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ToC for _The Way of the Sufi_

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Subject: ToC for _The Way of the Sufi_ (Shah, LONG)
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assalam alaykum, my kin.
     [a complete Table of Contents for _The Way of the Sufi_, by Idries Shah;
	  Arkana Books, 1990; by haramullah (]
	Theories about Sufism
	Limitations of Contemporary Approaches to Sufism
	Verification of the Literary Materials by Direct Contact with Sufism
	Misunderstanding of Sufi Ideas and Formulations
	Forms of Sufi Activity
	Difficulties in Understanding Sufi Materials
	Notes and Bibliography

	1. El-Ghazali
		Ghazali on the Path
		The Difference between Social and Initiatory Activity
		Parable of People with a Higher Aim
		The Three Functions of the Perfected Man
		Attraction of Celebrities
		The Nature of Divine Knowledge
		Love and Self-Interest
		You Must be Prepared
		Ceremonies of Music and Movement
		The Sterile Woman
		The Dance
		A Quality must have a Vehicle
		The Idiot Self
		Man was made for Learning
		The Price of Knowledge
		Gain and Loss
	2. Omar Khayyam
		The Secret
		Seeds like These
		The Enemy of Faith
		Under the Earth
		Do Not Go Empty-Handed
		I Am
	3. Attar of Nishapur
		An Answer of Jesus
		The Heart
		On Being Offered an Unacceptable Donation
		The Tale of Fazl -Rabbi
		The Slave Without a Master
		The Magic Box
		The Moon
		The Five Hundred Gold Pieces
		The Madman and the Muezzin
		The Religious Framework
		A Story of Moses
		Souls Before the Creation of the Holy
		The Test
		About Mohammad, Son of Isa
		The Perception of the Madman
		The Miser and the Angel of Death
		The Donkey's Head
		Absurdity and Ignorance
		Christians and Muslims
		The Tree Unaware of its State
		The Arrow
		King Mahmud and the Beans
		The Madman and the Wrestler
		The Two Rings
		This, Too, Will Pass
		The King Who Divined His Future
		This Space
	4. Ibn El-Arabi
		Whence Came the Title?
		The Vision at Mosul
		The Three Forms of Knowledge
		A Higher Love
		The Special Love
		Attainments of a Teacher
		The Face of Religion
		My Heart Can Take on Any Appearance
		Study by Analogy
		The Man who Knows
		Straying From the Path
	5. Saadi of Shiraz
		The Door
		Jewels and Dust
		The Day of Battle
		The Alchemist and the Fool
		The Pearl
		The Thief and the Blanket
		The Unshaped One
		Scholars and Recluses
		The Scorpion
		The Ark
		The Destiny of a Wolf-Cub
		The Barren Tree
		The Straight Path
		A Tree Freshly Rooted
		Doing Good to the Evil
		To Know One's Faults
		The Alternatives
		The Unfed Dervish
		Asleep and Awake
		The Harvest
		Information and Knowledge
		The Elephant-Keeper
		The Dervish under a Vow of Solitude
		Safety and Riches
		The Fox and the Camels
		Gold Coins called Nobles
		Disciples and Sages
		Horse and Camel
		Where the Leopard May Lurk
		The Foundation of Tyranny
		If You Cannot Stand a Sting
		The Danger of Ecstasy
		The Dervish and the Camel Rider
		The Sick Man
		The Dervish in Hell
		Heedless Man
		The Tiger's Prey
		The Fool and the Donkey
		The Road
	6. Hakim Jami
		Luxuriant Growth
		The Prayer and the Nose
		The Teacher
		The Dry Cloud
		The Poet and the Physician
		The Beggar
		What Shall We Do
		The State
		The Heaviest Wave
	7. Hakim Sanai
		Man Asleep
		The Sealed Book
		Levels of Truth
		Means and End
		The Infant
		How and Why
		Follow the Path
	8. Jalaludin Rumi
		How Far You Have Come!
