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Religion and Sufism

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From: (haramullah)
Subject: Religion and Sufism
Date: 7 Jan 1998 21:27:58 -0800

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assalam alaykum, my kin. quotes al-Ghazzali:
# "The essence of religion is love. . . . The love of God may be 
# of two kinds.  Some love Him for His bounties, others for His 
# perfect beauty irrespective of bounties.  The former love 
# increases according to bounties received, but the latter love 
# is the direct result of the contemplation of His perfect
# attributes and is constant even in tribulations."
# (This translation by Syed Nawab Ali was published in "Some Moral 
# and Religious Teachings of al-Ghazzali" [Lahore: Muhammad Ashraf], 
# p. 131-148.)
there is much discussion once again about the sovereignty of Islam with
respect to sufism.  it seems we are so many people jumping up and down on
Luna, digging our flags in deeper, still deeper, laying claim.  here
is a portion of text from sources apparently being disputed here: Idries
Shah's relation of Naqshbandi wisdom:

	On Your Religion

	Thoughout the dervish literature you will find us
	saying repeatedly that we are not concerned with
	your religion or even with the lack of it.  How
	can this be reconciled with the fact that believers
	consider themselves the elect?

	Man's refinement is the goal, and the inner
	teaching of all the faiths aims at this.  In order
	to accomplish it, there is always a tradition
	handed down by a living chain of adepts, who select
	candidates to whom to impart this knowledge.

	Among men of all kinds this teaching has been
	handed down.  Because of our dedication to the
	essence, we have, in the Dervish Path, collected
	those people who are less concerned about externals,
	and thus kept pure, in secret, our capacity to
	continue the succession.  In the dogmatic religion
	of the Jews, the Christians, the Zoroastrians, the
	Hindus and literalist Islam this precious thing
	has been lost.

	We return this vital principle to all these
	religions and this is why you will see so many Jews,
	Christians and others among my followers.  The Jews
	say that we are the real Jews, the Christians,

	It is only when you know the Higher Factor that you
	will know the true situation of the present
	religions and of unbelief itself.  And unbelief
	itself is a religion with its own form of belief.

	Ahmad Yasavi
	_The Way of the Sufi_, by Idries Shah, 
	  Arkana Books, 1990; p. 171.

Shah's _The Sufis_ makes some simlar points with respect to the
relationship between religion and sufism.  it is for this reason
that I found it valuable to begin the construction of an agreed
language which could break through the semantical barriers and
allow a suitable consortium of like-minded ecumenism:

peace be with you,

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