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Various: Sound and Sufism

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Subject: Various: Sound and Sufism
Date: 13 Sep 1997 12:23:57 -0700

~From: James McCaig 


There is no doubt that the sounds of the Koran are taken from a time when
the science of sounds and words was more fully understood than in the
present.  Listening to, or chanting the words is a wonderful Zikar, equal
almost to the sounds of nature, the nightingale for example.

The call of the Azan can be a mighty tonic.

Warm regards,



"The benefits and effects of the Qur'an are like a seed that eventually sends
out twigs, branches, roots, and leaves of sustenance in every direction.  The
Hadith state: 'Whoever reads the Qur'an and acts upon what is contained in
it, his parents will be made to wear a crown on the Day of Judgment, the
brilliance of which will exceed that of the sun, if it were brought down into
your houses.  So if that is the reward for the parents, what do you think is
the reward for the person who acts upon it himself?'

"The most important consideration regarding the Qur'an is that Allah states
in the Book that it is not of human origin; it consists of the actual,
pre-eternal, uncreated speech of Allah Himself.  As such, no other book
exists which carries the degree of perfection and balance in its words.  Even
the most disinterested observer cannot fail to be impressed upon hearing the
Qur'an recited.  It is of surpassing beauty, melody, and majesty. 

"Another important point about the Qur'an is that within the first seven
lines, virtually all of the sounds that occur in Arabic are uttered.  One of
these letters is *ghayn*, which when uttered causes a kind of growling,
guttural sound in the back of the throat.  Each letter sets off a vibratory
pattern that travels in a specific direction, lasts a specific duration, and
produces specific physical, mental, and spiritual effects.  The sound of the
letter *ghayn* (and also *kha'*, *`ayn* and others) is ususally not made in
the English language.  This means that the effects associated with such
letters are not felt unless one recites the Arabic.  It is a bit curious that
most of the sounds that occur in Arabic and not in English are associated
with the sounds of choking in English!

"Even more important, the various combinations of vowels and consonants
combine to stimulate and disperse the divine attributes throughout the body
of the reciter in perfect measure.  One of the attributes is *al-Ghafur* (the
Forgiver), which contains the letter *ghayn*.  One who never recites this
letter is deprived of the full measure of forgiveness in his or her own soul.

"There are three basic vowel sounds in Arabic: the letters *alif*, *waw*, and

Name of Vowel Sound        Pronunciation
Alif                                    a as in father
Ya'                                    i as in machine
Waw                                 u as in you

All languages utilize these three basic long vowel sounds, and they can be
thought of as universal harmonic constants, uttered not only by humans, but
by every being in Creation.  Once one has become attuned to these sounds, one
can listen in on the conversations of all of nature!

"The vibrations of these sounds have different effects.  The long vowel sound
of *a* travels downward and stimulates the heart, the repository of divine
attributes.  The long *i* travels upward and stimulates the pineal gland,
which is not fully understood by Western science, but is felt to be
responsible for activation of the life forces.  And the long sound of *u*
resonates on the outer rim of the pursed lips, and intermingles with the
*idhn* [permission] of Allah, as His permission for our lives unites with our
inhaled and exhaled breaths.

"These sounds are not particularly sung or spoken, but are expressed in a
special recitation, which is achieved correctly after some time of reading
from the Qur'an.  In time, these sounds resonate their essence in the tone
box of the soul.  This may seem a vague manner of expressing such things, but
until and unless one experiences it, such descriptions must suffice."

--Shaykh Hakim Ghulam Moinuddin Chishti, "The Universe of the Breath" from
*The Book of Sufi Healing* (New York: Inner Traditions International, 1985),
p. 125-126.
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