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Happy Birthday alt.zen!

To: alt.zen,alt.buddha.short.fat.guy
From: "Ned Ludd" 
Subject: Re: Happy Birthday alt.zen!
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 07:52:25 -0600

Daryl  wrote in message

dcoffey wrote:
>>> Alt.zen was basically created to be an extension of a.b.s.f.g...

>> Shit!  You tell'n me absfg is older than az????

> Eight years old and still older than most of it's participants.
> In Net-years that is....

Fat-guy brothers and sisters -

  Oh you're going to love this.  Deja/Google's first archived
post from a.b.s.f.g. is dated June 27, 1990 (almost TWELVE years
ago).  And here it is:

~From: Russ Reynolds (
~Subject: Re: Metaphysical tummy-rubbing (or ^[-^X physical [for emacs
~Newsgroups: alt.buddha.short.fat.guy, alt.stupidity
~Date: 1990-06-27 13:48:04 PST

In article <> (Lisa C Lewis) writes:
>In article <>, (Winthrop D Chan)
>|> So what's the deal in this newsgroup? Can we rub his tummy for good
>Absolutely.  Rubbing the tummy of a concept always brings good luck.  Not
>that *I* have the equanimity (or non-presence) of mind to be capable of
>doing such a thing, myself...

 Keep not practicing.

 -Not russ
 -- --

  And the next oldest message is from Lindsey Durway (one of the
founding members, mentioned by Alf), cross-posted from a thread
in rec.humor. (I always though Lindsey Durway WAS Alf, but I
guess I'm wrong.)  And here it is:

~From: Lindsey Durway (
~Subject: Answering machine message
~Newsgroups: rec.humor, alt.buddha.short.fat.guy
~Date: 1990-08-29 17:56:57 PST

My current answering machine message is:

Hello.  I'm sorry, but you have not reached a wrong number.  If
you wish to reach a wrong number, please hang up and try again.
Thanks you.

Lindsey Durway  -or-  ...!mcnc!rti!xyzzy!durway
Data General Corp., Research Triangle Park, NC; (919) 248-6166.
I'll take a mixed drink over a mixed metaphor any day.

From: "Ned Ludd" 
Newsgroups: alt.zen
Subject: Re: Happy Birthday alt.zen!
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 14:32:51 -0600
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dcoffey  wrote in message
> be well budds
> d. lee (Just Another Redneck Buddhist)

  Holy Shit!  Talk about a flash from the past!

  So, David, since it has come up occasionally, I know you newgrouped
alt.zen, but who newgrouped alt.philosophy.zen?


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