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You Looking For Me?

To: (McDermott)
From: "" 
Subject: Re: You Looking For Me?
Date: Thu, 9 Sep 1999 10:38:14 -0700 (PDT)

49990909 IVom Happy Satan Day!

# I'm collecting contact information for our class alumni,
# for our upcoming class reunion on Friday, November 12.

sounds fine.
# I'd like your permission to add you to our egroup,
#, which
# we're using as an online method for keeping
# everyone up-to-date on what's up with the reunion.

that'd be great, thanks.
# Also, please email me your mailing address and
# phone number so I may add them to my database.
# Reunion invitations will be mailed within one week.


tyagi nagasiva
6632 Covey Road
Forestville, CA 95436


# Re: McDermott(?), I married Don McDermott from our class.

I wondered. makes sense. congratulations if I haven't offered
them previously. I remembered Don when I saw the email address.
# And, just in case you really have no recollection of who I am :),
# I was your jr prom date.

oh I remembered you when I read 'Trish' and heard that someone
was looking for me through David Davis/David DiSalvo/June Delaine. ;>
I was just removing some of my old pictures from my mother's house
since she is about to move to Florida and saw our prom picture, so
you came readily to mind.
# PS what is IVOM? 

IV -- Fourth Year of the Adversarial Aeon; Satanist demarcation;
      a recognition that humans are at war with wildlife and we
      are not taking this lying down

om -- expostulation of my dedication to an Indian goddess (Kali)
      (thus also my name change, btw)
# assuming your email says we're in year 4999
# of whatever it is. . . unable to locate any info on it on the web.

year 4999 of the Kali Yuga; the last in a series of time cycles
declining in size (and quite symbolic in nature):

	432,000 years x 4 = Golden Age
	432,000 years x 3 = Silver Age
	432,000 years x 2 = Bronze Age
	432,000 years x 1 = Iron (Black/Kali) Age

this latter is said to contain the qualities of chaos,
human social disintegration, moral decay, all the bad
things. kinda like how our parents' generation sometimes
complains about how everything used to be better when
they were young, and their parents before them. at the
end of the Kali Yuga (year 432,000, only 427,000 more
years to go! :>) various scenarios are laid out by the
popular Indian cosmologists. I like the one where Kali
(or whatever god of destruction is favored) lays waste
to it all and the cosmos comes to a shuddering end.

many favor the recycling restart and Western writers
("The Tao of Physics" by Capra as well as many others
like "The Dancing Wu Li Masters" by Zukav, even Sagan
in "Cosmos") like to point out the similarity between
this temporal duration in cycles and the scientific
analysis of an oscillating Big Bang (provided that
there is sufficient mass to lead to re-integration).

for more information on much of this you may find it

especially in the Usenet/Kali and Usenet/Hinduism/
directories. enjoy!  I'll watch for your email about
the reunion. 

thanks again and blessed beast!

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