barton
          The CoS authorized book on the topic.

     _The Second Coming_, by Arthur Lyons, 1970  [out of print]
          A history of Satanism through the Middle Ages and the modern era.

     _Do What You Will_ by Geoffry Ashe
       A history of philosophers & groups who use this thelemic motto. 
       Especially nice history of the "Hellfire Clubs"

     _The Prince of Darkness_ by Jeffrey Burton Russell, Cornell University
     Press, 1988.
          Historians work on the history of Satan from earliest history
          through the twentieth century. A summary of a four-book series
          (The Devil, Satan, Lucifer, and Mephistopheles, by the same
          author) which may be too much reading for casual interest.

     _The Old Enemy_ by Neil Forsyth, Princeton University Press, 1987.
          Another history of Satan focusing on the Middle East and early

     _Satan Wants You_, by Arthur Lyons, Mysterious Press (Warner), 1988.
          Presents an overview of Satanism and the history of Satan, plus
          an in-depth look at popular misconceptions. 

     _The Occult_ by Colin Wilson
          An excellent objective introduction to the history of the subject. 

     _The History of the Church of Satan_ by Michael Aquino
          Probably the definative work on the topic; it is unavailable to
          the general public due to various copyright laws. It may be available
          to historians and scholars through the Temple of Set. 

     _The Devil in Legend and Literature_ by Maximillian Rudwin. Open Court
          Press, Chicago 1931.

(on and pertaining to Xtian fictions of Satanism)
     _Satanic Panic; the Creation of a Contemporary Legend_ by Jeffry
     S. Victor. Open Court Press, 1992
          This book is an excellent debunking of the many "evil satanist"
          rumors and legends that abound in rural and mainstream america.
          It shows the similarities between these rumors, and those of
          the inquisition, European anti-semetism, and the McCarthy red-scares.

     _The Satan Seller_, Mike Warnke's imagination, Logos International,
          A Christian presents his alleged experiences in a Satanic cult
          before his conversion to Christianity. Has been exposed by
          fundamentalist journalists as a fraud. 

     _Cornerstone_, Volume 21, number 98, "Selling Satan," Jon Trott & Mike
     Hertenstein, 1992.
          This gets *highest* recommendation.  From a Christian magazine
          which does a great job of discrediting Mike Warnke's accounts
          mentioned in _The Satan Seller_ and elsewhere
     _Satanism: The Seduction of America's Youth_, Bob Larson, Thomas
     Nelson Publishers, 1989.
          The facts on the *conspiracy* now coming to a lonely town near
          you!!! (You're reading the FAQ, so it's already here!)
          [Lupo note: Apparently Bob Larson is going down the tubes faster
           than Warnke. See relevant files from Scott Mikusko, available
           via FTP-mail by sending the message 
           get \religion\garg\misc\larson\

     Following are a number of works recommended dealing with Satanism's
     links with crime, multiple personality disorder, etc.

     _The Satanism Scare_, ed. James T. Richardson, Joel Best, and David G.
     Bromley (NY: Aldine, 1991): 145-172.
     [Lupo note; though I have not yet read this book, the authors of the
      essays herein are enough to recommend this book]

     _Battle for the Mind_, by William Sargent, Harper & Row, 1957.

     _In Pursuit Of Satan_, by Robert D. Hicks (Prometheus Books),

     _Satanism In America_, issued by the Committee for the Scientific
     Examination of Religion.

     "Occult Crime:  A Law Enforcement Primer"
          [To obtain a copy of this report, write to

               California Office of Criminal Justice Planning
               1130 K Street, Suite 300
               Sacramento, CA 95814

          (Phone: (916) 324-9100).  Request the "Research Update, Special
          Edition, Winter 1989-1990, Volume 1, Number 6" issue.  No mention
          is made of a donation, but it may be useful to inquire

     _Snapping; America's Epidemic of Sudden Personality Change_ by Flo
     Conway & Jim Siegelman.
          An interesting work utilizing information theory in the study of
          sudden personality change as occurs in religious cults, and the
          "Born-Again" phenomenon.

(Satan in art and Philosophy)
     _Paradise Lost_ by John Milton.
          An epic poem telling the tale of Lucifer from when he is thrown
          out of heaven, to the Fall of Adam and Eve. It makes Lucifer
          into a heroic figure, whilst God is made out to be a little vague
          and weak. 

     _The Divine Comedy_ by Dante.
          Another epic poem in three parts (Inferno, Purgatorio and
          Paradisio) covering the author's pilgrimage through them.

     _La-Bas (Down There)_ by J. K. Huysmans (1891?) translated by
     Keene Wallace.
          Fiction novel of the occult and the black mass in late
          nineteenth century Paris.

     H. P. Lovecraft, collected works.
          Classic horror fiction that has served as inspiration for many

     Frederick Nietzsche, various works
          Nietzschean philosophies form the core of Satanism. Much of the 
          _Satanic Bible_ owes its  philosophical and literary roots to works 
          such as _Thus Spoke Zarastrutha_  and  _The Anti-Christ_ by  

     _Man and Technics_ by Oswald Spengler
          An extension of Nietzsches philosophy to the modern age; Spenglers
          philosophy is condensed into this small book; a must read. (Study
          of the voluminous _The Decline of Western Civilization_ may prove 
          useful to those interested in theories of history and politics)

     Gabriele D'Annunzio, various works
          One of the greatest Italian writers of all time, D'Annunzio was
          a living archetype of the Nietzschean "Ubermensch." 
(weird stuff of interest to the Satanist)
     _Cosmic Trigger_ by Robert A. Wilson
          This book describes various initiations and occult phenomena
          experienced by Mr. Wilson. Good for promoting open-mindedness.
          Wilson writes some great fiction as well in his "Illuminatus"
     _Apocalypse Culture_ collected by Adam Parfey.
          A shocking work, depicting the worldviews of various "fringe"
          sects and individuals, ranging from necrophiliacs to ultra-right
          wing Christians. Has an article by LaVey.

