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Kundalini Grounding

Subject: Kundalini Grounding

[ (Doug Freyburger) writes:

> In <> Tyagi Mordred Nagasiva  wrote
>>Paul Gillingwater ( writes:
>>|in each of the 3 degrees, then consider the triple energy of kundalini
>>|shakti (which you may recall needs to be earthed)... 
>>Nope, don't recall this.  Please furnish references or at least explain
>>why such energies would need to 'earthed' and what this means.  I always

OK, here's a reference: "The Occult Philosophy Concealed Within
Freemasonry", by Geoffrey Hodson.  And here's a quote from that book:

"The uncovering of ____, ____ and ______ each refer to the movement of
one of the three aspects of the Serpent Fire.  The _____ in particular
are bared in order that, symbolically, the physical body is brought into
direct connection with the Earth wherein the planetary Kundalini is
stored.  The external uncovering in all cases represents an interior
preparation by which a clearance of all obstructions such as sensuality,
self-centredness and egotism taks place."

To explain further, as per my limited understanding; human beings have a
personal Kundalini, which normally sleeps within the base of the spine.
The nadis, or channels within the subtle body, extend throughout the
etheric body or "double", and normally remain blocked so that only
limited amounts of K. can pass through.  Certain practices, especially
e.g. yoga kriyas, can "cleanse" these nadis, and allow the energy to
circulate more easily.  This is but a prepatory step.  Then when
conditions and motive are correct, the Kundalini itself can be activated
through certain processes involving the hind-brain, possibly involving
breathing exercises that "fool" the reptilian portion of our brains into
thinking that death is approaching.  Assuming that the channels are
clear, and the energies are correctly guided through the body, they will
follow a spiral (or serpentine) path through the body to the head, where
they meet within the brain, activating certain dormant centres, and
eventually giving rise to controlled clairvoyance and the ability to
leave the body at will.

Personal Kundalini is augmented by Planetary Kundalini, and a circuit is
established more easily when the feet are in contact with the earth.
Note that all these things don't necessarily happen with every Masonic
initiation, passing or raising.  Instead, they are symbolic of rites
that actually occur in the Greater Mysteries, where full activation is
more likely to occur, however some small effects may occur depending
upon the individual.

>>had the impression that shakti WAS earth-power and that the goal of many
>>systems of Yoga is to control this 'She-serpent' and make Her climb the
>>spinal column (metaphorically or no) and unite with some sort of 'Shiva-
>>energy' (often a kind of wisdom/sky-consciousness-stuff).

That's certainly a reasonably accurate description.

> A professor at a recent class in meditation taught us that
> when we got "too much" energy from chakra meditation, we
> should use grounding to dissipate it.  He left the
> definition of "too much" up to each of us.

Quite good advice.  IMHO chakra meditation can be somewhat dangerous
without clear guidance from someone who has successfully awakened
their own kundalini, and is operating with correct motives.
-- (Paul Gillingwater)
Home Office in Vienna, Austria

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