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     * Subject: Re: Demise of Aryan Racial/Invasion Theory
     * From: (SV Singam)
     * Date: 23 Nov 1995 01:58:43 GMT
     * Approved: srh 
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     _________________________________________________________________ (Charles Swett) wrote: ...

>Thank you for your brilliant analysis of the Aryan invasion theory.  I
>have been wondering about all this for a long time, and I had taken my
>understanding of the history from the writings of the French scholar,
>Alain Danielou.  He wrote that Shivaism was indeed indigenous to India
>with origins in the most distant antiquity, greatly predating the
>arrival of the Aryans, and that it was incorporated into the Vedic
>system which was brought to India by the Aryans.  I am still confused,
>though, about the historical relationship between Shiva, Rudra,
>Murugan, and "Ahn," which Danielou gave as the name of a pre-Shiva
>deity in a "now-forgotten language."

I am no scholar of History. However the subject fascinates me and I do
read a little and pick up ideas from here and there.

I have read that there are some similarities between ancient Indian
artifacts and those from pre-Christian Europe. The theory is that the
Aryans shared a common history and art and carried this wherever they
travelled; thus the similarities.

One strange fact sticks out. Pre-Christian Europe has no written
history; only an oral tradition. The only records of this period can
be found as decorations on the huge crosses erected by the Christians.

The Vedic culture on the other hand is very rich. If the Aryans are
the people who brought this culture into India, how did they lose all
traces of it on their journey to Europe? Is it not more plausible that
even if there was a migration of light skinned people into India, the
Vedic culture is indigenous (sp!)?

India is often described as a sub-continent. It is large enough and
with enough of physical barriers that independant cultures can evolve
with little interaction. While Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra are recognised
as the Vedic trinity, Shiva appears to have been the equivalent of the
Supreme God in the Dravidian south. Subsequent comparisons seem to
have equated the qualities of the less important Rudra with Shiva and
then elevated his status to equivalence with Brahma and Vishnu.
Similarly, Muruga, who is also referred to as Kantha in Tamil seems to
have been equated with Skanda who is a deity from the north-west(?).

Please note that I am only viewing the above from a perspective of
historical interest. It is very likely  that some of my suggestions
have been found to be incorrect. If anyone has a different
understanding, I will be very keen to learn it.

As to the religious perspective, I believe that God, no mattter what
name or symbol is assigned, is the same everywhere.


  SV Singam
Minden, Penang

Truth, viewed from any angle, remains truth.
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