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PMaison: Daath

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Subject: PMaison: Daath
Date: 13 Sep 1997 11:12:28 -0700

[from Patricia ]

Greetings to All,

When contemplating the Qabalistic Tree of Life, we often think of the Four
Worlds, the Three Pillars, the Ten Sephiroth, etc.  However, many of us
seem to forget about the "pseudo-sephira"- Daath (Heb. DOTH).  Some
ancient, as well as moderm, Qabalists consider Daath to be merely a
symbolic representation, while others consider it to be a legitimate
Sephira.  Either way, the importance of this "Sephira", and it's function
cannot readily be denied.

Many students have noticed, that unlike the two other triangles (Moral and
Mundane), the Supernal Triangle appears to have no reconciler between
Chokmah and Binah.  One reasoning is that "Chokmah and Binah, are so
perfect, and so refined, that they do not need equilibrium."  This is a
fallacy and does not even fit in to Qabalistic doctrine.  In fact, Chokmah
and Binah DO have a reconciler: Daath.

Consider for a moment these words from the Zohar:   "And when all things
are comprehended, they are comprehended therein, and are called by that
name of Father, Mother, Son.   And these are CHKMH (Chokmah); Wisdom,
Father;  BINH (Binah); Understanding, Mother;  and DOTH (Daath); Knowledge,

Clearly, Daath is the product of its "parents", Chokmah and Binah.
Similarly, we are Sons and Daughters of these two creative forces.

Daath means "knowledge" in Hebrew.   But this doesn't imply the more
cerebral knowledge of Hod, but rather, knowledge of a spiritual nature.
As the magician attempts the arduous climb up the Tree of Life (to reach
Kether), it is at Daath that he enters the Abyss.   It is here that the
magician becomes part of the "black brotherhood" or continues along the
Path of Light.   Therefore, Daath is the spiritual battlefield where the
magician must confront his nemesis or Devil, before he can be deemed worthy
of the mysteries of Kether, Chokmah, and Binah.  In essence, he is facing
the "Son" of Binah and Chokmah.  The "Son" of the Living God.  He is
confronting his True Self.

This is why spiritual knowledge is so important here.  When the magician is
free of the delusions in his own ego, and capable of seeing his True Self,
then he can conquer the dark Abyss.   If not, he may become tricked by his
ego and desires, and choose not to follow his True Will.

In the Middle Pillar Ritual, Daath is located at the base of the neck, and
visualized as having a lavender color. Strangely enough, the lavender color
in Daath is reminiscent of the violet color of Yesod.   Could these two
Sephiroth be related to one another in some way?  Yes.

The Zohar also tells us that: " For the Father and the Mother are
perpetually conjoined in Yesod, the Foundation,
but concealed under the mystery of Daath or of Knowledge."   In other
words;  "Chokmah and Binah (Masculine and Feminine) are forever joined in
the Foundation, but hidden under the mysteries of Knowledge."  This is a
secret indeed.

Note, how the two "creative" forces of Chokmah and Binah are apparent in
the Sephira of Yesod, and in the Middle Pillar Ritual.   In the Middle
Pillar, Yesod is visualized around the groin area, where our reproductive
are, ergo, the ability to create.  But in Daath, these two forces may not
be so obvious.   At first, to the magician, its forces in the Abyss may
seem destructive rather than creative.   What is "hidden" or "concealed"
about this
is, that these forces in the Abyss actually "create" a magician who is
ready to receive the mysteries of Binah and Chokmah.

Gematrically speaking, the number for Daath is 474.   From a Qabalistic
viewpoint, Daath must have some relationship to DOTH (testimony), because
this word, also, equals 474.   Oddly enough in the Zohar it says; "Since
the Son assumeth the symbols of His Father and His Mother, and is called
DOTH, Daath, Knowledge, since He is the testimony of Them both."

The key word in this passage, and the gematria, is "testimony."   Testimony
can be defined as;  Evidence in support of a fact or assertion.  Therefore,
the fact that Daath (the Son) exists, is proof that Chokmah and Binah
(creative forces) exist.   These two principles cannot be mutually
exclusive, and are dependent upon one another.

Certainly, the often overlooked sephira of Daath is a pivotal one, both
Qabalistically and magically.   It is here, in that unintelligible Abyss,
that true magic is born, refined, and purified.   Not only does it
symbolize the union of The Mother and The Father, but it re-emphasizes the
union between ourselves and the Divine.   It can serve as either a place of
defeat, or a memorial of victory along the path back to who we Truly are.

(emailed replies may be posted);join the AMT syncretism!!;call: 408/2-666-SLUG!
see; "Clement of Rome taught that God rules the world
with a right and a left hand, the right being Christ, the left Satan." - CGJung

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