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Cyberislam in the New Frontier

From: (haramullah)
Subject: Cyberislam in the New Frontier (was Dhikr by typing...)

50000321 IVom Happy Equinox!

assalam alaykum, my kin.

a correspondent wrotes:
> We can use these four [arrow] keys to say the four words in the 
> phrase:"La ilah ila Allah"....

> If you make the click rhyme with your heart as musical instrument, by 
> using your four fingers of the right hand, except the thumb, (each finger 
> appointed to a key), you may see that you can make it match your words, as an 
> associate rhyme. If you imagine that many people across the world, are at the 
> very same time making such rhyme, whispering "La ilah ila Allah", with you, 
> just as can feel its beauty. 

nice. I was taught to say it with 5 parts. so here's a Cybermuslim 
Testimony of Faith (cybershahadah):

	La	ila    ha     illa      'Llah
	a        s     d       f       

     Muhammma   dun   rasu     lu       'Llah
	;        l     k       j       

recited at the time of rest on the qwerty keyboard. it occurs to me
that this could be called the First Pillar of Cyberislam.

the Second Pillar of Cyberislam might be 5 times a day sending
prayers in the direction of the Ka'ab. what is the Ka'ab of 
cyberspace? would it be a mainframe resident to Mecca, or one 
like (currently under construction!) or
("" does not yet appear to exist). perhaps the prayers 
could go to a usenet newsgroup like alt.islam, alt.religion.islam, 
alt.religion.islam, or maybe alt.islam.salat. maybe they could 
be uttered in IRC's #islam or a channel #salat.

my helpful wife suggests also that a netminder could interrupt 
all programs currently underway with an "Allah Akhbar!" and then 
a picture of the Ka'ab in Mecca, perhaps with instructions to 
begin prayers after turning a precise number of degrees clockwise
(if one did not simply face the computer screen). perhaps such a
program already exists!
the Third Pillar of Cyberislam might be actually going to the
world wide website at, or posting to alt.kaaba, 
alt.mecca, or IRC's #mecca or #kaaba.

the Fourth Pillar of Cyberislam might be sending credit card
donations to a charity of one's choice after the family book-
keeping program has indicated one's financial health and the
proper percentage for donation. perhaps one which provided
computers to the needy would be appropriate.

the Fifth Pillar of Cyberislam would be the most difficult.
how to fast in cyberspace? ah! when Ramadan comes around it
is imperative that during daytime (hmm, *is* there daytime
in cyberspace?) one must never accept a cookie at a website.

and of course the more controversial Sixth Pillar of 
Cyberislam could be practiced in a variety of ways, including
posting to alt.the-jihad, or participating in religious
defense of internet forums (IRC, usenet, even MUDs). my wife
suggests that jihads might be accomplished upon the Christian
newsgroups, but I am unsure that this would constitute "defense".

I can see it now: cyber-meetings of imams discerning the
interpretation of Shariah, providing updates to the faithful
about the condition of the Nation of Islam (not the org).

> Then, ask yourself  how many people can participate in that 
> Dhikr in the future?. 

numbers are less important than the dedication and intensity
of those who do participate.
> But then feel how powerful that can be! Then, you'll know that the 
> experienced people in the path in this list were right, and the guidance of a 
> Shiekh is needed....someone who has an inner consciousness and can be 
> connected with every participant, and take them within, who can sense that 
> power and can calm the tone of clicking or fasten it as needed. Sometimes, it 
> takes experience or taste for someone to understand what the others are 
> saying. I felt how that could be awesome and that it is a great 
> responsibility.

> But the idea is beautiful and is needed, and the future holds its potential, 
> otherwise I would not have got that inspiration. As for the time being, we 
> can only warm our hands by approaching such ideas, and trying it 
> individually, leaving the future for Allah to unfold.

and imagine the extent to which this might apply in the New Frontier.

peace be with you,


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