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JSmith: Sanctification of the Moon

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Subject: JSmith: Sanctification of the Moon
Date: 27 Mar 1999 02:15:01 -0800

[from Jeffrey Smith ]

A couple of days ago, I mentioned the Kabbalistic symbolism which could 
be used in a lunar rite, but did not elaborate.  The following is one 
rite which has passed into general usage, and can used as a model/source.

  Jeffrey Smith
      Life's a beach.   And then you dive.

The following is an abridged and modified version of the Jewish
ritual known as Kiddush Lavvanah,  which is recited once a month
once the new moon appears in the sky, preferably at the end of
the Sabbath, but always when the moon is actually visible and
before it reaches full.  

The original text draws on the symbolism of the moon as an image
of the Shekinah/Malkuth, and as an image of the Davidic Kings.
In Midrash, the Moon became jealous of the sun, and was diminished
as a punishment.  The restoration of the Moon and the rectification
of the Shekinah to Her proper place thus came together as symbols
of Redemption.

The modifications have, to a great extent,  changed or elided
the phrasing which is specifically Jewish,  so that they are
suitable for anyone to recite,  Jew or Gentile.  Also dropped
are various passages from the Psalm which do not refer directly
the moon.  While the original is meant to be recited once a month
the text is appropriate for more frequent usages.   One Hebrew
phrase,  M'chadash chadashim, meaning Renewer of the Months, involves
a verbal echo which is impossible to transpose into English, and
has therefore been inserted in Hebrew into the appropriate place.

Sentences marked off by [               ] are rubrics.  You may feel
further changes are need for your own practice.  Please do so:
I am posting this mainly as a source for material.  If you wish
to see the original in its entirety, consult a Jewish prayerbook.


Blessed is the One,  Life of the Worlds, by Whose Will All Exists,
Who Uttered forth the heavens and Who gave Being to all their host.
You imparted to the Universe--a decree and a schedule You gave them,
altering not their assigned task.  They are joyous and glad to
perform the Will of their Creator;  their will is to work for the
Worker of Truth Whose Work is Truth.  To the Moon You said,  that
it should renew itself as a crown of splendor for those borne by
You from the womb,  those who are destined to renew themselves
as it renews itself, and glorify the One that Formed them.
Blessed is the One,  M'chadesh Chadashim, Renewer of the cycles of

[Look as directly as possible at the moon:]

[Say three times:]  Blessed is your Molder,  Blessed is your Maker,
                  Blessed is your Owner, Blessed is your Creator.

[Say three times, while leaping,  jumping, or rising or tiptoe:]
 I dance to you, but can not touch you; so may none touch me
  for evil.

David King of Israel lives and endures!
David King of Israel lives and endures!
David King of Israel lives and endures!

[Extend the greeting of Peace to all and any who are with you:]
Peace unto you.
Upon you peace.

He made two lights,  the sun by day,  the moon by night.  Originally
they were equal,  but by a flaw in the moon it became a lesser light.
May the flaw in the moon be cured.   May the moon be placed as the
equal and the mate of the sun.   For as the moon is the sign of
the Bride, and the sun is the sign of the Holy One, Blessed be He,
so may they be brought together, the sun and the moon,  the Bride
and the Holy One,  Blessed be He,  and existence exist as it was
ordained to exist, complete and rectified.

Behold, the voice of my beloved:  Behold it came suddenly, leaping
over mountains, skipping over hills.  My beloved is like a gazelle
or a young hart.  Behold he was standing behind our wall, observing
through the windows, peering through the lattices.

It is taught--had we not been privileged to greet the countenance
of the One Who uttered forth the universe, except for once a month,
it would have sufficed.   

Who is this who rises from the desert clinging to her Beloved?

May it be the Will of the One Who is the Life of the Worlds to fill
the flaw of the moon that there be no dimunition in it.  May the
light of the moon and the light of the sun and the light of the
seven days of creation be revealed to us and shown as they are, 
one and the same, as it is written,  "The two great Luminaries".

Who is this who rises from the desert clinging to her Beloved?

Who is this who rises from the desert clinging to her Beloved?

Who is this who rises from the desert clinging to her Beloved?

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