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Definition of pagan and its inclusion of satanists.

To: alt.pagan,tx.religion.pagan,alt.satanism
From: (Walter Five)
Subject: Re: Definition of "pagan" and its inclusion of satanists. (was Re: ADF)
Date: 10 Jun 1996 09:42:04 -0500

In article <4p3j23$>, Gwen Saylor  wrote:
> (Walter Five) wrote:
>>In article <4otrb5$>, Gwen Saylor  wrote:
>>> (Walter Five) wrote:
>>Many of the Gnostic Christians didn't beleive Jesus was "God" either. In
>>fact the whole "Ressurection" business didn't become part of the Official
>>Canon until the Council of Nicea, over 200 years after Yeheshua bin Miriam's
>>death. THAT was when the "Church" did its first editing of the various
>>Gospels and Holy Books that were being used at the time, and literally
>>dozens and dozens were cut out entirely, including those written by his
>>(possibly twin) brother, Thomas, and (his wife?) Miriam, the Magdelane, both
>>of whom the remaining "Gospels" identify as those who knew him best. 
>>My point being, that beleiving or disbelieveing in the "divinity" of Jesus
>>(as he is commonly known, although it wasn't his name) wasn't *even* one of
>>the original tenents that contituted a belief in "Christianity." In fact,
>>the idea and spirit of the "Christos" had been kicking around among the
>>pre-Jesus Gnostics for a couple of centuries before that bastard child was
>>ever born in Bethlehem. 
>But it *is* part of the Canon now.  We don't live then.  And I wasn't
>discussing then; I was discussing now.

As am I! For the first time in 1700 years we have access to the *real* works
of the Gnostics, their beliefs, logic, and practices. We can accurately
assess the changes that the Council of Nicea made, and question their intent
on these revisions, editings and deletions. Now I grant you that the Nag
Hammadi Codex don't exactly give fuel for the fire to the anti-Papist
Protestants either. They turn both the Protestant and Catholic Religions on
their ear. It also allows us to directly examine the charges of the
Heresiologists of that day. Until within the last 50 years, all we had to go
on was the criticisms of these anti-gnostics to puzzle out the actual
beliefs and practices of the Gnostics. It amazes me that the "True Seekers"
of the Church have not availed themselves of the Nag Hammadi Codex. It
amazes me that they have not been given the publicity of the "Dead Sea
Scrolls." These books *clearly* refute the Fundamentalist Movement, and show
it as the reactionary political intrigue it actually is. But aside from its
occasional mention by a few Unitarian/Universalist Theologists, Modern
Xianity seems intent upon ignoring its existence entirely. Why do you think
that is? 
>>Personally, I find little difference between the darker aspects of Paganism
>>and much of Modern Satanism, and what differences I *DO* find are usually
>>involved with either Ceremonialist and/or Chaos Magick. 
>Huh?  This seems to be said backwards.

Not at all. The differences involve those of the elements of Ceremonial
Magick and or Chaos Magick, its tenents and practices. There's very little
that's pagan about The Enochian Keys, for example. Or some of the varieties
of Sigil Magick out there.  I wouldn't neccesarily call Thee Temple ov
Psychik Youth "Pagan", but I've known some TOPY members who were comfortable
calling themselves Satanist, and Ceremonial Magician. Otherwise I think that
lesser Black Magick is to be found in many Pagan traditions, not just those
of the Strega and the Romanische.
>>Ever read any of the writings of Jack Parsons? There's a whole sub-set of
>>Thelemic and Magickal thought and philosophy on the subject. Is there much
>>of a call? Ask any Scarlet Woman! And of course read Crowley, Grant, Achad, 
>>et. al. I would also suppose that you've never seen a Gnostic Mass? Really,
>>if you're not familiar with these writers and Rituals, you HAVE missed out
>>on quite a lot!
>Oh, those guys....

Yeah, THOSE guys. It's an entire field of its own. Worth your eventual
investigation, when you can get around to it Gwen. Very relevant to many
of the subjects we're discussing here!

Yours in LVX

Walter Five
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