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To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.magick
From: Joseph 
Subject: Re: Da'ath? (was spherical UFOs)
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001 14:23:30 -0700

Phant wrote:

> Da'ath - referred to as 'the hidden sephirah', or the 'Abyss'. Between
> Kether and Tiphareth it represents the gulf between the self-bound form and
> the realm of pure spirit.
> It's considered a major danger of prematurely trying to transcend self,
> where the ego can be overwhelmed and 'blown away' by the experience of
> spirit.
> Yes. It's also regarded as the doorway to the Qliphoth.

and at least in some systems its associated with the "throat chakra" or that
area of the body where sound comes out modulated by muscles controlled by the
brain in a vain attempt to articulate hidden things. of course there are those
rare few whos words are somehow a pleasing flux between up and down who form a
matrix of undrestanding with the simplest phrases whos speeh in short is in
tune with their being and not at war with it.


To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.magick
From: "David Cantu" 
Subject: Re: Da'ath? (was spherical UFOs)
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001 22:29:22 GMT

"nagasiva"  wrote in message
> 50010813 AAVI! om Hail Satan! Hail Yes!
> unknown:
> >>> ...hard to make out and the middle sphere is usually hard to see as
well, so
> "Starlancer" :
> >> Da'ath?  ;-)
> "David Cantu" :
> > Thats pretty good....'till ya step in it!
> what's "Da'ath"? isn't that a Hebrew word? stepping in words? I'll Grant
you that.
> 11th Sphere? non-Sphere? vacation spot for proto-Malkuth? bowels of the
Cosmic Man?
> residence of Qliphotic demons described by Liber 231? running on at the
> or total ineffability?
> blessed beast!
> nagasiva

Well, I don't entirely disagree with what others wrote about this; but, they
are a bit theoretical.  I'll give my experience and we will see if there is
a match up, though it is not required as far as I am concerned.
Da'ath, though a "false sephira" is, like the others a state of
consciousness, in this case a state of consciousness in which the
conditionality of knowledge is directly experienced.  Knowledge, without an
anchor of truth, is blindness.  In this state all knowledge becomes
essentially arbitrary, or at least everything you thought you knew turns out
to be, if not wrong, then grossly underestimated.

Indeed you can "step into" Da'ath, and it is a place of Qliphotic demons,
either as the ideas you once held firmly onto, or experience that shatters
those ideas.

The experience of Da'ath leads to the Abyss, for what is left once knowledge
becomes belief and all your beliefs have been destroyed, if you can
completely accept that you are helpless in this and let yourself go through
total loving acceptance, even to a willingness to give all, then you might
be helped across, literally by angels.  If you, instead, reject, and turn
away back into yourself, rebuilding the old facade, then you are lost, never
to return.

Once through, one truly knows the Oath of the Magister Templi, not as
abstraction, but as moment to moment experience.


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