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Various: Tarot/QBL Correspondences

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From: (nagasiva)
Subject: Various: Tarot/QBL Correspondences
Date: 13 Sep 1997 13:05:12 -0700

[from various sources]
~From: Jeffrey Smith 

Actually the GD attributions are very straightforward, if totally 
unimaginative--the first Path is Aleph, the second Path is Bet, the third 
Gimel, etc. down to Path 22 and Tau.  Nothing worse than a straight ABC 
arrangement.  If I recall correctly (and I may be wrong on this), they 
did not invent this arrangement, but inherited it from the French 
occultists who preceded them, or even from the earlier Christian writers 
on the Kabbalah...

  Jeffrey Smith
  True becomes false when the false becomes true;
  Real becomes unreal when the unreal is real.
 -Cao Xueqin, Inscription on the Archway of the Land of Illusion

~From: Eric Caleb Friedman 

	Uh, OK. Here goes. Appropriately, the following are excerpted from a
couple of old email posting of my own, speaking from the traditional
Jewish POV:

	In the Sefer Yetzirah, the Formative Principles of Fire and Water (the
letters Shin & Mem and their Paths) find both their source and
reconciliation in Aleph/Air. As the Two Substances spoken of by
Nachmanides, which are equated with Heaven & Earth, they are reconciled
by Air/Aleph as the Firmament. These are attributions of the three
Mothers in Sefer Yetzirah as well, thus also equating the three triads
of the Tree with Heaven, the Earth, and the Firmament between them. In
relating the Tarot images to Sefer Yetzirah we have - following the very
effective Golden Dawn attributions - Mem/Water being associated with The
Hanged Man, immersed in Waters (from a Qabalistic point of view,
considering the proper placement of the Path of Mem between Netzach
&Hod). Shin/Fire is associated with Judgement (or The "Aeon"), the
liberating Fire of the original Path of Shin, between Chochmah and
Binah. The Source and Reconciliation of these Paths is the Path of
Aleph, the liberated Ruach of the "Fool", between Chesed and Gevurah.
The Fool is the Individual who is immersed in the Path of Mem and
emancipated in the Path of Shin. But the return to, and reconciliation
in, the central Path of Aleph is the Ruach freed from either extreme.
These three paths define the three triads of the Tree of Life, and by
extension, all the dynamics of the Tree of Life. As to why the founders
of the Golden Dawn found it necessary to reattribute the Hebrew Letters
to the Paths on the Tree, I do not know. All I can say is that the
actual placement of the paths themselves are derived from Sefer
Yetzirah's division of the Hebrew letters into groups of three, seven &
twelve. Hence, 3 horizontal paths (as delineated above), 7 vertical
paths, & 12 diagonal paths.
	Using the "pre-Lurianic" Tree of Life diagram, in which the diagonal
paths only extend from the Middle Pillar to either one of the
extremities of the Right or Left Pillars (this IS the diagram most often
found in Esoteric literature), the attributions are as follows:

The 12 "Simples":

Keter -- Chochmah: 		Heh
Keter -- Binah:  		Vav
Chochmah -- Tiferet: 		Zain
Binah -- Tiferet:		Chet
Chesed -- Tiferet:		Tet
Gevurah -- Tiferet:		Yod
Tiferet -- Netzach:		Lamed
Tiferet -- Hod:			Nun
Netzach -- Yesod: 		Samech
Hod -- Yesod:			Ayin
Netzach -- Malchut:		Tzaddi
Hod -- Malchut:			Qoph

The 7 "Doubles" ("BeGeD KaPaReT", the words for "garment" & "covering"):

Chochmah -- Chesed:		Beit
Binah -- Gevurah:		Gimel
Keter -- Tiferet:		Dalet
Chesed -- Netzach:		Kaf
Gevurah -- Hod:			Peh
Tiferet -- Yesod:		Resh
Yesod -- Malchut:		Tav	

	Careful study & meditation on these paths - especially in relation to
the three triads of the spheres - will quickly begin to reveal a
transformative process; whether from "Above to Below" (the Fixation of
Spirit in Matter) or from "Below to Above" (the Volatization of Spirit
from Matter).Again, how these 22 Paths are grouped in relation to the 3
Descending/Ascending Triads of the Ten Spheres - the Triads being
defined by the 3 Horizontal paths as much as by the spheres of the
Middle Pillar - is the key to practical work with them.	

		-Abu Doub

~From: "Jeff Marshall" 


Eric Caleb Friedman :
>As an "Abulafian", I'm not criticizing manipulations of the
>Tetragrammaton, but inserting Aleph into It & playing around with >the two
"Halves" of the Name combined with
>Aleph is alot more fun & interesting (e.g.; Heh-Yod-Aleph =
> the word for "She", Heh-Vav-Aleph = the word for "He").
> What do you think, America?

I think you have something interesting.  I work with a balance of male and
female with YHVH-AShRH, actually YHVHRShA, with the ending Heh of both

However, looking at the 5-Fold formula under discussion:

If we look at Jesus as YHShVAa rather than YHShVH I think we see something
interesting in the tarot correspondences.

In YHVH we have Hermit-Emperor-Hierophant-Emperor.  On level, this is
interesting in that it is all male.  We also see the Emperor repeated twice,
why?  The Hierophant and the Emperor seem to balance each other, but the
additional Emperor seems to throw the balance off, unless it somehow
balances the Hermit.  I tend to doubt this.

In YHShVH we see no changes, just the insertion of Shin=Judgement.  This
card is somewhat reflective of the rites of Osiris, which makes sense if
Jesus is seen as an embodiment of Osiris.  It still leaves a potentially
unbalanced situation, with perhaps no resolution to the judgement.

When we look at YHShVAa, however, things perhaps become a little clearer.
We not only add Shin, but we replace the second Heh with Ayin.  The letter
Ayin corresponds to The Devil.  This is a card of change and of initiation.
The judgement is now further clarified--the process of judging and calling
forth is the process of initiation.  That is what happened in the rites of
Osiris.  We often fear the change of initiation and hence see the Grand
Initiator as an evil or chaining being.  Organized religions often fear this
force and hence cast the Grand Initiator as an evil force that steals souls.
The Serpent of Eden, initiating Eve (life) hence becomes evil.

Shin and Ayin also tend to balance each other as Osiris and Set balance.
They are two sides of the same coin.  Just as Messiah and Nachash (the
serpent of Eden) both equate to 358.  Just as Christians link the Morning
Star to Lucifer and yet in Revelations 22:16, we read "I Jesus have sent
mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root
and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star."

This then leaves Yod-the Hermit sitting by itself.  Interesting, the Hermit
sitting by itself, for isn't this what hermits do?  What is the nature of
the Hermit.  Well, for one, the Hermit is the initiant himself.

Thus, in YHShVAa, we have the Initiation as both priest and king being
initiated by the Grand Initiator.  This, I think is truly the meaning of the
5-Fold formula.  Priest (Soul) and King(Body) both being initiated together
to create an initiated Priest-King that unites body and soul to accomplish
the Great Work.


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