		The Way
		The Four Men and the Intepreter
		I am the Life of My Beloved
		The Owls and the King's Hawk
		Another Dimension
		Profiting by Experience
		He was in No Other Place
		Those Who Know, Cannot Tell
		Joha and Death
		Intelligence and Real Perception
		True Reality
		The Human Spirit
		Detachment Brings Perceptions
		Thou and I
		Two Reeds
		What Shall I Be
		The Man of God
		The Science
		Dust on the Mirror
		Action and Words
		The House
		Thin Task
		The Community of Love
		A Book
		Epitaph of Jalaludin Rumi

	1. Chishti
		Cause and Effect
		The Garden
		The Group of Sufis
		When Death is Not Death
		The Spare Room
		The Seven Brothers
		Camel's Eye View
		The Oath
		'The Sufi is a Liar'
		On Music
		How Man Raises Himself Higher
		The Mystery of the Sufis
	2. Qadiri
		The Rose of Baghdad
		The Vine
		The Teacher and the Dog
		States and Jackals
		The Horrid Dib-Dib
		The Thief, the Shopkeeper and the Law
		Help His Friends
		The Pay and the Work
		The Plant
		Th Transmission of *Baraka*
	3. Suhrawardi
		Ben Yusuf the Carpenter
		The Girl Who Came Back from the Dead
		The Parable of the Host and the Guests
		Saying of Sheikh Ziaudin
		Three Candidates
		That Makes Me Think of...
	4. Naqshbandi
		How the Order Came Into Being
		Three Visits to a Sage
		One Way of Teaching
		The Successor
		The Most Ancient Masters
		Why I Did That
		Indirect Teaching
		The Air of Qasr-El-Arifin
		Bahaudin's Answers
		The Sufi Who Called Himself a Dog
		Cherished Notions
		Naqshbandi Recital
		Sentences of the Khajagan
		Miracles and Tricks
		Studies and Caravans
		The Inner Exercises
		On Your Religion
		The Palace of the Enlightened
	A Meeting with Khidr
	Hasan of Basra
	What Man Really Knows (Juzjani)
	Sufian Thauri (Ghazali)
	Sin (Sufian Thauri)
	Man Must be in the Correct State
	Bayazid Bistami
	Class (Ibn el-Mubarak)
	Names (Zabardast Khan)
	Bayazid Bistami
	Service (Rabia el-Adawia)
	To be a Believer (attributed to Ali)
	The Blacksmith of Nishapur (Hujwiri: _The Revelation of the Veiled_)
	Shibli and Junaid
	Ghulam Haidar of Kashmir
	Eat No Stones
	Why the Dog Could Not Drink
	Demonstration of Training
	What the Devil Said
	The Four Sheikhs and the Caliph
	A Matter of Honour
	Fudail the Hiwayman and His Child
	Problems of Generosity
	Th Fortune of Man
	The Flower and the Stone
	Man Believes What He Thinks is True
	Why Way Round is Right?
