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Sefirotic Tree Maps

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.divination,alt.magick,alt.divination
From: hara 
Subject: Sefirotic Tree Maps (Kircher, etc.)
Date: Wed, 08 Oct 2003 21:06:39 GMT

50031008 viii om hi Nix!

Nix :
# I have been studying the Qabalah for some years now, 
# but I have some confusion about the tree of life.

there's more than one, even amongst occultists!
don't be fooled into dogmatism.

# 1. All the books and documents I have read indicate that progress
# throught the tree should be directed downward. (ie. that the spiritual
# journey starts at the Crown (Kether) and should be directed toward
# Kingdom (Malkuth) through the various seriphoth on the left or right
# pillars, depending upon gender.)

I'm responding from my own ignorant perspective here and you can
take it for what it's worth:

	sefirotic trees typically present a model of emanation.

this means that we find ourselves in the 10-stage or manifested
world, and may wish to 'work our way back' to some kind of
fabulous heaven-realm or rarefied consciousness symbolized by
some path-complex through those sefirotic trees to the 1-spot 
(I'm still figuring out what these sefirot should be named).

# My intuition and rational, both tell me that this is fundamentally
# wrong.
# Parallels with other spiritual systems confirm these suspicions.

sensible. that 1-spot is usually associated with special people
and gods and stuff. that doesn't mean everyone agrees on it, tho.

# And.. some things just don't make sense.
# ie. How can one attain wisdom (Chokmah) before experiencing 
# victoy and defeat (Netzach)?
# Teenage boys seek victory
# Young men seek love
# Old men seek wisdom
# Teenage girls seek glory
# Young women seek judgment
# Old women seek understanding

neat0. very convincing.

# The tree is a map of the evolution of the human psyche, 
# yet it all seems to go backwards.

well that's the fun thing about sefirotic trees: they can be
maps by which people will differentiate their navigation based
on where the people are, where the people want to go, and what 
tree-maps are keye to that someone wants to change or encounter.

# When used as a map for the creation of the universe, the path of
# progress is generally upward, each dimension folding in numerical
# order. 

not always. consider Fr. Achad for example. the Tarosymbolismatrix
Tetraktypiscesefiroticus was intended with a downward progress-mode: 

as part of a terracentric emanation cosmology (it's tellurific!).

# Each force created from, and based upon, it's predecessors,
# manifesting greater and greater substance with each fold.
# Why is man directed down?

where can we go but 'up' in the conventional Kircher diagram if 
we are in the 10 sefira? it's all kinda 'up' from there in this 
gravity-sink, ain't it? it all depends on where you see yourself.

# Is this an error, oversight, misunderstanding. 

mismatch? there aren't any Right Answers, really, where these
sefirotic trees are concerned, because so many people use them
and use different ones to do different things. when you ask
about particular people's understandings (and you are mixing
them up here talking about "Qabalah" and "Jews" within a 
newsgroup on *magic*), then you can get a definitive answer. 

# Is it a deception, placed there by Jews not willing to share 
# their sacred knowledge with Gentile scum?

that's the story told by charlatans.

# Or... am I just being dumb? :-)

if you're asking questions, that isn't likely. :> make it up
and compare and contrast against those who say that they know.

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