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Satan and Horned Gods

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Subject: Re: Satan and Horned Gods (was Re: Satanic Witch Question...)
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 1998 19:08:33 -0600

In article <>,
  Joe Jefferson  wrote:
> The Pan of OC wrote:
> >
> > joshua geller wrote:
> > >
> > > The Pan of OC  writes:
> > > > Joe Jefferson wrote:
> > > > > lorax666 wrote:
> > > > > > 49980301 aa2 Hail Satan!
> > > > > > Nekro" :
> > >
> > [snip]
> > > > You really need to consider the so-called 'Church Fathers' and the
> > > > cannonization of scriptures when thinking of such things. Those men were
> > > > motivated to create agreement between old and new testiment. There was
> > > > an enormous scism between the gnostic sects and the Church Fathers who
> > > > set about discrediting all forms of Chritianity that did not conform to
> > > > their extremely narrow views. All this was purely politically motivated.
> > > > For example, some sects of gnostics believed that the serpent in Genesis
> > > > was the first appearance of Christ on earth and not Satan as was the
> > > > interpretation of the Church Fathers.
> > >
> > > why are you preaching? why are you assuming that dr. jefferson does
> > > not know about these things?
> >
> > I'm feeling a bit preachy today. I wasn't necessarily sharing this for
> > the sole benefit of Dr. Jefferson. I mostly post to hear myself talk and
> > somethimes it helps me feel important. Sometimes people thank me for my
> > posts and I really like that. I also take some pleasure in people
> > disliking my posts. I am very pleasure oriented.
> LOL! Sorry folks, I'm not a Dr. of anything. I'm just a humble
> anthropology student. (Okay, so maybe I'm not that humble.)
> Your post about the Church Fathers was interesting, but I'm not sure of
> its relevance since my previous post had to do with the concept of Satan
> in the books of Job and Zechariah - both of which were included in the
> Christian canon for precisely one reason: that being that they had
> already been included in the Jewish canon centuries earlier. The Jewish
> Bible and the Christian Old Testament are arranged slightly differently,
> but the content is identical.
> What is your basis for claiming that the struggle to keep Gnosticism out
> of the church was politically motivated as opposed to motivated by
> religious belief?

Read Irenaeus, Terullian and Epiphanus. The gnostics selected bishops by
throwing dice, granted women equal stature, and refused to acknowledged the
authority of the orthodox church, whom they regarded as Yaldabaoth's dupes.

The main reason the orthodox hated the gnostics though, is because the
gnostics refused to udergo matrydom. They considered the orthodox foolish for
sacrificing themselves to the demiurge at the time when many X-ian seemed
eager to become lion-food.

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