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To: alt.satanism,alt.magick.tyagi,soc.culture.jewish
From: "Jeff Gerber" 
Subject: Nehushtan
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 21:09:30 -0400

"Kevin Filan"  wrote in message
> I have to disagree with Mr. Gerber here.  Most of the Grimoires in
> were likely *not* written by Jews... had they been written by Jews, the
> Hebrew would have been better.

They spoke Yiddish.  Jews have not spoken Hebrew for ages; it's not even
spoken in Israel.   Some of the grimoires were written by others, yes; but
the main one, the one that still sells, was written by Rabbi Solomon.  72 is
the number of the Sodales, the College of Rabbis.  The book offers up 72
demons.  This is a sacred number to Jews that know the significance.

> Bosch's "Tripytch of Heaven and Hell" explicitly identifies the Serpent of
> Wisdom with Y'heshua; his rendition of Gan Eden has Jesus giving Eve the
> apple.

This has got to be the singular most ignorant and misinformed piece of
idiocy yet posted here.  What does he know about Jewish deities besides
absolutely nothing.

NEHUSHTAN.  That is the name of the Serpent of Wisdom.  Nehushim are the
works associated with this tradition.  Y'shua is nothing but a name of a
person, not so uncommon at that.  It is like Joshua.  Another variation is

Nehushtan was The God of the Hebrews forever, until Moshe (Moses) came along
with a new God that was neither male nor female:  Jod Ye Vav He.  Later, the
Mosaics associated all of the works, the Nehushim, with the Dark Mother
Goddess and condemned them as evil, hidden knowledge - as Jod He Vav He
became more and more male in character.  I don't think Moses himself did did
this, but his followers defiitely did, in time.  Some scholars of Hebrew
insist that he did this himself and considered the Nehushtan worshiping
tribes to be "obic."  His assertian was that the Taniam "got" their hidden
knowledge and wisdom from "the Ob."  It was years after the actual history
of the Hebrew tribes that two writers, one an Elohist and the other a
"Jahway"-ist, wrote the history down and it is clearly understandable who
wrote which portions.  The Elohist wrote Genesis I.  The Jahwayist wrote
Genesis II where you have Adam alone and Eve made from his rib.  Genesis I
says nothing about this at all.  The entire spirit of the Elohists' belief
system is different.  Even later still, Jeremiah and Ezekial rewrote it and
made everything associated with Nehushtan, which became Dark Female Goddess,
into a male type of Satan, into Satan.  Only then, does the Serpent in the
Garden appear as a male figure that seduces Eve, a figure to be crushed
under foot.  This was not the case before that.

Please see inside.
> Interesting: that sounds very similar to the African and Afro-Caribbean
> tradition of keeping spirits in pots, govis, clay jars, etc.

Indeed it does.  And the word Obic, known quite well to me, sounds a lot
like Obiah (spelling?).  The term Ophite is Greek, and that is the word that
came to be used for "Obic" or "of the Ob."  We Obic (or Ophite) Jews worship
Nehushtan as G-d.  The Taniam are the keepers of this wisdom (or they were
until Tani wrote some of it down and sold it - there are pros and cons to
that).  When Moshe said "thou shalt not suffer a witch to live" the word he
used was Obic.  Tani points out that this word is also the same word as the
Altaic word Uba or Oba - for the same thing.  In Turkish, I was able to
ascertain that Uber means Sorcerer.  Turkish is a language related to the
language Tani referred to.

Moses was a threat to the traditional authority of the Sodales.

The name of the Serpent of Wisdom is Nehushtan.

These traditions predate your Jesus by thousands of years.  We have no
> Peace
> Kevin Filan

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