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Psychoactives and Magick

To: FiatLVX XMagick Listserv
From: tyagi mordred nagasiva 
Subject: Re: Psychoactives and Magick
Date: Kali Yuga 49941218

...My impression is that psychoactives used in ritual ways
produce life-long changes and quite serious value-changes that last a very
long time, perhaps permanently.  I think a study of strong psychedelics,
such as LSD, would support my claim.

...the values I have found psychedelics specifically to promote in repeated 
ritual use are those for open-mindedness, for peace, love and momentary 
presence.  This is of great value in the integration of all religious paths, 
since I find that I am enabled to maintain a flexibility of mind (much as 
yoga increases flexibility of body) and a capacity for a greater range of 
human experience (so as to understand the various emotive and physical paths
to the Christ Consciousness).  Descriptions such as those by Huxley and
Leary are of benefit in understanding this sort of 'occasional perceptual
filter-cleaning' which a psychedelic magical path may include.

I imagine that someone could attempt to use psychedelics to rigidify
their dogma, though I'm not sure how effective it would be, based on what
I described as their dissolutive aspect.  The ego is at least temporarily
dissolved in the surface consciousness.  This may be the equivalent state
to what Allegro called 'Xristos', that 'omniscience' described in the 

Gospel of John.  

Once more, there is quite a difference between the haphazard use of 
psychoactives to avoid one's problems and an intentional use as a 
mechanism of self-unfoldment.  I find that such ritual usage actually 
encourages alternative means, leading me away from seeing the most 
effective substances as continually necessary, and finding ways to
inspire ritual states within ordinary life (and thus I do specific
ceremonials less and less while feeling like I'm in ritual more and
more often).

These substances do not trigger 'omniscience', but they do seem to involve 
a kind of 'knowingness'; devoid of certainty yet powerful of heart.  Again,
I don't feel that the substances themselves contain these experiences.  I
think that one need be familiar with the tool and intending integration 
for such a Mass to ensue.  Proceed with caution if at all.

[re: dissolution]
In my Bible, 7) reduction to a liquid form, liquifaction.  I compare the
experience with adding our sugar-selves to a glass of water and stirring.
We make the elements of our consciousness more visible (psyche - 
mind/consciousness; delic - visible) through dissociating from the ego-
center as it (at least appears to) disintegrates.  Gradually that water
evaporates once more and we may have some input as to the form of reinte-

Consuming our flesh and our blood (the Meal of the Gods; Communion) via
a Chud-like self-dissolution (Chud is a Tibetan Buddhist rite), we are
born unto that exact 'transcendant state' (i.e. cleansed, baptized) and 
more able to sense the perfect Spirituality (nondual) of the cosmos).  The 
shift is indeed temporary, just as much as is the Catholic Mass.  Yet each 
re-enactment, each ritual cleansing brings us closer to a life of intuitive 
integration, pure Spirit (living outside the bounds of strict dualistic
nagasiva, (NocTifer)

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