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Wanted, Tantric Consort

To: alt.magick.tantra,alt.magick,
From: catherine yronwode 
Subject: Re: Wanted, Tantric Consort
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999 13:34:06 -0700

Greenlight wrote:
> Although many are being "humorous" here, the following "might" be
> informative to some?
> Cat replied:
> "The soft cotton string down the old  nostrils trick is child's play.
> We're taking entire G.I. tract flossing here! It has been claimed to
> have been done. Grainy photos of near-naked saddhus, circa 1910, with
> long, long, long strips of light-weight cotton gauze cloth going down
> their gullets do exist.  
> The "basic" practice is called vastra dhauti where a lubricated 
> tightly woven (usually linen) cloth about three inches wide and double 
> hemmed is swallowed (into stomach only). 
> [snip]

Thanks for the corrected information. I had this from (as i noted) some
old-time book, where it was described under "human oddities," not with
much respect, alas. 

> Cat says: "But we're talking weird saddhu stuff here. Not for 
> everyone. Guys who sever the suspensory ligament on their penis and 
> stretch and stretch and stretch it until they can wind it up and tie 
> it in a knot around a stick. Photos exist."
> Cat, is there a way I can see that photo? Can you post it on a web 
> site, reference it,  or tell me where I can find it?  Hard to see any 
> purpose of that one, so is this simply my own naive gullibility to 
> your humor again?

The recent (and still in print) book "Saddhus" discusses this, with full
colour photos of contemporary Indian saddhus weighting their penises
down with rocks to stretch them to the ground. For older photos,
including those of men with their lengthened penises wound around
sticks, see the "REsearch" issue called "Modern Primitives" ("REsearch
is a series of book-length magazines, and as far as i know, all issues
are still in print). The "Modern Primitives" issue is not about tantra
per se, but rather about body modification. However, to ge to the
religious material specifically, see the chapter that contains a legnthy
interview with Fakir Musafa, who collects such old photos and has had
the ligament-severing proceedure performed upon himself. He describes
the surgery in detail and argues its pros and cons as a spiritual

The "idea" behind it is to render the penis incapable of ejaculation.
Literal-minded tantric students have long sought such shprt-cuts to

catherine yronwode 
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