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JVBeall: Geometrics and #231

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Subject: JVBeall: Geometrics and #231
Date: 27 Mar 1999 02:08:40 -0800

[from (J.Vincent Beall)]

Dan Washburn wrote:
> Very neat stuff, Vincent.  If I find anything more in the Sepher 
> Yetzirah that relates to our geometric modeling I'll let you know.  
> Have you come across the number 231 that appears there?  Any thoughts?

Well actually I have thought little about it, but I have taken 231 a 
little further than Rabbi Kaplan by also considering 231 not only as 
the number of interconnections in the diagram (Sefer Yetzirah p. 111) 
representing the set of unique letter pairs. You see the 231 value is 
also the 21st triangular number, so this means that it is the count of 
the pairs of 21 things where any of the elements can be paired with 
itself in addition to being paired with the rest of the set. This is 
an important bonding through a single count(231) of 22 and 21.

On the same theme as the four worlds, alphabet, and five part soul. 
The five polyhedron complexes of the fractal module contain 22 
platonic solids representing the whole of the 'tree' and the Hebrew 
alphabet as follows:

1   dodecahedron (stellated)  	   KETER         sense
5   hexahedrons                    NETZACH       strength
10 tetrahedrons                    CHOKMAH       mind
5   octahedrons                    CHESED        soul
1   icosahedron(stellated)         MALKUTH       within heart (Tipareth)

The number values and structures are in order as the structures might 
be built from icosahedron to dodecahedron or vice versa. Each structure 
exists in its own emanated layer concentricly.

We recieve in the order of Kether to Malkuth, however we pray 
in the order of Malkuth to Kether.

The number values form a palindrome [1 5 10 5 1]  and the first 
four or last four are the values of the Hebrew letters AHYH with 
consideration given to the aforementioned directions, 

I have read Kabbalist interpretations of the 4 worlds some isolate 
Kether as a separate world and others Malkuth. So here we have 
a reasoning for considering the 21 forms apart from the 22, ordered 
according to the gematria of AHYH(I will be) [1, 5, 10, 5].

Of course to use this mnemonic one must translate what are 
traditionally the 22 channels of the diagram as 22 sets of edges 
of platonic solids in the fractal version of the 'tree'. So each 
channel becomes a set of edges, being the memory place for a letter.

Well, anyway, this is how I would see 21 and 22 married in the 
tree and the two 231 pair relationships would implied by the above....

I really don't practice Kabbalah, but I do contemplate this model, 
which might be, horror of horrors a method of intellecting Kabbalah 
without succumbing to it, if you know what I mean. :)

I have had great success with a particular meditation, but I am 
quite cautious about further exploration. ;)

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