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Male ejaculation control

To: alt.magick.tantra
From: "Emir Halilovic" 
Subject: Re: Male ejaculation control
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 23:58:40 +0200

Sienna555  wrote in message
> Ok,so from what you say here, and from what I understand about
> from other paths I have followed, Left hand Tantra is like utilizing the
> from conflict to release your negative energy buildups to clear your
> (i.e. the CM practice of "evoking and slaying personal demons).  Right
> Tantra is looking at the negative energy and trying to get rid of it
before it
> creates conflict in the first place, so that your personal energy is
> before you attempt the enlightenment exercises. (equal to CM's Kaballistic
> Meditations)   Did I get this right?
Ah, no, although you're on a right track. In Tantra no energy is described
as negative. Energy is harmful when it's utilized by your ego (i.e.
conglomerate of samskaras (inborn mechanisms), and conditioning
("upbringing", "education", "social values"...). When ego uses your energy,
you can become mentally disturbed, neurotic, and even physically ill
(psychosomatic illnesses). When you start the Work, you have a certain
quantum of energy. With the techniques, you are increasing that quantum.
Internal conflicts also create energy (it's called tapas - austerity
(literally, purification with fire), and is part of a Right hand path. Every
desire you don't fulfill creates a conflict, from that conflict arises an
amount of energy, desire strengthens, you don't fulfill it, so the desire
finally dies out, and you're left with all the energy! Nice, isn't it.). In
Left Hand path techniques, you utilize energy vested in a sexual act (and
sexual relations, mind sexuality, etc..) for your personal growth. Example -
you practice maithuna with your partner, the energy builds up, by
controlling the energy flow, you direct it to the higher chakras, and one
day WHAM - kundalini shoots straight up, and one of your chakras is open.
The problematic part in my previous sentence is "controlling the energy flow
and directing it to the higher chakras". In this thread we discussed how the
men do it, but we didn't discuss how the women do it. That is an important
issue, so, ladies, it's your turn now. I'm emphasizing female role in
maithuna because of following:

a) In maithuna woman has a leading role (as a personification of S'akti, she
has to be the active principle)

b)Women have more to gain in maithuna ( I personally met, say, five women
who had opening (awakening) of chakras during the maithuna, and only one
man ) - that's an incentive, but for many not strong enough to lead them to
higher states of consciousness instead of orgasms (mountain, valley, beach,
multiple and other varieties)

c)Women have less to lose in maithuna (in sense of energy loss - guess why
most of the men want to sleep after sex, and most of the women don't)

About Right Hand path you're more on the point, if you lose the term
"negative energy".  In RHP techniques, you just don't go near the fire (i.e.
risky, high power techniques) - you build your energy up by other, less
perilous means - yoga, tai-chi, kung-fu, zazen...sufi qawwal and zik'r,
alchemy...whatever you can utilise.

> Thanks, also, for the vocabulary at the end of your post.

You're welcome. I'll do it in this post, too, with the terms not explained
"on the spot".


Kundalini S'akti (or just Kundalini)- "serpentine energy". In yogic and
tantric tradition, human quantum of energy lies in the lowest of chakras
(mooladhara), It is visualized as a black snake, curled and sleeping. With
the techniques, you "wake up" the snake, and make it go upwards, so it can
open other chakras.

Chakras - energetic centers. There are seven of them. From bottom to the top
they are -

mooladhara (from "mool" - "root") - seat of the Kundalini S'akti. ".
Anatomically, its based on perineum (men), or cervix (women). This
positioning (as for all the others) is not absolute, for the chakras are in
the energetic, and not the physical body. Element earth. Color dark red.

swadisthana - literally "ones own abode" - Impurity in this center causes
complete inability for spiritual work. Blocked energy powers only the "basic
instincts", which are seated here. Also, it's home of the subconscious,
collective unconscious and so on. Based in the spinal column, just behind
the pelvic bone. Element water. Color vermilion.

manipura - "the city of jewels". Fire pit - person who works on this chakra
can gain immense physical energy, but can also turn into an obnoxious (not
to mention aggressive) mf. On this chakra most of the martial arts put the
accent on ( Japanese call it "hara"). Also it's the place where prana (upper
body energy) meets apana (lower body energy). Element, of course, fire.
Color bright yellow. Placed also in the spinal column, about an inch below
the navel level.

anahata - "unstruck". Heart chakra, center of all the psychic (therefore,
"unstruck" sounds), place where love becomes divine. Alas, also the place
where most of the real mystics end their spiritual development. Comforting
is that 99.99 percent of the population stays in first two, or three
chakras. Positioned in the spinal column, behind the chest plate. Color
blue. Element air.

vishuddhi - "purified". Center of the nectar and poison, according to the
pureness of the person. The person who reaches this chakra is referred to in
the Western traditions as "homo universalis". Only here the real
apprehension of "all is one" principle takes place. Ego leaves the helm, and
Divine Will takes over. Color violet. Element ether.

ajna - the famous "third eye". Center of higher seeing, and subtle mind.
Color silver blue. Element is said to be pure "cit", but I'm to tired to
explain it right now. Maybe some other time. Placed somewhere inside of the
head, but without definite point of existence. So-called "trigger points"
are brumaddhya (between the eyebrows), and "unknown point" in the middle of
the head.

sahasrara - "thousand pettaled lotus". Place where human becomes divine.
Located above the head - it exists only in the energetic body, not in the
physical. And is completely unimportant - once you reach it, you're done
with the human experience. The problems lie in lower chakras. Colors vary
according to sources. It is shining, in any case.....Element  - naturally  -

These seven are the most important. There are some others, but these are
usually taken as "braking points" in the development.

maithuna - spiritual sexual intercourse. I would, personally, leave the word
"sexual" out. In maithuna there is no sexuality, just consciousness and
energy. And Divine Love, of course.

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