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Is Witchcraft Satanic ?

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.magick,alt.satanism,alt.religion.wicca,alt.witchcraft,
From: elendraug 
Subject: Is Witchcraft Satanic (&Potter Books Therefore Demonic!)?
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 07:23:44 GMT

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peace be with you, my kin!

"selina" :
#> Hi. I'm Selina and I have a question. I heard that Harry Potter story
#> books/movies are demonic. Is it true? Any prove or evidence?

"Chayil" :
# Yes, it is demonic.  It places in worldly terms of 'good or bad' 
# something that God has stated as unequivocally evil.  There is 
# no good or bad witchcraft, it is all satanic.

I don't recall a mention of "witchcraft" per se, though there are
potion-brewing, classes for harvesting magical plants and caring
for magical animals, which are both used for spells, etc. 
most of what is being shown instructed is wand-usage that bears
a resemblance to stage magic or role-playing magic (in that the
power more often is associated with the agent apparatus -- 
one whose internal composition includes a *bird's feather* --
and the antagonist/protagonist wands have phoenix feathers).

# You haven't said so, but if you are a Christian, look at what 
# the Bible says about witchcraft, witches, familiar spirits, 
# and divination.

probably quite a bit more than the Potter books do. their
divination teacher, Trelawney, seemed primarily employed as
a PROPHET, rather than someone who was competently familiar
with the entirety of the divination curriculum. strangely,
we are told nothing about what "arithmancy" includes, which
Hermione is taking aside from the two boys while they are
engaged with Trelawney. that is taught by someone else.

Harry Potter books do indeed feature mentions of what could
be called 'familiars', in that students and teachers have mail
owls and additional pet animals for which they must care. one
student has a pet rat, another has a toad, and yet another
has a cat. none of these animals are depicted as intelligent,
they do not inform the students how to put on flying ointment 
and to attend Witches' Sabbats, for example. they do not 
instruct the children in how to perform evil, sully the Host,
or inform their charges of the glories of serving the Devil.
in most cases they have anything to do with the antagonist 
in the stories, being unintentionally involved when so.

there are of course certain exceptions, but these are more
the incidence of an animal's being possessed by or imperson-
ating an ordinary animal, rather than having a supernatural
ability or being in league with an infernal, underworld evil.

what does your Bible have to say about witches? don't give
me any stories about badly translated 'poisoners' (of the
town well), either. more important to me, what does it have
to say about *familiars*? 

Potter isn't a really good resource on spells, the method
of their creation, or even potions and how they are to be
fashioned. its content is primarily fantastic, amusing,
and entertaining, only occasionally making reference to
real-world wizardry, magic, and witchery primarily through
the Latin language and the manipulation of wands activation.

Rowling's magical methods could easily make use of talismans,
actual spellcasting, and divination were she interested. but
the absence of traditional magical information of any depth
makes the books more attractive to a wider audience. in fact
the curriculum is primarily incidental to the plot, making
amusing circumstances and awkward culture clashes, as when
the non-magic-using Muggles glimpse fantastic magic use or
when the Wizards are flummoxed by Muggle technology (with
which magic *ought* to be compared in these stories, rather
than directed infernal energetic powers on behalf of demons).

peace be with you,

	SPEW! SPEW! SPEW! ------- Dobby did it! So can you!

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