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Christianity, Language and Magick

To: (FiatLVX XMagick Listserv)
From: tyagi mordred nagasiva 
Subject: Christianity, Language and Magick
Date: Kali Yuga 49941204

Quoting: |anonymous

|...what does all this have to do with Christianity?  

The way we interact has to do with it, from my perspective.  Is using a
set of labels about magick (or anything) in a categorizing and absolute 
manner a Christian thing to do?  

I don't think so and I'll tell you why.  I am Christ, Jesus, upon the
Cross of Life and Death and, tied here in my passion (see the 'suffering'
of Buddhism) I bear my Cross everywhere I go.  How can I tend toward an
extreme if I am to center in the middle of Christ?  

Your labels and words work for you.  My labels and words work for me.
The difficulty comes of communication.  When you apply your labels and
words and try to fit me into them, then I do not feel respected.  When
you merely attempt to understand my language, get inside it, move
around in it, then I feel respected and loved.  To me, this is 

Sometimes I intentionally assume labels and words which are contradictory
to that by which I feel disrespected.  In this way I become a Satanist.
Your mind recoils at my language, because I have spun what you apply to me
in an adverse way, your judgement colliding with your heart.

I am Satan.  I beckon you closer with my talons and invite you to dine
upon my flesh.  You will sicken, you will vomit, you will recoil in
horror.  How can I love you if I am to be your Adversary?

|How does all this intersect with Christian Magic?  

Logos.  Words are power if we let/want them to be, both to affect us and
to affect others, to reflect us and to reflect others.  How resolved am I
to come to truly know who you are and who I am, presuming I know neither
until I am shown again and again?

|How would one describe some of the Acts in the Bible with any of the 
|terms above?  

Here are my terms: Acts -- actions taken with full and conscious intent
                   Bible -- the manifested universe

I describe these acts as 'magick' and I think that the art and science
of this endeavor may be truly focussed and CONCENTRATED (centered within
love and fear, light and darkness).

|High/Low, Elemental, Tarotian... (pick a set of labels)...?

High/Low -- relation to gravitational body (presently, earth)
            also a symbolic indicator regarding bodily metaphors
            such as head/genitalia, intellect/sensuality-emotion;
	    objective/subjective; abstract/direct; ideal/practical

Elemental -- relative to some presumed set of primitive constituents

Tarotian? :>  -- based upon the imagery and popular form of divination
                 device known as 'tarot', derived from an italian card
	         game, apparently

Arguing over terms is a valiant affair as long as we are not merely
attempting to get everyone else to speak our language.  If we come to
see the relative advantages and disadvantages of certain terms and
paradigms, then we may be able to understand each other's values and
concerns when we begin to speak about both Christianity and Magick,
sharing our experiences.

I'd compare attempting to force everyone to use the same definitions
for their terms to the recent California (US) initiative to designate
American English as the 'State Language', forcing people to interact
within one vocabulary rather than allowing a gradual merging in which
we each come to understand one another's expression through shared

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