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Anybody in this newsgroup, read this, and let's stop the stupid questions!

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From: "Fr. John W. Morris +" 
Subject: Re: Anybody in this newsgroup, read this, and let's stop the stupid questions!
Date: Sat, 06 Apr 1996 17:22:56 -0500

Matt Giwer wrote:
> Tom Wimsatt  wrote:
> >Cthulhu wrote:
> >>
> >I suggest you get a copy of Josh McDowell's _More_Than_A_Carpenter_ or
> >_Evidence_That_Demands_A_Verdict.  Another author you might find helpful is
> >Simon Greenleaf although I do not have a specific title to reference.
>         If they are the source of your lies, why bother?

Fr. John W. Morris responds:

Whoever wrote this, has shown their bias. You do not believe in Christ 
because you do not want to believe. Your mind is already closed. 
As Time magazine correctly pointed out, much of the so called scholarship 
that rejects the message of the Bible is written by men and women who already 
have an agenda that they want to prove. Thus they use the sources to make 
them say what they want them to say. All of this so called scholarship is 
bogus. It is not historical. Obviously these Biblical historians have not 
studied the secular discipline of history, which I have. A true historian 
looks at the sources with as little bias as possible and then draws his or 
her conclusions. A true historian does not base his or her interpretations on 
their own political or religious views, but lets the sources inform him or 
her on the subject. A true historian does base his or her views of nothing 
but speculation as do so many of the so called practitioners of the 
historical critical method of Bible Study. People like those of the Jesus 
Seminary  do not believe in the divinity of Christ or miracles and shape 
their study of the Bible to reinforce their preconceived bias. The historical 
fact is that aside from some information about the society and politics of 
first century Palestine and the Roman Empire there is nothing more that the 
true historian can discover about Jesus Christ. There is only one source, the 
New Testament. The historian can only report what the Bible says about 
Christ. No one is in a position to prove that anything in the Bible is 
mythology or forged, because we have no documentation to that effect. . We 
have no sources that indicate that St. Paul perverted the message of Christ. 
If St. Paul were writing and preaching something different than Christ taught 
one would think that the 12 Apostle would challenge his ideas, yet we have no 
evidence that they did. If the Apostles had changed the teaching of Christ, 
one would think that someone who had heard Christ preach would have 
challenged them. We have no source that does that  All we have is the 
speculation of  a group of people who come up with wild theories to publish 
books and enhance their position within the academic community.  On the other 
hand, we have nothing to prove that the Biblical account is true. Outside of 
Christian documents, which are biased towards the Christian religion, we have 
nothing else to prove that Christ rose from the dead, was born of a virgin or 
did miracles. Thus, serious historians cannot prove or  disprove the New 
Testament teachings concerning Christ.  Therefore, we are left with one 
thing, faith. If a person lacks faith, there is no way that anyone will be 
able to prove to them that Christ rose from the dead or did miracles much 
less that He is God Incarnate, all of which I believe. 

Fr. John +

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