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Siddha Quest for Immortality

To: alt.magick.tantra
From: "Guru Deva" 
Subject: Siddha Quest for Immortality
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 03:26:20 GMT

Vanakam Sakti Devotees

This book By Professor Kamil V Zvelebil called "Siddha Quest for
Immortality"  is about sexual alchemical and medical secrets of the Tamil
Siddhas, the poets of the powers.  I must for Shaktas.

In South India there is a society where priests and lay people claim
supernatural powers. Where a sophisticated medical system underlies a quest
for physical longevity and psychic immortality. And where arcane and sexual
rituals take place that are far removed from the Brahmanic tradition of the
rest of India.

That society is the Tamil Siddhas. In the Siddha Quest for Immortality world
Tamil expert K Zvelebil offers a vivid picture of these people: their
religious beliefs, their magical rites, their alchemical practices, their
complex system of medicine, and their inspired tradition of poetry.

In the Poets of the Powers, Zvelebil introduced English speakers, for the
first time, to the astonishing power of Siddha writing. The Siddha Quest for
Immortality includes many newly- translated examples of poetry that is
deeply religious but not without humour. But physical longevity was also
central to Siddha belief, and fascinating chapters on Siddha medicine
describe routines by which one can maintain health, and tell how drugs are
created from such varied ingredients as cowdung, human urine, honey, oil,
and milk.

K Zvelebil, (Professor Emeritus of the Universities of Chicago and Utrecht)
is an ordained Buddhist and world-renowned expert on south Indian Languages
and culture. He has written many books including the Lexicon of Tamil
Literature. The Siddha Quest for Immortality makes available for the first
time, secrets of tantrik sexual magick and alchemy to both scholars and
general readers.

Part of a Tantrik-Siddha Ritual
'In the centre of a ritual circle...sits a chosen woman, completely naked,
who symbolizes Devi, i.e., Sakti...caste or community is of absolutely no
importance in the selection of this woman...This Sakti, thoroughly washed
and perfumed all over her body with various perfums sits on a sort of
pedestal with widely spread legs so that her yoni (vulva) is well visible.
The leading Siddha will kiss the yoni, and bless various non-vegetarian
foodstuffs through the contact with the yoni by touching and rubbing with
them the vulva of the Sakti. Then these offerings are distributed among the
participants and consumed...'

The Siddha Quest for Immortality
'While the non-Siddha proclaims that, in order to escape the wheel of
birth-and-death the only course open to man is the attainment of spiritual
freedom crowned by physical, bodily death, the Siddha maintains that one
must overcome physical death in this life itself and 'live forever'...the
great work that lies before man is to purify one's body and sanctify one's
life, and integrate the two...into one eternal monad, so that body and life
become identical.'

The Poets of the Powers
'Siddha writings are at once most thrilling, even sensational but at the
same time the darkest and only very little-known texts in Tamil. They
represent a complex and provocative puzzle: flashes of stunning intuition,
knowledge, even deep wisdom as well as results of effective practice seem to
be mixed with incredible naivete, hardly acceptable superstitions, and dark
and amazing claims.'

Plagiarists and impostors?
'Even Indians themselves, when raised on the niceties of early twentieth
century English or Anglo- Indian culture, described the Siddhas as
"plagiarists and impostors", "eaters of opium and dwellers in the land of
dreams, their conceit knowing no bounds."'

Siddha Iconoclasm
'You begging bullocks!
In ochre robes,
with matted hair,
with water-vessels,
rosary-beads and walking sticks,
you have forsaken your women
and roam about the country wide and large
begging for a grain of boiled rice!

Tat Twam Asi

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