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Psychoactives, Sexuality and Christian Magick

To: (FiatLVX XMagick Listserv)
From: tyagi mordred nagasiva 
Subject: Psychoactives, Sexuality and Christian Magick
Date: Kali Yuga 49941217 

I have often thought that the Blood of Christ must be potently psychoactive.
Look at the Holy Graal.  It bequeaths Immortality.

In _The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross_, by John M. Allegro the author claims 
that "the 'Jewish rabbi' we know as Jesus Christ was the personification
of a fertility cult based on the use of the psychedelic mushroom
amanita muscaria."  (quote from the back of the book -- John Barkham).

"The combined arts of medicine and astrology were known and practised
 by the Sumerians and their Mesopotamian successors....  

"Their cultural, if not ethnic successors were the Magi, the 'wise men'
 of the Gospel birth story (Matt 2:1).  They were the great drug-pedlars
 of the ancient world and are often cited by Pliny as sources of
 therapeutic folk-lore and the less familiar names of plants and drugs."

"A... connection between sexual influence and sorcery appears in the
 derivation of our word 'magic'.  Its immediate source is the Latin
 *magus*, representing the Old Persian *magush*, the title of a
 religious official whose power of mind and body earned him a repu-
 tation for sorcery.  We have met the Magi earlier as one of the
 prime sources in the ancient writings for plant names and medicinal
 folk-lore.  Their title may now be traced to a Sumerian phrase for
 'big-penis', and seen to be cognate with the Greek *pharmakkos*,
 'enchanter, wizard', from which comes our 'pharmacist'."

"Rain, the semen of the god, was spurted forth from the divine penis
 as his thunderous orgasm in the heavens, and was borne as 'spittle'
 from the lips of the glans to earth on the storm wind.  It was a
 unique concentration of this powerful spermatazoa in the juice of
 the 'Holy Plant' [Amanita fungus] that the Magi believed would give
 anyone anointed with it amazing power.  They could 'obtain every
 wish, banish fevers, and cure all diseases without exception'.  So 
 the Christian, the 'smeared or anointed one', received 'knowledge
 of all things' by his 'anointing from the Holy One' (I John 2:20).
 Thereafter he had need of no other teacher and remained for evermore
 endowed with all knowledge (v. 27).  Whatever the full ingredients
 of the Christian unction may have been, they would certainly have
 included the aromatic gums and spices of the traditional Israelite
 anointing oil: myrrh, aromatic cane, cinnamon, and cassia, all
 representing the powerful semen of the god.  Under certain enclosed
 conditions, a mixture of these substances rubbed on the skin could
 produce the kind of intoxicating belief in self-omniscience referred
 to in the New Testament."

"There is [a] reference to menstrual blood in the description Pliny
 gives of a fabulous dragon called the basilisk.  It could apparently
 kill bushes with its breath, scorch grass, burst rocks, and put other
 serpents to rout.  It was its blood, however, that was most in demand.
 According to the Magi, it brought a successful outcome to petitions
 made to gods and kings, cured diseases, and disarmed sorcery.  This
 last claim was also made for mensus, if daubed like Passover blood
 (Exod 12:7) on the subject's doorposts."

References to 'Magi' and 'magic'; pp. 33, 56, 65 and 82.

nagasiva, (NocTifer)

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