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TKDong: right and left handed tantra

From: (Cyronwode)
Subject: Re: TKDong: right and left handed tantra
Date: 9 Oct 1995 17:15:45 -0400 wrote: 
> Hi all dharamadilos! What is the difference between  right handed tantra
> and left handed tantra? The difference based on the lack of yab-yum 
> deities or it also belong to the difference on practice? 
> In my country as well as in China, the monks are not allowed to get 
> married, and I never see a statue of Bodhisattva or a Buddha or a Heruka, 
> Dharmapalas in position of sexual union lock as those of Tibet. The  
> Japanese mikkyo seems very familiar to the Tantric tradition in my 
> country as in China. 
> Thanks for all your generosity! 
> May Three Jewels always blessed all of sentient beings!

I am no expert on the differences between right hand and left hand tantra,
but it is my understanding that what is now called "left hand" derives
from ancient Dravidian practices and that what is called "right hand"
derives from Aryan practices. 

This split between sex-based union with the divine and mind-based union
with the divine can also be seen in the Western tradition -- and for the
same reason, namely, the long-ago conquering of "hedonistic"
nature-religion cultures by waves of invaders who practiced a "chaste"
religion. As in Asia, the conquerers could not completely suppress the
indigenous culture, which survived in remote areas or as inclusions of
"hedonism" in the dominant "chaste" rites. 

The surviving fragments of the Old European sexual-union religions of the
pre-Proto-Indo-European invasion era (cf Marija Gimbutas, Riane Eisler et
al) are sometimes referred to as Dionysian and the conquering P.I.E.
religions based around inner mental work are sometimes referred to as
Apollonian. (The names Dionysian and Appolonian are meant to evoke the
Greek rituals of Dionysus, which included orgiastic worship, and Apollo,
which did not.) Dionysian rituals are equivalent to left hand tantra;
Apollonian rituals are equivalent to right hand tantra.

Cf. Riane Eisler's "The Chalice and the Blade" for an interesting look at
the paradigm shift from sex-union worship to patriarchal sky-god worship.
And do not confuse Eisler's thesis with "goddess worship" as popularized
by neo-pagan feminists; her contention is that there never were
"matriarchal goddess-worshipping cultures" prior to the rise of
patriarchal god-worshipping cultures; instead, she contends that it was
sexual union itself that was worshipped, ala "left hand tantra" today. 

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