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666 Hier ist Weisheit!

To: alt.christnet
From: Mark Lovejoy 
Subject: 666 Hier ist Weisheit!
Date: Wed, 05 Feb 1997 07:06:00 -0700

Here’s wisdom… truth that passes quickly as a fading comet.

Back when Israel was oppressed by Roman rule, life was horrible for the
Jewish people.  Rebellion against the oppressive Roman government was
discouraged with ghastly tortures.  All the great minds of Israel were
focused upon finding a workable solutions to the dilemma.

Someone envisioned an untapped resource of Israel; i.e., the prophets. 
If Israel could fashion and export a new religion to the Gentile nations
while preserving its own faith; it would win them wealth and freedom

The Sanhedrin had an operative watching John the Baptist.  The spy
learned that the Baptist had a cousin that was far closer to God then he
was.  The prophet that attracted their attention was Jesus the
Nazarene.  They decided to build designer religion for the Gentiles
around him.  Everything was perfect, even the name Jesus was perfect. 
Translated it means ‘God’s Savior’.  The infiltrator waited for an
opportunity to move from the Baptist’s side into the Messiah’s good

Jesus happened upon the Baptist one day while going to buy wine for his
brother’s wedding.  He stopped to bathe in preparation of the
festivities.  John had been baptizing ceremoniously for the remission of
sins and knew that his cousin was absolutely flawless with respect to
the written law.  He tried to stop the Lord but Jesus said, "I need to
bathe for the wedding."

The next day, Jesus passed by carrying inexpensive wine and some other
essentials for the wedding.  John abandoned the Baptist and followed the
Messiah.  John introduced Jesus to some friends that were willing to
help out with the festivities.  The friends were Sanhedrin operatives,
working with John.  The stage was set, the infiltrators made sure that
the wine ran out after Jesus had a good share.  His mother was upset and
stressed from coordinating the wedding without a husband.  Jesus had
made the preparations, but the wine somehow gave out.  Jesus never had
any respect for the men of position.  At John’s prompt, He jokingly told
the servants to top off  the handwashing pots with some clean water,
then to draw some for the headwaiter to judge.  When the water was said
to have become fine wine it distressed Jesus greatly.  He immediately
went out into the wilderness for many days to sort things out with God. 
John reported that Jesus attempted to change stones into loaves of bread
and the Sanhedrin was able to secretly prepare for the feeding of hungry
crowds at his command.

There was nothing mystic about Mary going to Jesus and inquiring about
the wine.  She was putting the wedding on for one of her sons, it was
her responsibility to put on the wedding.  Jesus, as the oldest son, was
the head of the house because Joseph was not around.  Joseph had either
died or couldn’t take the harassment about marrying a gal that had
gotten pregnant while he was out of the region earning money for their
new life together.

Mary was reported to have made two statements concerning the wine.  1.
"They have no wine." 2. "Whatever He says to you, do it."  With these
statements she washes her hands of the matter not understanding how he
could fail her at such an important time.

Throughout the ministry, the Sanhedrin continued to set Jesus up with
miracles and cures without his knowledge.  John informed them about what
Jesus was thinking and where he was going.  They painstakingly drove him
slowly to the cross over a three year period.  At times Jesus was so
elated by the miracles that he fell into, that he would boast, "If
anyone wishes to come after me let him take up his cross and follow
me."  With all the miracles that he had thought he’d done, he was sure
that God would make the suffering upon the cross bearable.  He thought
that from the cross he could teach men to follow the one and only true
law of God, the law of Eden; but the pain made it impossible.

After the crucifixion, the disciples became very depressed about going
along with John’s fabrication of the resurrection; therefore they had
little to do with the promotion of Christianity.  Interesting thing
about the false prophet, John, his death was by being boiled in oil a
perfect picture of hell for this realm.

The explanation for the walk upon the water is that it was a
fabrication.  Jesus did have that attitude, ‘He thinks he can walk upon
water, that Jesus.’  John incorporated the rumor into his writing.  Mark
was not a witness and Matthew added that Peter also walked and when he
started to sink was lifted up by the Lord.  No witness would omit
Peter’s walking with Jesus if he in fact did.  The discontinuity points
to fabrication.

Judas was murdered.  A man does not begin suicide by cutting his abdomen
open and then with his bowls hanging out find it possible to hang
himself.  Being doubled over with the pain of hara-kiri would prevent
this.  The Sanhedrin needed Judas out of the way for exactly the same
reasons that the Clinton’s needed Vincent Foster to be silenced forever.

The Revelation of Jesus Christ was obtained during a secret interview
while his mother was either under torture as bait for Jesus to talk, or
while she was standing as one of the accusers; in the same way that
Delilah betrayed Samson.  It is a sure bet that Herod and Pilate became
friends with one another during the secret interview.

The Sanhedrin needed an organizer for delivering Christianity into the
nations.  Gamaliel, the successor to Caiaphas had a star student named
Paul.  Gamaliel prepared Paul for the task.  Everything was going well
until some influential Greeks pressured Paul into going back to
Jerusalem for a Temple tour.  Paul took the uncircumcised Greeks inside
the temple and the prophesy concerning the abomination of desolation was
fulfilled.  The Jews intended to kill him on the spot, but it ended up
in the courts.  Paul was able to debate his way out of the mess and
afterward severed all ties with the Sanhedrin and Israel.  The elaborate
plan went awry.  The Vatican sits upon the largest piggy bank of world
history and nobody has the key… except for the only begotten son of God,
that is.  How ironic, the Sanhedrin put Jesus through hell for the ‘hole
in the bottom of the sea’.  The money cannot be removed by anyone
because of the celibate priesthood and its bylaws.  Who says that Paul
did not have a sense of humor in his retaliation?

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