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                            Recorded by JULIAN,
                            Anchoress at NORWICH
                              Anno Domini 1371
                       In lumine tuo videbimus lumen.
                           A version from the MS.
                           in the BRITISH MUSEUM
                                 edited by
                               GRACE WARRACK
                             Methuen & Co. Ltd
                           34 Essex Street Strand
                            Image of Title Page
   [text based on the 1901 edition: scanned from later editions and
   proofread from the first edition -- spok]
   First Revelation -- Of His precious crowning with thorns; and
   therewith was comprehended and specified the Trinity, with the
   Incarnation, and unity betwixt God and man's soul; with many fair
   shewings of endless wisdom and teachings of love: in which all the
   Shewings that follow be grounded and oned.
   Second Revelation -- The changing of colour of His fair face in token
   of His dearworthy Passion.
   Third Revelation -- That our Lord God, Allmighty Wisdom, All-Love,
   right as verily as He hath made everything that is, all-so verily He
   doeth and worketh all-thing that is done.
   Fourth Revelation -- The scourging of His tender body, with plenteous
   shedding of His blood.
   Fifth Revelation That the Fiend is overcome by the precious Passion of
   Sixth Revelation The worshipful thanking by our Lord God in which He
   rewardeth His blessed servants in Heaven.
   Seventh Revelation -- [Our] often feeling of weal and woe; with
   ghostly understanding that we are kept all as securely in Love in woe
   as in weal, by the Goodness of God.
   Eighth Revelation -- Of the last pains of Christ, and His cruel dying.
   Ninth Revelation -- Of the pleasing which is in the Blissful Trinity
   by the hard Passion of Christ and His rueful dying: in which joy and
   pleasing He willeth that we be solaced and mirthed with Him, till when
   we come to the fulness in Heaven.
   Tenth Revelation -- Our Lord Jesus sheweth in love His blissful heart
   even cloven in two, rejoicing.
   Eleventh Revelation -- An high ghostly Shewing of His dearworthy
   Twelfth Revelation -- That our Lord is most worthy Being.
   Thirteenth Revelation -- That our Lord God willeth we have great
   regard to all the deeds that He hath done: in the great nobleness of
   the making of all things; and the excellency of man's making, which is
   above all his works; and the precious Amends that He hath made for
   man's sin, turning all our blame into endless worship.
   Fourteenth Revelation -- That our Lord is the Ground of our Prayer.
   Herein were seen two properties: the one is rightful prayer, the other
   is steadfast trust; which He willeth should both be alike large; and
   thus our prayer pleaseth Him and He of His Goodness fulfilleth it.
   Fifteenth Revelation -- That we shall suddenly be taken from all our
   pain and from all our woe, and of His Goodness we shall come up above,
   where we shall have our Lord Jesus for our meed and be fulfilled with
   joy and bliss in Heaven.
   Sixteenth Revelation -- That the Blissful Trinity, our Maker, in
   Christ Jesus our Saviour, endlessly dwelleth in our soul, worshipfully
   ruling and protecting all things, us mightily and wisely saving and
   keeping, for love; and we shall not be overcome of our Enemy.
    Transcribed by John Ockerbloom (
   This document (last modified July 15, 1997) from the Christian
   Classics Ethereal Library server, at Wheaton College

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