	The Master
	Hilali of Smarkand
	The Curse of the Beduin
	Why the Dervish was at Court
	The Compulsion to Teach
	Time for Learning
	If I Ask and They Refuse
	How You Should Think of Me
	Mohammed Shah, Murshid of Turkestan
	Why the Dervish Hides Himself (Munaqib El-Arifin)
	Prayers for the Dead
	Thauri on Contemplation
	Strange Agitation
	The Ass
	Responsibility of the Teacher
	The Jewel (El-Shafai)
	Bayazid Bistami
	The Idol
	Money (Dhun-Nun/Sufian Thauri/Ibrahim Ibn-Adam)
	The Delightful Village (Yahya Razi)
	The Essentials, Conduct and Occasion (Abu-Hafs)
	The Complete Man (Rasul Shah/Nawab Jan-Fishan Khan/Hadrat 
                             Abul-Hasan Khirqani/Baba Tahir Uryan)
	Travel -- With and Without a Vehicle (Niffari/Bishr-Al-Hafi/
    	          Hudhaifa/Ibn Abbas/The Prophet/The Caliph Ali)
	Those Who Worship the Externals (Shabistari)
	Worship (Rumi)
	Asceticism (Rumi)
	The Beloved (Rumi)
	Emptiness (Sanai, _Hadiqa_)
	Hunger (Sanai, _Hadiqa_)
	The Beings of God (Sanai, _Hadiqa_)
	Praying For Oneself
	Sentimentality (Bishr Ibn El-Harith)
	The Patched Robe (Attar, _Ilahi-Nama_)
	Prayer of Saadi (Saadi, _Gulistan_)
	Seeing (Hafiz)
	The Aspect of the Dervish (Hafiz)
	The Generous Man
	Destruction of a Town
	The Magic Horse
	The Cradle
	The Three Deaf Men and the Dumb Dervish
	My Lady Fatima and the Animals
	Moses and the Shepherd
	The Cap of Invisibility
	The King and the Wolf
	The Watermelon Hunter
	His Excellency
	Do More Than Laugh at Fools
	The Happiest Man in the World
	The Sheep and the Purse (Rumi)
	The Indian Bird (Rumi)

	1.Solitary Contemplation Themes
		To be a Sufi (Abu Said)
		What Must Come (Abu Said)
		Worship (Rabia)
		The Door
		Like Calls to Like
		Fruit and Thistles
		When Avicenna Met Abu Said
		The Sufi Call (Salik Hamzavi)
		Bread (Harith Muhasibi)
		Benefit (Al-Nasafi)
		Point of View (Mirza Khan, _Ansari_)
		Teachers, Teachings, Taught (Musa Kazim)
		Service and Mastership (Tirmizi)
		Perception and Explanation (Haji Bektash)
		To a Would-Be Dervish (Khwaja Hafiz of Shiraz)
		Sufism (Ibn El-Jalali: "Sufism is truth without form.")
		Becoming What One Can Become (Sayad Imam Ali Shah)
		Good and Evil (Shabistari)
		Remedy (Hazrat Ali)
		The World (Shabistari, _Gulshan-i-Raz_)
		Direction (Hafiz)
		Sufi Literature (Ajmal of Bardakhshan)
		Research (Hafiz)
		Dumbness (Nizami)
		The Pearl (Hafiz)
		Happiness and Sadness (Ibn-Idris El-Shafai)
		Real Goodness (Bayazid)
		Death (Uwais El-Qaarni)
		Commenting on a Recluse (Sahl)
		Eight Qualities of a Sufi (Junaid of Baghdad)
		Where it Went (Hasan of Basra)
		Affinities (Simabi)
		Riches (El-Zubeir son of Abu-Bakr)
		Discilpleship (Zulfikar son of Jangi)
		'I' (Abu-Hasan El-Shadhili)
		Small Change (Ibn Ikbal)
		What Looks After You (Ali)
		Destructive (The Prophet)
	2. A Sufi Notebook (Pahlawan-i-Zaif)
		Faith and Religion
		Study in the World
		Dervish Assemblies
		Differences Between Schools
		Parable, Idiom and Metaphor
		Higher Levels of Understanding
		Annoyance and Unconcernedness
		Reading, Hearing, Being Present
		Hope and Fear
	The Price
	The Gardener
	The Caravanserai
	The Book
	Religion (Alauddin Attar)
	The Meaning of Culture
