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To: Christian Magick Elist
From: tyagi mordred nagasiva 
Subject: Musick
Date: Kali Yuga 49941203

I have often used music in my ritual.  Music has always been of importance
to me.  I've unconsciously (and laterly intentionally) used it as an 
emotional programmer, influencing myself emotionally toward the desired 
emotional state.  This was quite effective when coming to understand and
apply musical influence within planned rites.

For me, ritual is more about a state of mind than some sort of pre-written
script of behaviors and words and such.  I tend toward contained shamanic
rites using psychoactives and magical symbology.  My rites are usually solo,
though I've experimented with other people in more and less structured

The way that music has factored into my magick is complex.  Not only as an
emotional tool did I find it valuable but also as a divinatory device.  At
one point I had amassed a sizeable record/tape/cd collection and for years
I enjoyed the artistry of creating 'combination tapes' which contained
a mixture not only of artists but also of styles and tempos.  

Eventually I found myself in ritual creating entire sequences of tapes, or
discovering that what I had at first thought to be 'random' or 'nice-sounding'
combinations had intriguing significances that I didn't originally plan.  I
started to play with that and eventually created what I called 'musick' --
tapes especially designed for shamanic journies and/or divinatory use.  I
made some of these and gave them out to family at one point, keeping a whole
bunch for myself and infusing them into my daily 9-5 job, where they allowed
me a great deal of space and control over my sonic environment.

I also did the same type of combination-journeying without recording it,
during parties at our home (many parties were ritual events for me) and 
on the occasional lunar or seasonal celebration I might engage (I have
for very long been in a love-relationship with Luna, and the expression of
my love for Her has taken many practical forms).

As for the type of music which I found I tend to use for different mood
and working, here is a general breakdown:

Classical, Progressive and Artsy/Modern constitutes my favorite and I
associate these with more profound reflections/workings.

Beethoven, Bach (esp. the less known and more complex pieces)
Genesis, Yes, Rush, ELP, Kansas, King Crimson (esp. pre-'80s)
Laurie Anderson, Kate Bush, Art of Noise, Devo (any)

Heavy Metal, Thrash and Death/Noise/Industrial I associate with deeper 
emotions, working through anger, anxiety, and encountering that which 
I fear or the Tabu (gets me into that 'adolescent state of mind' I like).

Black Sabbath (esp. earlier stuff), Hendrix (instrumentals)
Hendrix, Primus, Metallica (esp. the instrumentals and longer pieces)
Love and Rockets, Bau Hous, Joy Division, Throbbing Gristle (any) 
Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Happy Flowers (sincere brain-scrambling)

Lately I've also been delving (after a rather strident 3 year hiatus 
from music, including divesting myself of all musical objects) sounds
from other cultures, whether in folk/sacred tradition or through the
interpretation of modern artists (some mentioned above in 'Artsy').

Paul Simon (esp. those which feature more purely African rhythms/songs)
David Byrne (in Talking Heads and out), lots of drum-rhythm/song exploration
Peter Gabriel (difficult to describe, check out the soundtrack to Last Temp-
               tation of Christ sometime - in concert he is also wonderful)
Dead Can Dance (multiple cultural collage)

Unfortunately I don't know the artists of other cultures to whom I've
listened, since I mostly hear them on radio or borrowed tapes/cds.

Meditation and visualization was also mentioned.  My first yoga teacher
was always interested in music during class.  Come to think of it, so
was my second and last.  There is something about soothing music which
aids relaxation, and this is very important during stretching and 
supportive movement as yoga tends to be.  

I found that for meditation and yoga there were certain types of music
which worked best for me: New Age, Space Music and some softer Classical.
The only Classical I can think of offhand is Pachobel's Canon.  The others
are easier, since I've grown quite fond of this type of music for both
yogic and other types of reflective time (whether just sitting, staring at
a candle, lying in a yogic corpse asana, or interpretive dance).

Kitaro (anything - wonderful in concert too! just saw him and band recently)
Brian Eno (exceptional and unclassifiable artistry called 'environments')
Andres Vollenweider, Celtic Harp (Pintar, others) (varies in intensity)
Enya (clear and beautiful of voice and tone, mythic of lyric)
Tangerine Dream (journies which go well with visualizations)

May darkness transform your soul,

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