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ALong: ONA Human Sacrifice

To: alt.magick.tyagi,
From: (nagasiva)
Subject: ALong: Re: ONA Human Sacrifice (quoted by MAquino)
Date: 9 Oct 1995 08:12:35 -0700

[from alt.satanism: (Michael Aquino)]

Scott (Lupo) Locklin writes:

[some deleted]

MA>> When David Myatt (aka "ONA" under various names) sent me his "Satanic
MA>> human sacrifice" ritual, I strongly suggested to him that he not endorse
MA>> it, not distribute it, and not represent it as "Satanic". He refused all
MA>> three requests, whereupon I disengaged contact with him and have since
MA>> distanced the Temple of Set officially from him as much as possible.

SL> Liar! I have your correspondence with Christos Beest; it is your
SL> letterhead, your signature, your bombastic style and typeface. Don't give
SL> me any horseshit about "forgery" -it was you who pointed out that the ONA
SL> uses a typewriter rather than a Crapintosh word processor. For the record,
SL> your tone was hardly that of one "requesting" something, and you not only
SL> not distanced yourself from the ONA, you attempted to take it over by
SL> inviting them to become a part of the ToS! Anyone who would like to see the
SL> letter is invited to check it out at
SL> It is the same letter I have copies of with the Aquino typeface and
SL> letterhead.

I am not fluent with www-prowling, so haven't looked at this letter. However
my own files contain no letters whatever to "Christos Beest" (another of
David Myatt's "ONA" aliases). In all of my own correspondence with Myatt, he
used the alias "Stephen Brown", which at the time I supposed to be his true
name. It was only later that I learned that "pp", "Anton Long", "Christos
Beest", "S. Brown", "Stephen Brown", and so on were all aliases of Myatt.

So I suspect that this supposed letter from myself to "CB" is indeed a forgery,
as is quite easy to construct using photocopy machines and other Macs if
necessary. It appears to come from Bolton in New Zealand, and he was an
active manufacturer of faked correspondence.

In a separate post on alt.satanism I have reprinted my authentic final letter
to "Brown", so that readers may judge for themselves.

MA>> Myatt's ritual was quite literal. In the _SB_ Anton makes it clear that he
MA>> is not talking about slicing anyone up, but rather a *symbolic* gesture

MA>> *only*. This became quite an important distinction in all of the Geraldo-
MA>> era debates, or weren't you paying attention?

SL> Meathead; The present ONA stance on human sacrifice is virtually identical
SL> to that of the CoS and ToS; they use magic to accomplish their ends, not
SL> knives. The ceremony of recalling is a permutation on an old keltic rite
SL> akin to that presented in Peter Carrols "Liber Null and Psychonaut." The
SL> sacrificial victim in that rite is _voluntary_ and it explicitly states
SL> that the item in question was presented for historical purposes (and, no
SL> doubt, to expose the boyscouts). Since it was recently posted here, it
SL> makes rather little sense for you to attempt to lie about _this_ as well.

Oh? Try this on for size. It was published in the British occult magazine
_NOX_ by "Anton Long" No "historical purposes only" qualifier at all. [And
does the "voluntary" option - note that there is an "involuntary" as well -
have the Locklin seal of ethical approval?]:

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"by Anton Long

"Traditional Satanist groups have and still do conduct human sacrifice,
regarding it as not only a very powerful form of magick but also as a means of
drawing to the earth the darkest of dark powers. Traditionally, sacrifice falls
into three types: the voluntary, the involuntary, and the sacrifice resulting
from those events which groups or orders may (through magick or otherwise)
bring about to alter history. Wars fall into this third catagory. The second
type, the involuntary, is when a victim is chosen by a group or temple - the
sacrifice always occuring on the spring equinox. Voluntary sacrifice occurs
every seventeen years in traditional groups as part of the great Ceremony of
Recalling - an invocation to the Dark Gods. Only this voluntary type will be
considered here. However it should be said that involuntary sacrifice requires
the consent of the Grand Master of the temple or order who desires it, and this
consent is nowadays only given in special circumstances. The candidate for
voluntary sacrifice is always male, an initiate of the temple and the sacrifice
occuring on the summer solstice if possible, the candidate should then be in
his twenty first year. The candidate is chosen on the solstice a year before
the Ceremony of Recalling and if he accepts the honour becomes a honoury priest
for that year. He is allowed to choose from the members of the temple a woman
to be his priestess and the mistress in a simple ceremony joins them,
dedicating them to the Dark Gods. If by the winter solstice the priestess is
not with child, then the priest may choose another to be his priestess. The
child, when born, is adopted by the temple and raised accordingly, being given
great honour. it the spring equinox, the chosen is permitted to give his favour
to any female member of the temple. Thereafter he will retire from all mortal
affairs, living with the priestess until the appointed day. Should he at any
time fail to observe his vow (by for example avoiding his obligation to the
temple and attempting to hide) he shall by all the temples be placed under a
death curse and the guardian of the temple sent to seek him out and terminate
him without warning. After the Ceremony, the body is taken by the guardian and
buried in a secluded spot near a circle of stones."

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