     _TAZ (Temporary Autonomous Zone)_ by Hakim Bey, Autonomedia 1991
          Generally considered the manifesto of the emerging anarchic
          cyber-culture. A manual for freedom in the coming (or present,
          depending on who you talk to) dark age of Airstrip one. Described
          by RA Wilson as "A Blake angel on Bad Acid."

     _Might is Right_  by Ragnar Redbeard (Loompanics, Port Townsend Wash)
          Part of the _Satanic Bible_ taken from this, the full work is
          occasionally uproarious fun, occasionally offensive to "modern"

(Biblical debunking)
     _Who Wrote the Bible?_, by Richard Elliott Friedman, Harper & Row,
          A biblical scholar attempts to answer the question of the title,
          and in the process comes up with some interesting reasons for
          events in _The Bible_ (why does Moses have horns? Why the scene
          with the golden calf?). An interesting read, and possibly 
          amusing for the cynic.

     _The Dead Sea Scrolls_
          There are many good books on this subject for those who need to
          debunk Christianity historically as well as philosophically. 
          Among them:

          _Dead Sea Scrolls & the Bible_ by Roland E. Murphy (a Roman
          Catholic at that) 1968

          _A Crack in the Jar; What ancient Jewish Documents tell
          us about the New Testament_ by Niel Fujita (also a
          Christian scholar) 1986

          _The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Christian Myth_ by John
          Allegro (one of the original Dead Sea Scholars) 1984

          Note than all of the above scholars are of the old school of
          scroll study.  While all do a good job of debunking Christianity,
          the latest generation of scholarly works is even more damning.

     _Testament_ by John Romer (Henry Holt, NY 1988)
          Considered an excellent and well balanced work on Biblical history
          -also a PBS mini-series available on video cassette.

13. Where can I get supplies?
    There are several "occult bookstores" who do mail order. Some
    are listed below;

    The Abyss  
    RR1 Box 213
    Chester MA 01011-9735
    413-623-2155  (FAX 413-623-2156)
    [This is where _I_ obtained most of my books. They have
     much that is of interest to the occultist. The catalogue is outstanding
     and much of the merchandise is underpriced. Excellent section of Crowley
     material, a decent LHP section, good selection of various occult 
     merchandise & books of all kinds. Highly recommended -- Lupo]

    Loompanics Unlimited
    PO Box 1197
    Port Townsend, WA 98368
    [Carries many books on forbidden topics, unobtainable elsewhere. ]

    Occultic Haven
    PO Box 257
    Johnson City, TENN 37605
    [Exclusively LHP distributers, They have a small selection of LHP 
     literature, swords/knives, candles, jewelry & several items that may
     be unobtainable elsewhere. No experience with orders so YMMV]

'Zines: (note; the Watcher is archived at funet and lysator ftp sites)
Also, I have not included prices of these 'zines for various reasons (mostly
greed on my part)- they usually run around $5 per issue. A later edition of
the FAQ will include price listings & self-descriptions of these groups
will be archived.

    The Black Flame (Journal of the Church of Satan)
    P.O. Box 499
    Radio City Station
    N.Y., N.Y. 10101
    [Extremely useful review section, eclectic articles. Hells Kitchen
     Productions is also at this address -they have certain items that
     may be unobtainable elsewhere.]

    _ABRASAX #4_ A magazine published by the American Gnostic Church.
    Issue #4 is dedicated to Satan & satanic matters generally.  They
    can be reached at:

               American Gnostic Church
               PO BOX 1219
               Corpus Christi, TX, 78403-1219

    Fraternity of Baelder [Name of group, not 'zine]
    c/o Stephen Cox
    60 Elmhurst Road
    Reading, Berks
    England, UK
    [LHP "pagans" -interests include Sports Magick, Shamanism, Rune Magick
    Western mythology & etc.]

    Black Jackal (Embassat of Lucifer)
    P.O. Box 998
    Stewart, British Columbia
    VOT 1WO Canada
    [Lupo Comments; I know little of this 'zine; the _Black Flame_ gives
     it good reviews. YMMV]

    Dark Cycle; Australian Journal of Occultism
    P.O. Box 1639
    Chatswood NSW 2057 Australia

    The Heretic (Formerly the Watcher and the Realist)
    P.O. Box 38-262
    Petone, Wellington, New Zealand
    [Lupo comments; An eclectic Zine (though an organ of the OSV), older 
     issues of which are archived in the various aformentioned FTP sites]

    Luciferian Light Group
    P.O. Box 7207
    Tampa, FL 33673
    [Lupo comments; Though they have advertised in various Satanic journals
     for some years now, I know nothing about this group, so YMMV. They have
     not answered any of my inquiries.]

    Order of Nine Angles
    Box 109
    Newport, Gwent, Wales, UK
    [Lupo note:Several pricey books, a "sinister" tarot deck, and a journal. 
     The ONA was gracious enough to send me a microfilm containing all of 
     their major works; I found them very impressive.]

    _Dark Lily_ "The Reality of the Left Hand Path"
    BCM Box 3404
    London WC1N 3XX UK
    [Well respected journal of British LHP] 


This document is Copyright (c) 1995, authors cited.

All rights reserved.  Permission to distribute the collection is
hereby granted providing that distribution is electronic, no money
is involved, reasonable attempts are made to use the latest version
and all credits and this copyright notice are maintained.

Other requests for distribution should be directed to the individual
authors of the particular articles.

nagasiva, tyagi
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