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YahyaM: Al Hallaj and Sufism

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From: (nagasiva)
Subject: YahyaM: Al Hallaj and Sufism
Date: 12 Sep 1997 12:49:23 -0700


<< 'When I [Allah] love my servant...I become the hearing with which he 
 hears, the seeing with which he sees, the hand with which he grasps, 
 the feet with which he walks, the tongue with which he speaks.'
 Hadith qudsi (Divine saying)
 Thus, it could be  that Allah (swt) had become the tongue with
  which Al-Hallaj spoke when he said 'I am God', could it not? >>

Yes indeed.  
Sufism offers the only explanations of this I've ever heard that make sense.

You will hear some groups saying that their favorite avatar or incarnation is
Various Eastern groups say (for example):
"Meher Baba is God!"
"Maharaj Ji is God!"
"Da Jones is God!"
"_____ [fill in the blank] is God!", etc., etc., etc., ad infinitum.

In the West all this deification is concentrated in one individual:
"Jesus Christ is God!"

Neither the Hindus nor the Christians, to my understanding, have done a
satisfactory job of explaining this identification of the beings of the
limited and contingent human realm with the Unlimited Absolute.  The theology
goes something like: God condescended to take on human form for the salvation
of humanity.  This still doesn't explain how such a drastic ontological
contradiction can be.

The Sufis have succeeded in explaining it without contradiction.  In fana'
the individual human nafs is gone--THERE'S NOBODY THERE ANY MORE!  Allah is
the ever-present Reality all along.  Take away the limited and contingent,
and Allah is always there just the same, and with the nafs out of the way,
you can see Him more clearly.  Thus al-Hallaj wasn't saying "I am al-Haqq!"
from his nafs, because his nafs wasn't there.  When Bayazid al-Bastami said,
"There is nothing in this jubbah but Allah," he wasn't deifying his nafs--he
was remarking on its absence.

Rumi said:

What is the mirror of being?
Bring nonbeing as your gift, if you are not a fool.

Ayeneh-ye hasti cheh bashad -- nisti
Nisti bar gar to ablah nisti

(Masnavi, I:3201)

Rumi also explained about al-Hallaj:

The baptism of God is the dyeing vat of Hu,
Gods absoluteness, in which all colors become one.
When the contemplative falls into that vat
and you say, "Come out,"
He says, "I am the vat. Dont blame me."
That "I am the vat"
means the same as "I am God."
The red-hot iron has taken on the color of fire.

Sebghat Allah hast khom-e rang-e Hu
pis-ha yek rang gardad andaru
Chon dar an khom oftad va guyish qom
az tarab guyad manam khom la talomm
An manam khom khvod ana al-Haqq goftanast 
rang-e atesh darad ella ahanast

(Masnavi, II:1345-1347)

Also the quote from Fakhr al-Din al-`Iraqi that Mohsen just shared with us
bears repeating:

The glass has become transparent
And the wine so clear
That they merged and became the one like the other
It is as though there is wine without a cup
Or a cup without wine

Picture that image and you will see what the Sufis are trying to tell you.
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see; "Clement of Rome taught that God rules the world
with a right and a left hand, the right being Christ, the left Satan." - CGJung

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