	What Sufism Teaches (Sheikh El-Islam Zakaria Ansari)
	Choosing (Hujwiri)
	The Way in Which They Bring Their Teaching (Arif Yahya)
	Formula of Osman of the West
	Eternal Sufism (Ibn El-Farid)
	The Seed of Sufi Knowledge (Bayazid Bistami)
	In the Presence of a Wise One (Mirza Asim)
	The Aim (Ablahi Mutlaqtar)
	To the Prince (The _Hanama_ of Arifi)
	The Assemblies of Wisdom (The Qalandar Bahadur Shah)
	How the Search for Knowledge is Frustrated (Azamia Dervishes)
	The Prelude to Realization (Hafiz)
	Symptoms (Hamami)
	Remembering (Sheikh Ismail Hakki)
	The Problem of Music (Ibn Hamdan)
	Wild Utterances (Ibn Ata)
	The Atom (Sayed Ahmad Hatif)
	Thou Art There (Haykali)
	To Reach the Degree of Truth (Junaid of Baghdad/Abu-Shafiq of Balkh)
	Obedience (Anisa Imtihani)
	That Which You Admire in the Sufis (Musa Kazim)
	The Path and the Gate (Hujwiri)
	What to Do and What to Have Done (Khawwas)
	Saving Oneself (Anis Ahmad ibn El-Alawi)
	The Tattooed Lion (Rumi)
	The Saint and Essence (Shabistari)
	Evolution (Rumi)
	Dark and Light (Hafiz)
	Immortality (Ali)
	Fools and Wickedness (The Prophet)
	Men and Knowledge (Jesus, son of Mary, according to 
                             the Book of Amu-Darya)
	Men and Kings (Abu El-Aswad
	If You Like Ascenticism (Hasan of Basra)
	Think (Sahl of Tustar)
	What is Identity?
	What the Wise Do (Abdullah ibn Mubarak)
	The Answer (zauqi)
	Sleeping (Mir Yahya Kashi)
	Man (Astrabadi)
	The Dog and the Blows (Shibli)
	The Price (Fighani)
	We are Alive (Abu-Talib Kalim)
	What is Virtue? (Hamid Qalindoz)
	Knowing (Sarmoun Recital)
	The Swimmer (Latif Ahmad)
	The Teacher
	Touching the Patchwork Robe (Halima Hanim)
	The Celestial Apple
	What is Sufism? (Idris ibn-Ashraf)
	Remembering (Haji Bahaudin, Dervish of Bokhara)
	Knowledge - Action - Love (Rauf Mazari, _Naizi_)
	Symbols (Khwaja Pulad of Erivan)
	This Alone is True (Hakim Tahirjan of Kafkaz)
	The Unity of Knowledge (Khwaja Salahudin of Bohkara)
	Now That I am Dead (Mirza Abdul-Hadi Khan of Bokhara)
	Baraka (Sheikh Shamsudin Siwasi)
	The People of the House (The 'Servant of the People of the House',
	              in _That Which is Most Hidden_)
	Knowledge (Sayed Najmuddin)
	On Entering, Living in -- and Leaving -- the World (Hashim the 
	              Sidqi, on Rumi)
	Studying with the Famous (Ghazali/Badakhshani/Abdurahman of Bengal/
	              Zikiria ibn El-Yusufi/Talib Shamsi Ardabili/Mustafa 
	              Qalibi of Antioch/Khwaja Ali Ramitani, addressing 
	              a Yemeni delegation)
	'Differences' in Sufi Teaching (Ahmed El-Badawi)
	Which Do You Seek -- Appearance or Reality? (Nawab Jan-Fishan Khan)
	The Sufi Path (Insan-i-Kamil/Zalim Abdurrahman)
	The Sufi (Salik)
	The Martyrs (Itibari)
	Teachings of the Sufis (Abdal Ali Haidar)
	How Strange a Thing is Man (Oration of Qalandar Puri)
	Congregations (Abd-El-Majid Tanti)
	Imitations and Honesty (Haidar-i-Sirdan)
	Man and Teacher (Mudir Ali Sabri)
	Obedience (Umm El-Hasan)
	Growth, Deterioration and Renewal (Nawab Mohammed Ali Shah,
	Readings in Sufi Philosophy (Hadrat Bahaudin Naqshband)
	Sufism and Islam (Mohammed Ali El-Misri)
	Deep Understanding (Rais Tchaqmaqzade)
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